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I spent a little more than a year in Colorado in 98 and 99 with alot time in Manitou. Ever since I came back home I have missed the mountains like they have been calling me or something. It's sounds crazy to alot of people but I'm sure everyone there understands. It's why you're there :)

I'm at an amazing point in my life with my daughter turning one on April fools day and an opportunity to move out there for a while to see if my girl like's it and want's to stay. Everyone should know the way that will turn out lol but we agreed if she would come with me for a year we would give it a shot. If she doesn't we'll move back. Pretty cool deal. I want to raise my daughter there because of all the places I've been it's the best one. It has the best people and the best atmosphere and my daughter will be a better person having grown up there.

I'm coming by week's end for seven to ten day's (probably the latter) before heading back to work a previous employment obligation until April 17th. At that time the journey begins.

Sorry to write a book but I'm so excited for this I can hardly stand it lol. I'm glad I came across this. Thanks alot and who know's maybe we'll cross paths soon :)

~Peace and blessings~