Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness

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Kyra rose out of bed, rubbing sleep out of her eye with the palm of her hand. Yawning widely, she glanced around. Sure enough, it hadn't been just a dream. She was in the mansion of the now former Lord Keris. But that didn't matter any more, this was Kyra's mansion now.

"Up and at 'em princess," came the voice of her second partner Bishop, equal parts dry and playful.
Kyra's mouth opened, but the words 'Stop calling me that,' died before they ever reached her lips. She found she didn't mind it, just as she didn't mind the uplifting feeling from killing Digimon.

The Renamon pushed the door to the master bedroom the rest of the way open and strode inside, cocky, calm, and relaxed as always.

Icy blue eyes settled on the nighstand next to the bed, and the white and red Digitama that sat upon it. Same colors as Canada's flag she thought with the slightest smile, thinking of her home country. But Canada wasn't really home any more. Even Earth wasn't home any more. She was never going back. Sis was dead. Mom was never around enough to care. Her father... her father. She'd never known the man, and her mother never spoke of him, either. There was nothing for her. If she found a Digi-port, she had no intention of using it.

"So, where to?" asked the Renamon, watching Kyra calmly.
"Back to the apartment... one last time. To get a few things."

They walked side by side out of the room, along the main hall toward the front entrance. In Kyra's backpack as always was Vanguard's Digitama. She wasn't letting it out of her sight.

The double doors at the front of the mansion yawned wide, the tamer and her foxlike partner striding out. The cool morning air greeted them as the doors shut, leading to fresh questions on the Renamon's part about the curious day-night cycles of this part of the graveyard. It seemed... ominous somehow. But his curiosity was squelched as the duo made their way beyond the gate and fence, and onto the path leading to the Trailmon platform.

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Bishop rested atop the third story of the mansion, a statue for all the signs of life he was showing. Crouched, eyes shut to the outside world, totally still. But as still as he was on the outside, within, his mind was quite busy.

So that's Evolution. Quite the change from a little pipsqueak insect to a much larger one. Tall, humanoid, she can even fly. I wonder if she acts any different. I suppose she does, she hardly said a word the whole flight here from the plains. Flashes of memory. The nighttime surf. A feeling of joy. Of victory. Accomplishment. And then...

These weren't his memories. They were imprints from Vanguard, he'd been spawned from her data when she died. And yet, he was a whole new configuration. It let him to another curious thought. Did it make Vanguard his mother? She certainly thought so, and he'd disagreed at the time, and yet...

If it did, that made him rather unique among Digimon. How many could claim to have parents, even one of them?

Kyra lay sprawled on her bed, sharpening and cleaning her knife. Her mind churned away beneath her dark hair, wondering just what to do next. She kicked her feet, silvery sheets falling off the bed. Settling in, she stowed the knife.

Rolling onto her side, she planted her feet on the floor and rose. Heaving a sigh, she acknowledged a feeling of disease that had been plaguing her. Wherever she was, she wasn't happy or even content. When she was in the field, all she wanted was rest and quiet. When she was in bed, all she wanted was to be out doing something, anything. It was maddening.

Her knife snapped up, launching across the room. With it it carried a piece of her frustration, impaling itself into the Puttimon plushie resting on a shelf against the wall. It was then her eyes spied a small object left over on the shelf next to where she'd dropped the plushie earlier.

"Eh?" she wondered, striding across the room and plucking up the instrument. It was, in fact, an instrument. "A flute?" she wondered, her hands brushing across the smooth surface. It was odd alright, black and burnished purple. As though compelled by some force, she picked up the instrument and pressed it to her lips. As her fingers danced clumsily along the flute, a ragged tune emanated from the musical instrument. And yet, despite her absolutely horrid attempt at music, she found it... soothing. As the notes drifted into her ears, it brought a seldom felt sense of serenity, peace, relaxation.

"Is someone slaughtering a cat?" Bishop wondered, as an unpleasant sound echoed across the mansion grounds. He rose, striding forward and stepping lightly off the edge. Bending ever so slightly at the knees, he landed at one of the windows looking into Kyra's room, open at the time, the curtains pulled back. He could see the female tamer playing what appeared to be a flute. Shaking his head, the Renamon jumped back up to the roof. "Whatever," he muttered, trying and failing to screen out the grating racket.

