A stronger case against Jehovah now exists!

A stronger case against Jehovah now exists!

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The title of this new topic is: A stronger case against Jehovah now exists.

A 20 page pdf file is now available on line, which makes [ in my opinion ]
a very strong case against the name "Jehovah"


The above link "may" have to be cut-and-pasted
and then placed into your browser window,

The title of this 20 page pdf file is:

My Name Forever

by Michael McHugh

A minimum knowledge of Hebrew is very helpful in the understanding of this article,
however in many cases the article places an English transliteration,
side-by-side with the underlying Hebrew spelling from which it has been translterated from.




Hopefully Hodeuon will provide his opinion of this article.


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I am new here. I was a member of GGWO for almost 30 years, when it was the Bible Speaks. I have questions if anyone can answer them. Does anyone remember a Pastor Street? Don't remember his first name. He married a woman named Ardith, but I think they are divorced. She is married to someone else, a Pastor, and they run a "church" (many say it is a cult) called "Anchor Missionary Fellowship" here in Maine. This group separates people from their families and friends and have some weird beliefs. Does anyone know anything about this? Also, my MAIN question is this: South Berwick. A friend of mine had a daughter that wanted to go there to attend the bible school. Another Pastor who left South Berwick told her: "if you go down there, you will be part of the sin that is there". But he wouldnt elaborate on anything!! This girl DID go down there and was there for almost 7 years. She is not there anymore, and is a virtual basket case. A man there, and I won't mention his name, was a sort of "Youth Leader". Been there for 18 years or so. He was very subtle in his actions, but he harrassed and oppressed her to the point that her mother wrote a letter to the head pastor with complaints about his behavior. Now, what we want to know is, does anyone know about any improper behavior that went on down there and why was it never dealt with by Bruce Brown? This mother is going thru hell trying to help her daughter get over this. This was behavior that should NEVER had gone on, in a church. Its an absolute disgrace and was never dealt with. Anthony Stevens is now the pastor down there, under Bruce Brown.