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Hi Guy,

I happened across your site via search engine, and I was wondering if you would consider linking us together. As an International Photographer and a member of the Colorado Press Association, Professional Photographers of America and Authorized by the White House Press Pool, I have been doing photographs for businesses and residents in Teller County for about the last 9 years.

I work for both county newspapers and I am commissioned every year by the city of Cripple Creek to cover the events as well as commissioned by several of the casinos on a yearly basis.

Any way, let me know your thoughts on getting the sites together and we can go from there.
Charlie Chambers
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Not really interested in link exchanges. Way too busy (in my own dysfunctional way).

I'm glad you found my site though. Teller County is pretty country. And COLD country! (No different in Chaffee County out here.)