A flash of gold told Kyra that her second partner had taken interest in the racket coming from her room. The tamer smiled slightly, lowering the instrument. "Well, the counselors always said I needed a hobby," Kyra breathed with a chuckle. Anything the bigwigs with a fancy plaque on their wall said to her had always gone in one ear and out the other. "Whatever happens, I'll find my own path." She resumed playing the flute, a tune that seemed tantalizingly familiar, seven or eight notes, she wasn't quite sure. As she played it over and over, her flow steadily improved, almost tolerable to Bishop if he was still listening.

At last the instrument dropped from her lips, slipping into her pocket. She had grown fond of the little instrument, a piece of the ease it had given her stayed with her. The seething pit within was kept at bay for now. The young tamer sighed, sitting down on the edge of her bed. The brief break had renewed her drive, it was time to move on once more.

"Where we headed?" Bishop asked as he walked half a step behind and a little to the right of Kyra.
"To the city?" Vanguard asked, cradled in Kyra's arms.
"Yeah, actually." said Kyra.
"Thinking about a new weapon?" the Renamon inquired as they strode down the path.
Kyra shook her head. "Replacing what I've got isn't worth the money," she said flatly "And only an idiot tries to steal from a weapons dealer."
Bishop chuckled, smiling slightly. She had a point, although there were still ways of ripping off even the most paranoid shopkeeper.

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"I don't like this," growled Kyra, the dark tamer sitting on the edge of her bed. The misty night was beyond the windows at the end of the room as ever, a rare moment of rest at home for the teen. While Grace's anti-venom had worked quite well in neutralizing Narissa's poison, what damage had already been done was up to her body to heal normally.

"Bishop's still missing, we need to find him." she continued, but while both her partners agreed, both knew Kyra wasn't in much shape do to any searching.

"He'll be okay," Vanguard said softly, the Dokunemon beside Kyra on the bed. "He probably just needs some time alone," even in her own ears, the excuse sounded hollow.

Kyra then scooped the Dokunemon into her arms. "Sorry about that," she mumbled, apologies not coming naturally to her. She referred to, of course her first use of the beast spirit, resulting in a short but fierce battle between herself as Lady Devimon and Vanguard as Angewomon.

"You weren't yourself, Kyra," Vanguard replied calmly, but at the same time felt a sort of thrill at the teenage girl's rare desire for close contact.

"I..." the girl paused, remembering what her partner had told Narissa during the battle. I would die for Kyra! I -have- died for Kyra, because I love her!. Beyond musings relative to what exactly Vanguard had meant by love, Kyra felt increased guilt for the wounds she'd inflicted on the then-Angewomon. She sighed, no matter how much she ran words and phrases through her head, they were just sickeningly corny. Instead, Kyra merely settled for gently stroking the Dokunemon's back as she cradled her, an unusually soft look in her pale blue eyes.

"Right," One said bluntly, interrupting the moment from where he sat on a chair nearby, snapping the last few pieces back onto his rifle. "From the look of it, Bishop's not going to find himself." They couldn't bring Kyra along, whether she would admit it or not she wasn't 100% yet. Nor would it be safe to leave her alone at the mansion while her remaining partners searched for the renegade fox.

"Draw straws?" asked Vanguard, rolling upright again and gently scuttling from Kyra's arms. "One of us stays with Kyra, the other searches?"
"Puns aside, yeah," replied the Commandramon.
"Forget that," said Kyra, rising to her feet "I'm coming too."
One seemed to frown as he looked at Kyra. "You're in no shape to be out right now, and we both know full well there's no such thing as a routine trip anywhere in the Digital World." Hard yellow met icy blue, neither blinked, neither looked away. "In short, you're staying here even if I have to tie you to your bed." the cyborg finished flatly.

Kyra felt a flare of indignation, but she knew it was partly because he was right. Though she scowled, she flopped back on her bed. "Fine."

"Go," One said, looking to Vanguard. "I'll stay with her." He knew that although less experienced than he, Vanguard could travel faster on the wing, and he doubted the Dokunemon's ability to ensure their tamer did as he wished and stayed home. "Be careful," the words came from both One and Kyra, simultaneously. Violet light flared from Kyra's wrist as the Crest of Desire offered its power, the form of Angewomon striding quickly to the balcony before eight shining wings propelled her skyward.

