My Drama Queen Day Announcement on Facebook...

My Drama Queen Day Announcement on Facebook...

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January 25th, 2018, 6:09 pm #1

This is what I wrote on Facebook to commemorate our big holiday:

Tomorrow (Friday) is Drama Queen Day. This is an annual holiday I started 17 years ago.

It all started when my old-school forum named the "Friendship Board" occasionally had outbursts or blow-ups from troubled people who didn't like when their inappropriate posts would be moderated or deleted. By the way, the forum is still running! Visit:

How do you celebrate?
1. Say "Joyous Drama Queen Day." (You don't say "Happy Drama Queen Day" -- that would be as odd as saying "Happy Christmas" or "Merry New Year.")

2. Light a candle as a strategy to keep drama queen behaviors away from your forum community, your workplace, your home.

3. Stop commercializing the damn holiday!!! Geez, this isn't Christmas. Just remember the hard-fought battles that needed to happen to keep the Friendship Board happy, safe, and fun.

I wish you a Joyous Drama Queen Day with your family and friends. This is OUR holiday to take things back and make a strong stand against drama queens and the nonsense they pull!

With Love, Steve