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you got to be kidding
you got to be kidding

5:52 PM - Dec 14, 2007 #1

I always get accussed of starting flame wars. While I was in the hospital a friend of mine posted a prayer request. Which turned ugly twice, and then was closed, removed and then added again as a circular file.

Can we have the same playing rules for others. Like can somebody start something and then turn around and create a flame on the board.

I honeslty think people who get off on belittling people's illness and for that matter worse shouldn't be given the time of day. But If the likes of Peggy Crowley wants to make a flame war on a site I know a few who might oblige her type. I don't have the time of day but I am sure a few folks who don't care for such garbage could post in a flame war method and then create more havok.

I think the better idea would be to extend some decency and consideration for others. If Mrs. Crowley or her likes wishes me ill, dead, in jail, than I understand they have some unusual minds. But if one of their own posted a prayer request I wouldn't turn it into a flame world.

Now may we either close Pandora's box or open it for all. I say close it.