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Carl Stevens capitalized upon peoples' sense of belonging and their own love for God in order to reprogram them into serving himself. He overemphasised how important to was to belong to "the body", to come to every service, give up one's individuality and to be of one mind (under his control) with "the body" as a way of proving one's own devotion to Christ and putting Him above all else. What it actually turned out to be was a bunch of Carl worship and blind servitude to Carl. Carl repeatedly touted GGWO as one of the very few elite groups that was truly sold out for Christ with the proper teaching, implying that most of the rest of the body of Christ was not. So an unsuspecting person would often be led to feel that the way to truly submit to Christ, please Him and to learn truth would be to come to all GGWO services and functions and be completely passive and compliant to everything taught and everything the pastors wanted. These pastors were supposedly God's specially anointed to lead the flock, who was anyone to ever question them or even think independantly of them. Complete passivity and compliance was expected of everyone. Sadly so many were so misled to actually believe that this kind of blind loyalty, dependancy, and servitude to men was what it meant to serve and please Christ. Many GGWO pastors took full advantage of their passivity and compliance and used them over and over again for their own selfish interests while tricking them into thinking they were serving Christ when they were actually serving pastors. Such is the end result of the great commission of Stevenism.

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