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Countless humans and Digimon across the Digital World felt it, a disturbance that was brief in passing, but left the feeling of oneself and everything around them having been disassembled and then put back together again within nanoseconds. Any other time, such a widespread upheaval would be the talk of many towns, but word of another event that coincided eclipsed the mere hiccup began to spread like wildfire.

Insomnia... was gone. It started with light-aligned spies seeing the Dark Empress depart for a mission with two of her most trusted servants. Events unknown transpired, and the Dark Lady went long overdue. Subsequent searches of her mission area turned up no traces of Insomnia, Ogre, or her accompanying tamer. Panic spread through the ranks, for many could simply feel that a part of them had gone missing.

But elsewhere, the rumors were the smoke that preceded the fires of celebration. For years, Insomnia had been a plague upon the Digital World, killing, capturing, and corrupting at will. Fireworks blazed into the heavens and crowds took to the streets, overwhelming taverns in celebration.

But the confederacy of forces that opposed Insomnia did not rest so easily. Many of her servants were almost as terrible as Insomnia herself, and as long as they remained at large, true peace would not settle over the land. They knew that if a power struggle erupted between her surviving followers over what remained, the conflict could threaten the fragile, infant peace.

As if to complicate things further, abnormalities have been reported across the Digital World, without rhyme, reason, or pattern. Some tamers have vanished. Digimon suddenly find their power crippled. Strange constructs, like collages of disparate landscape chunks mashed together, appear and disappear from the landscape, as if shock waves from the tremor felt by so many continue to echo.

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