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Kyra Evans stared silently out the rain-slicked window of her bedroom. The gentle pattering of raindrops on the roof, the occasional rumble of thunder. That was it. Even One was silent. Vanguard, even Bishop, would have attempted to find small talk to fill the void. But not this Commandramon.

Uncertainty still festering in her stomach with one partner missing and another gone hours ago to look for him, Kyra was in a mood to be agitated by the slightest disturbance. Even when that disturbance was none at all.

"What's on your mind, anyways?" she asked sharply at last, turning to face the armed cyborg. He was apparently comfortable with silence. She wasn't.

Seated in a chair, eyes closed, rifle propped against his shoulder, if not for the tense posture he held, One might have been asleep. His eyes flickered open, yellow irises shifting to settle on Kyra. "A number of occasions since I was reborn, I have experienced... odd familiarities with certain things. I thought that focusing on it would allow me to start to regain past memories."

Kyra went very still, as though prepared for the imminent re-awakening of the One that was Zack's partner and the battle that would surely ensue from such an instance.

"But the harder I try to remember, the more it slips away." The cyborg turned his eyes toward the window. Kyra dared to breath again.

"The more you want to let go of something, the more it comes back. But if you try to get a hold of it instead, the faster it slips away from you," Kyra said quietly, looking over at her bed but not seeing it at all.

Kyra was far away through time and space, to that dreadful day five years ago. Sirens pierced her ears, lights of red, blue, and white swam in her blurred vision. Even though the sight before her icy blue eyes too was distorted, it couldn't dull the pain it caused her. Nor the months of emptiness that followed. Grief consolers told her she had to find something positive in this, it would help her to move on. What if she didn't want to move on? Her sister deserved better than to be just tossed aside after she practically raised Kyra, her father a missing and forbidden topic, her mother always working to support them. But the pain of holding on to it... was terrible.

The dark tamer looked over at One, the cyborg silently staring back at her now. That silence spoke volumes, and she reached up to find a single tear sliding down her cheek. For once she didn't feel anger at the weakness, only an emptiness. Can't I just have peace, even from myself? she rubbed the drop of salty moisture between her fingertips.

One regarded her silently, the Commandramon seeing a side of her he'd never known in this life nor in his previous one.

"Sis," the teen whispered quietly, closing her eyes and brushing her fingertips across her tank top. The best sister she could have ever imagined. If only... if only that driver hadn't had a heart attack when he did, hadn't plowed his semi truck up on the sidewalk, hadn't killed three people, hadn't left one girl to fumble through the darkness in her heart. Maybe things would have turned out better.

Seeming to see something melancholy in the girl's stare, One looked sharply at her. "Dwelling on the past and what-ifs isn't going to change things, Kyra."

But with the girl's thoughts on her most intimate, but sadly impossible dreams, the crest embedded in her d-ban began to glow brightly. "Why," Kyra said hotly. "Why is it I can't let this go, no matter how much everyone, even my own head, tells me I have to move on!?"

Things had always been so easy, so clear, with Sis looking out for her. Kyra envied her sister's premature wisdom, always finding the right path. But Kyra? She was left to take a violent, competitive path, the path some killer instinct lurking within her would lay out just one step ahead of where she was now.

She remembered the journal entry she'd once made after coming to the digital world, telling herself she was over it. What a lie. There was no facing that painful truth now, and maybe not ever.

"We're going," she said suddenly, booted feet striding boldly across the room and yanking her vest up off the foot of the bed. A split second later the cloak followed it, settling onto her shoulders.

One didn't blink as Kyra stared at him. "Let me guess," the cyborg said gruffly. "The only choice I have is whether I have to fight your beast spirit or not, right?"

A smile came to the teen's lips, not warm by any means, but not cold either, just a pleased acknowledgment of the understanding between them. Whatever damage the poison had caused her finally seemed to have healed.

  • Name: Beelze Motorcycle
    Number: R45
    Type: Weapon
    Duration: Remainder of the battle
    Effect: The affected Digimon acquires Beelzebumon’s motorcycle, Behemoth. Any Digimon can ride it, enabling them to move at twice their normal running speed, and allowing for a ramming attack whose damage = their regular attack strength + the number of the Tamer’s DEP x 10 (for example, a Digimon with 2.5 DEP and 10 base attack strength would be able to use the cycle for an attack worth 35 damage points). However, only Virus-type or Ultimate (Mega)-level Digimon can control the motorcycle – otherwise it quite literally has a mind of its own.</li>
"You sure you can handle this thing?" Kyra asked, even as she vaulted onto the motorcycle behind One. They were out on the mansion's front lawn, the beefy motorcycle having materialized out of thin air as the card was slashed.

