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Name: The Digital Knighthood.

Leader: Victor Eugene Delixcroix

Card: Dark King Device: Allows a digimon access to the abbility Darkness Judges.

History: The history of the knights existing in the digital world reaches back a long time to the days of Yume Somnia and Reido Somnia. The brothers of the once infamous Insomnia. Through the magical power of Insomnia the first knight was summoned to the digital world and cursed.

This knight took it upon himself to go upon a pilgrimage to lift the curse, Find Reido and Yume Somnia, And end the war in the digital world created by the powerful hacker Insomnia.

Victor traveled far and wide and met many friends and enemies. Those who opposed his knightly ideals often found themselves in direct conflict with him and even became cursed themselves. Seere's Dark Infection I virus in the digital world that was built from Victors strongest memories and desires to protect his wife in the world of Renaissance France, Started to speak through damaged data to those who became cursed nearing Victor.

Seere's Voice demanded protection, It demanded love, And it demanded obedience in the digital world. She became a very powerful entity as more and more creatures became cursed and eventually lead the first knight Victor Delixcroix right into the palm of Insomnia. He was in fact a tool of Insomnia the curse leaving Victor with such a powerful Desire to awaken from the digital dream that he would do anything to earn Insomnia's Favor for certainly she was the only force in the digital world powerful enough to send Victor back home to be at his wife's side.

The Digital Knighthood was formed rallied under the power of Seere's Dark Infection and working under Insomnia. Bearing blades, a will to eliminate light tamers, and hooded black cloaks they became a roaming threat and a danger to all the digital world. Not simply because they were violent in nature but because they carried the roaming curse of Seere's Dark Infection.

Something strange happened though as Victor wandered the dark Ocean and came into conflict with Ogre. Blasted nighly to shreds and torn within an inch of his life. Victor with eyes glowing red landed a blow against Ogre with his unholy strike. A technique that caused the Seere Virus to lag the environments around him. To slow the processing power of the digital world though... Victor had disconnected from the reality of the dream.

The removal of Victor from the digital world created a lapse in the data that created the Dark Infection Virus... And while all the ones infected were left with memories and regrets of what they done many did not drop the learned knightly natures. These people became knightly guardians of the digital world and saught to protect their allies and friends! Often with the lethal force they had adapted to when suffering under Insomnia's Seere Virus.

Victor was not entirely free of the dream and after making all things well and alright in the real world Victor returned to the digital dream for he remembered too. All the evils and hate he created when he was in the digital world. It was his ideal to atone and make the digital world completely safe from all the dangers it could harness. Many of the knights seek atonement through servitude, To undo their sins with knightly strength. To create a better future for the digital world.

Agenda: The knights agenda is to investigate the dangers of the rifts and make sure that this digital damage could not be something created by remnants of the SDI Virus.
The knights seek to stomp out the last remnants of Insomnia's forces because they fear the power that had controlled them once in the past.
The Knights seek to protect their friends with all the force and power they have. A knights duty is to protect what is important to them as well as have the strength to protect what is important to them. This has created a bit of power lust among the knights and a class system based on strength and servitude. It is not foreign for a knight to feel great shame for failure.
To find potential knights in the digital wilds and ensure they can adapt a lifestyle in which they will gain strength, Have their sins forgiven, and never lose anything dear to them ever again. Orphans of the Insomnia war are often great candidates for knighthood. In a way the knights undo their own influence in the digital War by recruiting these fellows and setting them in a knightly path. Wiser digital ancient digimon know that The knights created these horrible situations for the digimon in the first place as during those wars they were called "The Dark Messengers" and their passing through an area often signaled the arrivals of Insomnia's armies.
The knights seek love, in a more healthy way than their corrupted lust for Seere but these Men and Women seek a real love that many miss. The ultimate need to give ones affection, and become their life guardian is important for the knights and often considered a sign of class and strength.
Victor Delixcroix: Training Firyokutai Money: 14843
Firyokutai: Being dragged on a training missiont --- D.E.P: 4.05
Alexis: Doesn't like Lightning ... Or Fire! --- D.E.P: 2.6

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Ranking Information:

The Digital Knighthood: A force of charity and strength in the digital world, they investigate the worlds dangers and pioneer the most dangerous paths so that those who follow in their wake can do so in safety.

Lord Knights: The most noble knights in Korality and responsibility, They have allot on their shoulders, Fate weighs most heavily on them.
Nobility: A special ranking given to those whom are under the protection of a knight or Lord Knight.
Knights: One who has accepted the philosophy of the Knight and has become its master. Knights are defenders of Justice and their sense of morality is as strong as steel.
Apprentices: Learning the Ways of the Digital Knighthood. These people feel no obligation to put their lives on the line, but do well to learn their own sense of honor.

Corrupted: Some join the Knight hood unwillingly by the power of a virus that roams the dangerous rifts in the digital world. Seere is very much alive and her power has grown. Her knighthood is something to be feared.

Infected: These are the people who have been lightly touched by the Seere Virus. They can hear the fient whispers of her in the back of their mind... Have they gone insane?
Corrupted: The second stage of the Dark Infection, Sleep does not come easy to these people as their dreams are haunted by nightmares, they cannot escape the visage of everyone they care about being hurt. They are violently tempered and protect what they care about Violently.
Viral: They do not sleep, They do not Tire, The Digital Infection has taken them over and they are more Damaged Data then they are human. They don't remember who their friends or family were and live for the destruction matured programming that has rooted itself within them.


Insomnia Remnant Armies: Many digimon loyal to Insomnia still roam the digital world. A Knight is to eliminate any and all threats related to Insomnia.
Digital Slavers: It is not uncommon to see larger digimon using power to reign over small digital creatures, Slavers are to be defeated by the knighthood and shelter is to be granted to the broken and downtrodden.
Knights & Corrupted: While both inspired by knightly demeanors, these two groups can often clash as one is a destroyer in order to protect and the other is defender of all Digital Creatures. The Infected will always try and lure the Knights into dark lust for power.
Knights and Digital Lawkeepers: The ancient guardians of many digital societies do not trust the knights because of their history of being infected. Many powerful digimon are hostile towards the knights.

Member List:
Member / Ranking

Seere: Guild NPC and Virus.
Victor Delixcroix: Leader, Tamer, and Knight
Firyokutai: Digimon and Apprentice (Metal Etemon)
Alexis: Digimon and Infected (Musyamon)
Victor Delixcroix: Training Firyokutai Money: 14843
Firyokutai: Being dragged on a training missiont --- D.E.P: 4.05
Alexis: Doesn't like Lightning ... Or Fire! --- D.E.P: 2.6

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