Tylers' Apartment

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Tyler entered the town with Jyarimon resting on his head not knowing what to expect. Quickly he went from place to place looking for a bench or seat of some kind to rest. He had been on his feet all day and now he wanted to rest a bit. As Tyler scurried confusedly through town he found some Apartments that looked unoccupied. "Let's go see if any are vacant Jyarimon." Tyler said heading up the concrete stairs. He went through the first three floors hoping to find a room but all were occupied by other people. Other humans? Tyler wondered as he went up to the fourth floor. As he did so his D-ban started to beep and he felt something appear in his left pocket. Reaching in he pulled out a pair of keys with C-401 engraved on them. "Well thats odd." Tyler said as he reached the fourth floor. Noting the a door with 401 on it Tyler inserted the keys and the door opened. "How convenient Jyarimon." Tyler said to Jyarimon as he picked him off his head.

Entering the apartment Tyler closed the door behind him. He could feel the refreshing AC breeze wash over his hot skin. The apartment was a decent size. It had: a kitchen area with a fridge, stove, and dishwasher; a bathroom; a bedroom with a twin size bed in it; and a living area with a recliner, couch, small table, and T.V. "Nice place huh Jyarimon?" Tyler asked.

"Jyarimon! Jyar, Jyari!" the little red ball said. He bounded off Tyler's head and headed for the chair. "Must be comfy." Tyler said smiling. Placing the apartment keys on a near by table and throwing his backpack on the couch, Tyler walked over to the fridge to inspect its contents. Some fruit, soda, milk, cheese, and vegetables. Nothing to special but more than I expected. Tyler thought as he took out an apple and a can of soda. Searching the cupboards he found some dishes and cups. Taking a small cup he poured some milk for Jyarimon. "Here you go little guy." Tyler said as he placed the milk and apple slices in front of Jyarimon.

"Jyari, Jyari, Jyarimon!" Jyarimon replied happily. He gulped down the milk and ate all the apple slices in one bite. "You were one hungry creature." laughed Tyler as he opened his soda. He took a sip and almost chocked on it as a blinding light erupted from Jyarimon. "Again with the lights?" Tyler said annoyed.

"Yep, sorry... said a little voice. "It's how we digivolve." when the light dissipated a slightly, larger, red ball creature was in Jyarimons place. It kind of resembled Jyarimon by having the bat ears, but this form had a tail with a black tip and some black lines were under it's large amber eyes.

"Who are you?" Tyler asked. The screen on the D-ban turned white and a larger see-through screen appeared above it. It showed a picture description along with the name, attack, and some information on the creature. Amazed Tyler looked and read the description.

Gigimon. In-training level. Virus type Digimon. It has the attack hot bite. The temperature within Gigimon's body is rather high as he can be his own furnace in the col weather.

Gigimon jumped up and down in excitement. "That's who I am! I digivolved from Jyarimon Tyler!"

"Cool." Tyler said sipping his soda. "This digivolving thing, can it happen again?"

Still jumping, Gigimon bounded onto the top of Tylers head. Smiling he replied, "Yep! Yep!"

"You Digimon just keep getting more complicated." Tyler sighed. Taking another sip he placed the empty can on the table. "So... Wanna go explore Gigimon?"

"Of course! I love exploring!!" Gigimon exclaimed excitedly. "Maybe we'll meet people or even fight someone or something!"

"Okay, okay. Don't get to excited." Tyler said. Looking at his D-ban he pushed some buttons to see if there was any map tool or something on it. "A clock..." Probably should set that. he thought, "...Digipedia, notebook, ah here we go!" A map screen appeared of the local areas. A couple of notes were added as well. "Jungle and Grassy Plains updated, nice. You ready little guy?"

"Duh! I have been for the past ten minutes."

"Alrighty then. Lets go!." And with that Tyler grabbed the keys off the table and left his apartment, with Gigimon on his head, and locked it behind him.