Coming from KS for weekend - Questions

Coming from KS for weekend - Questions

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October 11th, 2007, 2:59 am #1

Hello, found this forum and thought I might get some info. My fam and I are headed to Manitou from KS tomorrow. Have we missed all the fall colors??!!! We have always been there in summer and I was so excited to come in the fall but everything I'm reading online says peak colors are usually late Sept. - it's all good tho, CO is CO and to this KS woman, I'll take a visit there ANYTIME.

Secondly, okay I am kinda plump - okay fat, but not REAL fat and I wanna tool around on my bike a little but I'm outta shape and don't wanna die. Are there bike paths just around town that are easy? I just want to cruise leisurely and take pics. Thanks, Mona

P.S. Oh, and is my little dog welcome downtown - can I carry him in stores? I hate leaving him alone in the motel all the time.