"You betcha," the cyborg said, claws easily running across Behemoth's controls as the two sat in the motorcycle, the rain still coming down in full force.

A vibration pulsed through the bike as the engine roared to life. "Here we go!" said the cyborg, cranking the throttle. The rear tire dug into the muddy ground, spewing a slimy stream out behind before it finally bit into solid ground and launched the duo off down the stony path.

It didn't matter where they went to Kyra, just so long as she got something to scratch her restless itch. As strong as the urge to find Bishop and Vanguard was, the desire to blow off steam was stronger. The dark, stormy night soon swallowed them both, it was anyone's guess just where and why they'd appear next.

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One's movements had become sluggish, energy sagging from a brief battle against an enemy tamer, but more notably, traversing the entire distance back to the mansion on foot of his Sealsdramon form, taking switchbacks and roundabout routes over patches of trackless terrain to mask his trail.

His passenger a handful, the exertion of keeping a grip on her part of his fatigue. He'd carried Kyra the entire way back, her initial storming outrage giving way to a pale, sobbing sadness. Though quite out of character for the tough girl, it wasn't without reason.

The final blow of her last battle had directly impacted the face of her beast spirit, and upon devolving, she'd found herself blind. Feverish whispers that it would come back, it had to come back after just a few minutes, were met with persisting, smothering, velvety blackness.

"We're here," the cyborg said, slowing his gait at last as he entered the mansion grounds, Kyra still pulled close to chest. Dark, foggy, and slightly foreboding as ever, but this mansion was their home.

Setting Kyra onto a couch in the living room that was an offshoot of the foyer, One at last devolved. The cybernetic saurian in modern combat gear, complete with assault rifle, grenades, and although it wasn't evident now, something even better than standard camouflage.

Kyra flopped limply on the cushions, throat raw from her outbursts and eyes pink.

Hiding his fatigue well, One backed away. "Hang on, I'll get you some water to drink." Between the desert now, tears, and her raw throat, he knew a drink would go a good way toward helping her right now.

"H-hey, wait!" Kyra said, pushing herself halfway up and looking in his direction despite the futility. Another painful growl came from her throat, her mind taking to being so reliant on others for even mundane tasks like the average person would take to the vacuum of space.

Still, she was never the type to give up, boot-clad feet tentatively finding the floor. Standing, she tried to call up a mental image of the mansion by which to navigate. One step forward, then another. Swaying, she had to rely on an internal sense of balance in order to remain upright now. A third step, her foot striking something hard as she plunged forward. Cursing, she'd forgotten about the table until she'd tripped on it.

A strong arm caught her mid-fall, but with a chill she realized it was not the hard metal of any form she'd ever seen One in. Her hand reflexively went for her knife.

"Who's there?" she said, turning around out of futile habit.

"Me, Princess," said a sly, easy and familiar voice. "Everything okay?"

"Bishop!" Kyra felt herself sag with relief.

One walked back in out of the kitchen, head jerking upward as he saw Kyra wasn't alone. Vanguard, still the regal, white-clad humanoid form of Angewomon, and Bishop, the bipedal foxlike Renamon. Vanguard hung back in the doorway, while Bishop had apparently rushed forward to catch Kyra during an ill-advised attempt to follow One.

The Renamon took a step away as Kyra managed with more success to find the couch again, backing up to it but not sitting down. He looked to One for an explanation, the Commandramon suddenly but quite understandably feeling intensely uncomfortable.

Vanguard strode across the room, a smile on her features "It's good to see you again, Kyra." she said, pulling the surprised tamer into a tight, warm hug.

"You were only gone a couple of hours," Bishop muttered, raising an eyebrow, but his remark was eclipsed by Kyra's response as she loosely wrapped her arms around Vanguard's waist, subconsciously glad to have something familiar and warm so close, even if she couldn't see it.

"Wish I could say the same, fuzzball..." she muttered hoarsely.

