Independence Day!

Otterly Lost
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Otterly Lost
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Jul 4 2012, 04:04 PM #1


Super pressed for time right now so I'll make this quick. <3 This primarily an American holiday but this is the day that America broke free of Great Britain and became its own nation! :) In commemoration of this wonderful day, I present the members of Digital Dreams with these awards:
  • .1 DEP
  • 600 Bits
  • Fireworks x5
    These tiny explosives will, when lit, explode and shoot off into the enemy Digimon, causing twenty points of damage and an impressive light show. Each firework may only be used once!
  • A choice between these cards:

    Code: Select all

    &#91;b&#93;Name&#58;&#91;/b&#93; &#91;u&#93;Hope And Glory&#91;/u&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;Number&#58;&#91;/b&#93; P12
    &#91;b&#93;Type&#58;&#91;/b&#93; Weapon
    &#91;b&#93;Duration&#58;&#91;/b&#93; Up to four turns
    &#91;b&#93;Effect&#58;&#91;/b&#93; Your Digimon obtains a mystical shield made of red and white energy. This shield is capable of blocking any attack from an Adult-level or below and causes ten points of damage to any opponent Digimon that touches it, but upon blocking one Perfect-level attack, the shield explodes in a burst of red and white energy that causes twenty points of damage to all participants in the current battle.

    Code: Select all

    &#91;b&#93;Name&#58;&#91;/b&#93; &#91;u&#93;Freedom&#91;/u&#93;
    &#91;b&#93;Number&#91;/b&#93;&#58; P15
    &#91;b&#93;Type&#91;/b&#93;&#58; Single Target
    &#91;b&#93;Duration&#91;/b&#93;&#58; Five Turns
    &#91;b&#93;Effect&#91;/b&#93;&#58; Prevents the affected Digimon from being affected by the opponent’s cards at all.
Happy Fourth, everyone! <3

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OK. The card I take is: "Hope and Glory". Sounds like the best one for me. Sorry for short post, I don't know what else to say.

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Jul 4 2012, 10:08 PM #3

Wheeler and Narsi take all. Freedom included, wish i didn't need a card to fight cards, but what ever Xp

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Legendary Chosen
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Jul 5 2012, 03:28 AM #4

As a friend of mine put it today "It has been 86,199 days since we told King George III to -" Well, I'll leave out the graphic parts XD

I mostly enjoyed a quiet productive day, and went outside shortly after dark to watch everyone shoot off fireworks. Previously my state had a ban on any kind of firework that exploded or left the ground (not that it stopped some people), but now it's pretty much open season.
  • Kyoko will take the DEP & Fireworks
  • Jeanette will take the bits & Freedom

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Jul 7 2012, 07:14 PM #5

Not much happened around colorado (didnt want to risk more fires XD;;; smokys got some but to kick when there all put out)

- Sean receives: Bits and fireworks

-Venus Receives: DEP and Hope and glory
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My fourth wasn't that fun. Had to work the night of... Though it was a very easy night since no one came into the store. XD Heard and saw some fireworks on my way home though. Just need to get some and save them for next year. hehehe

-Tyler takes the DEP, bits, fireworks (gonna be a blast!), and the Hope and Glory card. Politely says thank you and leaves quietly.

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Jul 9 2012, 12:59 PM #7

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Zander Steele
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Zander Steele
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Jul 9 2012, 03:18 PM #8

Late response. I was working on the 4th, so not too productive for me. Did get a break before when I went to Mexico again, so that's a plus.

Sig comandeers all of it. Bits, DEP, Fireworks, and Freedom

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Jul 10 2012, 12:57 AM #9

Late, I know, but I forgot. I'm with celtic on the whole event thing so Garrett will take the .1 and the freedom card. New character will get the bits.
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