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I lived in Colorado Springs from 1995-2000 while stationed in the Air Force at Cheyenne Mountain. During that time, I fell deeply in love with the amazing beauty of Colorado. However, the time came to go back home to Indiana-family, ya know. I took back with me a husband and young daughter-we now have two daughters and one son.

Anyway, I do still miss Colorado, but probably will not be able to return until the kids are older-my son is only one year old. I love the photos on your site-they keep me in touch with what I miss. I was very much a hiker too when I was there, climbing Red Mountain and Cheyenne Mountain, visiting various sites such as Garden of the Gods, both Cheyenne Canyons, all over Manitou Springs, High Drive, Gold Camp Road, Phantom Canyon, Cripple Creek, Woodman Valley, you name it in the area. I only drove up Pike's Peak-but what a drive, three times! Took my roommate up with me the first time-she didn't tell me she was afraid of heights till we were up there and she rolled down my window and clung to the side of my car, telling me I didn't have to drive so fast. I was only going 10 MPH! You could tell we were flatlanders, lol-we wore shorts up there, and didn't expect it to be snowing at the top of the mountain in October! Hey, I was new to the area then. :0) I learned.

I was looking at your photos of Rainbow Falls-sad to see it's still graffiti-covered. But, I'm glad to see someone is trying to do something about it! I remember before the Flood of 1999, it had a gently sloping rocky beach, a real footpath back to it, and a couple of nice little sandy islands. After the flood, however, is when the islands were swept away and the beach became a cliff. I do have some pictures I snapped of both the falls and Manitou Springs of the damage the flood left. I can't seem to find many other photos online about it-mine aren't even online yet, but I can scan them in and send them to you. Thought it might be a good thing to get those photos at the time, it seemed like a historic happening, and it turns out I was right. Never thought I'd see an actual geological change in my lifetime.

Was wondering about the canyon across the access road to US 24 above the falls-is it still accessible? I used to hike it quite frequently, but there was an ever-widening sinkhole threatening to cut off accessibility. It's where a mine used to be, and if you go back far enough, there's a high wall. If you climb up it, you find an old road that I was told used to be a railroad to the mine. I hiked all through that, through the blasted-out tunnels and such. Loved it back there. Heard the springs in Manitou Springs are in worse disrepair than when I was there-that really is sad. The Ute Chief was always my favorite.

Sad to hear about your losing streak on Aggravation! That was one of my favorite games to play with my grandmother. I still have her board-and another I picked up somewhere, probably a yard sale. There's only a very few original marbles left, I wound up buying a whole new set. They work fairly well! My grandmother's board has been repaired time again-what do you expect for a 40 year old board, lol? I think hers is older than the other board I have, which is still in fairly decent shape, and stamped with a date of 1970. My grandmother's board, the stamp seems to have been worn off, that's why I think it's older. I recently taught my daughters, ages 11 and 6, the game. :0) Fourth generation players. THAT was fun-I had to remember how to play it from memory!

Hope to TTYL! Misty.
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