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May 30th, 2003, 12:38 am #21

Here's the link:

I must say, after taking this picture with the Spa and Cliff House right next to each other, I guess I just have a hard time seeing demolition happening...



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May 31st, 2003, 3:00 am #22

...that's where the Spa Building is! I couldn't remember since I paid it no particular attention when I was there 3 years ago. I understand the economics, but I have to say, from that vantage point a park would look mighty good. Isn't it in the flood plain of Fountain Creek? Or is that Ruxton Creek below the Arcade?

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May 31st, 2003, 3:40 am #23

That's Fountain Creek that passes right in front of it, and Williams Creek comes in from the North (through a new culvert system) at that spot. But the building was so over-engineered in the '20s that it withstood a 100-year flood with basically nothing but cosmetic damage. That place will take some serious explosives to demolish.

It's true that in the abstract a park would be nice there, but most of the political pressure right now is for more parking, not open space.

I really love the building--even more so since I got the chance to walk around in it last week. It has incredible views and tons of sunlight pouring in through all those windows and skylights. And the 17' ceilings with those massive posts and beams gives it a feeling that you never have with a new building. And don't you think that European red-tiled roof is beautiful? It would be a shame to tear it down.


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Okay, here are my choices. For some of these, it was really difficult to decide, so what I did last night in bed was ... I let the first restaurant that came to mind be the winner, instead of overanalyzing all the restaurants.

Nicest Place to Impress a Date

Adam's Mountain Cafe - The ambiance is delightful! The food has a gourmet-ish flare to it that's just a cut above!

The Best Among the "Ritzy" Ones

Briarhurst Inn - Oh they're so proper and formal there! The old home that you'll dine in is an experience in itself. The Cliff House Restaurant, the Craftwood Inn and the Mona Lisa are all pretty darn good too!

Best Place to Hang Out

Spice of Life Cafe - Oh you knew this was coming! What can I say? It's where all the locals hangout. Good coffee and drinks. Plenty on nice snacks. Right in the heart of downtown. This is definitely NOT Starbucks, people!

Tastiest/Best Food

Stagecoach Inn - Holy Goats Milk! Everytime I go there I am BLOWN AWAY by their food. Their buffalo is scrumptious. Everything is just wonderful there!

Most Overrated Establishment

The Organic Cafe - This place is WAY OVERPRICED! I think I paid nearly $5 for an average sized portion of soy bean ice cream. And I think it was $3 or $4 dollars for a coffee! Yeesh! Sure, if you're a hardcore vegan, this is a cool place, but uhhhhhh...

Most Underrated Establishment

Tajine Alami - I've never eaten there, but here's why it wins this category: Everyone tells me how great it is there and yet I'm too ambivalent to actually try it. Maybe I'm intimidated my Moroccan food. Maybe it's the idea of sitting on a floor with a pillow. Hmmmmmmmm... but for what it's worth, everyone I know loves in there!

There you go! What are YOUR favorite restaurants?

Love, Steve

Heh heh! I love this picture...
I work there..its a very nice place and the workers are amazing people!

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I think Dave and I are getting a little tiresome don't you? Tough.

But since you asked, my family and I hit the Loop a lot since it's close and cheap. I'm still mad at them though for kicking out the liquor store from what's now their 'extended' section. But when I get hungry, I put that aside. Try the Asade Carne burrito (heck I can't spell it). Not on the menu, insider secret.

For that special night out, we do the Craftwood Inn - an awesome meal and ambiance - take wife material there, you won't regret it.

Wife material. That reminds me of the special female code word - IBM - said to another woman when sizing up a potential mate. Ideal Breeding Material. Who doesn't believe in evolution now!?

On our wedding night, my wife and I went to the craftwood. It was so awsome, the manager came out and greeted us, congratulated us, and thanked us for spending our special night with them. The food was some of the best I've ever had (although it might have just been the company I was in). It was really good.

I like the Dutch Kitchen, and one that is closed now but I loved was Betty's she had the biggest hamburgers I've ever seen. You could only eat 1/2 of one.

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Okay, which restaurant do you think is the best in Manitou Springs? It may be best to categorize Manitou's restaurants into different categories:

[*]Nicest place to impress a date
[*]The best among the "ritzy" ones
[*]Best place to "hang out"
[*]Tastiest/Best food
[*]Most overrated establishment
[*]Most underrated establishment[/i]

Alrighty, I'm going to sleep on it and give me selections in the morning!

Love, Steve

Hey! That's me...
Since these threads are so ancient (and some of the restaurants don't even exist anymore, like Organic Cafe), I thought I'd revive it...

- Nicest place to impress a date
Blue Vervain - romantic, cozy, FABULOUS food (it's fun to order all the appetizers and pretend it's tapas, since there's no tapas place in Manitou, hint, hint). Beautiful "artisan" cocktails too.

- The best among the "ritzy" ones
Cliff House has good food, but overly snooty sommeliers. I prefer to have a drink on it's veranda before eating somewhere else. Fois gras was amazing, though.

- Best place to "hang out"
I'm, of course, biased towards Ned's; but come on - free wi-fi, High-Times, endless coffee refills and geat just screams "hang out'.

- Tastiest/Best food
Blue Vervain. Seriously. Go there.

- Most overrated establishment
I'm going to say the Loop, although I do love it. But when considering that it's just mediocre mexican, you have to concede that the local raves are partly fueled by the enormous margaritas.

- Most underrated establishment
Mo's. Not exactlty "The Best Food In Town" as the sign claims, but really cute and yummy - especially when you want a Bloody Mary with breakfast after hiking. Also - China China is suprisingly great Chinese (and I've had Chinese in SF, LA and, oh - China).

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I will assume you are!

You know, I regret not dining at the Blue Vervain but just might if I have a special occasion to celebrate something in town.

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