Howdy from Texas!

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Howdy from Texas Steve. I have been enjoying various posts of yours for several months now including the 2008 Bike Trip Across America. Congratulations on that by the way. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that appreciate all the work you put into and and BTW it was that introduced me to your world as I was wondering if therewas a way to drive to Crested Butte from Buena Vista without going around to Gunnison. I would say that in the past 5 months I have visited 60 percent of your pictorals. I really enjoy the informality of them. I love the little details of your adventures what you are and how much something cost. Great job and keep up the hard work. I just finished the Mt Sherman post and saw the picture of you on a patch of snow and it reminded me of my wife and I's cat CeliBear. She gets on top of any box, bag or even piece of paper that is new in the house without fail. You cannot pass a patch of snow in the summer without taking a picture of yourself on it. Good going sir.
Kevin Keepers