Georgia town hires goats to eat kudzu!

Georgia town hires goats to eat kudzu!

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PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - City officials have pledged to spend up to $10,000 to bring in goats to eat kudzu, which threatens to kill trees.

Officials have identified three areas totaling about 2 acres where the goats will feast behind fencing, beginning next spring.

Council members got an update on the project Thursday.

The city is trying goats because it is believed they will be cheaper than using chemicals to fight kudzu, an ever-expanding weed considered a pest in much of the South.

The chemical approach would cost $16,750 per acre a year if 100 acres were treated, according to research by the City Council's staff. But the goats would cost only $2,500 per acre.

Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown said Peachtree City could lose much of its tree canopy if kudzu is allowed to grow unchecked. Kudzu has been known to envelop trees, eventually killing them.