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(( It is possible I just did this out of boredom because it was 5 am and I didn't feel like video games... I will be deleting my Louis Tamer at any rate since I really don't use him. ))

Name: Seere Celes Delixcroix
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Origin: French
Relationship: Married to Victor Eugene Delixcroix
Personality Archetype: Barrier Maiden Tsundere

D-ban colors: Violet and White
Tamer's Spirit Line: ((No Line Chosen Yet))
Ability: Deep Scan

History: Seere was born into a very complicated time in history. A long long time ago before power was centralized in the world and before safety could exist for anyone there was a time of war and death. This was known as the Feudal Era and it stretched far across the lands of Europe and Asia lighting all of the land and people in a constant battle for survival. Seere was born near the end of the fighting and close to the dawn of war technology. Born in a small village under the lordship of a large empire that would later be known as the French Republic.

In those days it was commonplace for women to be held inside like secret treasures and bargaining chips they did not roam freely as they do in this day and age. It wasn't until her fourteenth birthday that she was allowed out of the home so that she could be introduced to the world around her by her father.

her father was always a scary person who seemed very glad that he had a daughter, especially one of such unatural beauty like that of Seere. She hated her father and her father could care less as Seere would remain silent in fear of punishment. Softly spoken Seere was introduced to the world on her 14th birthday party where she felt exposed older men looking at her like a bargaining chip and at that short time she was. Her father trying to random her off to the most wealthy and the ones who had the most land.

She was scared and it showed and nobody noticed that fear through their own selfishness except one man who paid close attention to her all night. We was also an older man but his kindness far surpassed the others in finer clothing. This Silver haired man wearing a shirt of steel and brought her words of Comfort and she stayed by his side all night while her Father attempted to introduce wealthy persons to her.

She hid behind the leg of that knight the entire night and they exchanged words. The knight was disgusted by the way everyone was treating Seere and would kneel down and ask "It is your birthday... What do you want most?" Seere asked to see the world and the knight pondered for a moment knowing it would be impossible to do that... "I can't do that... But I won't let you endure this troublesome company any longer."

With that her and that knight snuck away into the night hidden by shadows quite the alarm stirred when people found that young Seere was missing. The Knight brought her to a lake nearby so she could admire the moon shining twice off the mirror of the undisturbed water. Her eyes shone like the two mirrored moons before her and she smiled hugging her new friend... No her only friend.

She returned home and was punished strictly for escaping the party she was supposed to be married off at. In tears she accidentally revealed the name of her knight Victor Delixcroix. She also said she loved Victor and was going to marry him so he didn't have to worry about marrying her to anyone.

Seere was locked away inside for almost a year but only letters would reach her. Letters written by her knight telling Seere of his adventures, current and past. It all sounded so heroic and he said her father Sent Victor off to a terrible place... That he was out there fighter for her and her heart shined with a feeling of awe.

Seere watching her knight transform from a peasant to a noble lord who even owned land through the many battles in which he was the victor... (*Giggle snort*)

Seere didn't nessisarily understand that the land Victor fought for was owned by happy people who were living peacefully but by killing them did Victor expand the kingdom of his service and was granted his own land and title. With title he asked Seere's father for Seere's hand in marriage. This was the first time she realized her father would never condone her marrying her peasant lord knight.

Seere was to marry a disgustingly wealthy and lewd man who bought the Faor of Seere's father with coin and lusted after Seere's youth. Seere being fitted in white dresses in tears of disbelief that she would be sold and used for the rest of her life forced into that marriage when she was in love with her knight.

She didn't know at the time Victor was in love with her too. A love so strong he would kill for it and kill he did gutting the obese older noble lord and shedding his blood publicly. Victor was quickly imprisoned by Seere's angry father still wielding the wealth he was paid in exchange for Seere's hand in marriage. Victor saw much torture at this time but that wasn't good enough but none would allow Victor to die after his show of heroism in the wars.

So he proposed Victor fight again for his freedom and so off Victor went leaving Seere all alone with her father who quickly sought to sell her off to the highest bidder. Victor was on a suicide mission. Leading a small 500 men against many thousand so there was knowledge that he could never survive. He was a dead man in every ones eyes, Everyone but Seere who's endless faith might have been the thing that lorded Victor with his knew title. Death on the battlefield.

Victor was not only victorious but he was victorious alone, an entire armies wealth paid to one man who swiftly tossed all his coin and riches at Seere's father who would reluctantly trade Seere for the sum.

Seere was overwhelmed by her happiness but Seere;s father was not one to See Seere happy or let Victor win. Taking a small amount of coin he was paid he sent Assassins to Victors Bedchamber in the night and poisoned Seere's knight would would be infected with the sleeping sickness. It was supposed to be something he could never wake up from and she consulted many medics to see if anyone could cure Victor.

It was Miraculous that Victor awoke for one day and his Seere sure Victor was forever lost celebrated in a lovers embrace. It was not until the next morning when Victor would not wake again that Seere contemplated the unacceptable. She also took a dose of the sleeping poison and was at peace resting on Victors chest.

Seere awoke in a very dark place... It crackled and hissed violently and there seemed to be no ground or sky. Dampness and the feeling of a shiver her only companion as seere awoke in the Dark Ocean of the Digital World. A metal shackle on her arm she was certain she was being punished and sent to hell for the sin of suicide.

It was there she found a dark castle as black as the endless plains she roamed but still through it scared her she wandered forth. it was there she met her first Digimon and was quickly imprisoned by remanents of Insomnia's forces. They didn't take kindly to those who looked like light tamers and she was left in tears waiting for someone to save her. Her only constant companion was the hissing sound of static from damaged data and the light glow of the Dban upon her arm.

((Character will be activated in a Solo with Victor after thread chain Where is Seere?))

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Timezone: Mountain Time. Nightshift.
Secret Phrase:Correct
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