Biking from KC to CALI

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Leaving with a few friends from Kansas City to eventually end up in California

KC > Colorado > Utah or New Mexico > Arizona (grand canyon!!) > California

roughly the route I think we will take...

i'm keeping in mind that the wind would be in my favor biking DOWN the coast in cali instead of UP it...

Does anyone have any tips? We are trying to do this trip mostly camping/roughing it and occasionally staying on a friends couch or floor but happy to rough it most of the way.... on an extreme budget but hopefully not too extreme.

We are all like minded in that we have all the time in the world to stop and enjoy things :

30-70 miles a day

I'm an avid cycler and have started training hard and putting on some weight because I know i'll be losing a lot as i travel.

Any tips from anyone on the route? it's the hardest part of planning for this trip.. also does anyone have any recommendations on whether or not I should ride my Kona Mountain Bike? It's a wonderful bike with gears but I'm wondering if it's not a better idea to invest in a road bike, however money is a big issue... Or to fix up/update my old Panasonic steel frame 10 speed (which is a pretty badass old road bike)

anyone with any feedback at all is welcome

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Been on the fence to use my Mountian Bike or get a tri wheel. Due to my back. Planning on doing the same route ending up in San Fran.