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I like the 64 cadillac, I have the same one, except mine is a 4 window sedan. My 64 caddy is my baby and my #1 prize posession. I know it sounds stupid for a 27 year old girl who doesn't have a driver's license to own this kind of car. But it's a work in progress. My dad cracked the block on that big old 429 around '96 I had always wanted to ride to prom in that car, but I was 5 years too late. I was able to get my ass hole dad (that's a whole nother story) to finally sign over the title to me since he was never going to do anything with it. I bought a running 63 ambulance my senior year. And through out the years to follow, I slowly got things going. I was finally able to take it for a ride last year. Unfortunately I've got a pretty big leak in the tranny and blew a head gasket (but hey as long as it's still fixable I'm still planning not to give up. My brother is starting to get involved with it, and now that people have actually heard the engine turn over, and they know it's been taken for a few rides into town, I'm at least getting a little credit for holding on to a car like that for so long. I'll just have to wait till this spring and see how far I get this year. Well now you know the story behind my caddy, just thought I'd let you know it takes a lot for a cadillac to become a lost cause.