As the shock began to register on the visible portion of Vanguard's face, One finally spoke. "She was blinded..."

"What!?" Bishop and Vanguard exclaimed in unison, both astonished.

"It was Lexi," Kyra growled, words hurting both mind and body now as she recounted the acts that had led to the humiliating state she was now in. "Kodi's perfect form, Kyuukimon. I fought him with my beast spirit, but he hit me in the face with one of his blades..."

Vanguard gave a soft gasp. "Oh, Kyra..."

"I spent half the journey back trying to scan her eyes," One said, carefully placing the glass of water in Kyra's hand. He sighed. "I can't even detect any damage."

"Maybe it's something freaky since it happened to her beast spirit?" said Bishop, not bothering to point out the obvious that One was no doctor. Figures he thought to himself Just when I want to come an apologize to Kyra for the mess I've caused... I bet wherever they ran across Lexi, they were out looking for me too, once Kyra was feeling better. This... is all my fault. If I shouldn't have run off before, I certainly should have *now*. But... my leaving won't bring Kyra's eyesight back. I can only hope it's temporary, or that Grace can find something One can't...

Kyra pulled away from Vanguard, sitting moodily on the couch and sipping from the glass of water. Even the cool liquid seemed to hurt her throat, but she knew it would make things better soon.

If only her body's other maladies were so easily remedied. But her sight, one of the most necessary senses to a human's immediate survival, was gone from her. She couldn't cross the room of her own home, led alone be expected to carry out the complexities of battle, ranging from reading an enemy's analysis to knowing the right card to slash. Weak and worthless. That's what she was now.

"I'm blind," she spat. "No good to any of you, Insomnia, or myself. I should just - "

"Kyra, please," Vanguard said, folding her wings close against her back, kneeling and resting a hand on Kyra's knee, the tamer flinching briefly from the unexpected contact. "You're safe now. We'll protect you, and find a way to help you."

Kyra began another angry outburst, but one of Vanguard's gloved fingers at her lips stopped her. "Shhh," the angel said soothingly. "C'mon, let's get you to bed. It's been a long day and I know you'll feel better once you've rested."


"Whew," said Vanguard, exhaling a sigh of relief as she scuttled into the first floor kitchen. One and Bishop were both present, the former stripping and cleaning his assault rifle, the later making new attempts to play Kyra's flute. "She's asleep now," the Dokunemon announced with weary happiness, crawling up the leg onto the table. "After I gave her some grape soda, she finally managed to settle down."

Bishop lowered the instrument, chuckling as he placed it down on the table. "Grape soda soothes the savage beast, eh?" He gave a smile, but it was brittle, for even masked behind business or jokes, all three were intensely worried for her.

"You poured it from that half-empty bottle in the refrigerator?" One asked, not looking up as he carefully brushed some sand off one of the many components set up on the table before him.

"Yes, why?" Vanguard said, not comprehending, pausing as she was about to bite into a muffin.

"I figured you were going to do that, so I laced it with sleeping pills." the Commandramon said casually.

"One!" scolded the Dokunemon, glaring lightning-bolts in more ways than one at him.

"What?" the cyborg said indifferently, apparently satisfied with the cleaning of his rifle and beginning the reassembly. "It got the job done."

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Though the dank graveyard gave no sign to it, night slowly passed into morning. One and Bishop had slept in one of the neighboring rooms, while Vanguard cuddled close to the tamer herself. Only when the Dokunemon had finally grown so restless from sleeping she could hardly stand it, did One's surreptitious dose of sleeping pills finally lose hold on Kyra.

For a fleeting moment she believed it had just been a dream, that when her eyes opened she'd see the cozy interior of her bedroom. But only blackness greeted her. Stifling any panic however was the feeling of hard exoskeleton curled against her abdomen. "Fuzzball?"

"Here, Kyra," the familiar voice replied.


Bishop and One were waiting as the original duo arrived in the kitchen, Vanguard taking the form of Angewomon once again. No doubt she felt the human touch would be comforting to Kyra as she helped guide her to the kitchen with an arm around the shoulders. In fact, Vanguard had been somewhat glad at the angry outburst that came after the angel said she would carry Kyra to the kitchen. Blinded or not, she'd still do what she could.

Kyra's appetite seemed to have returned, for with one hand on the bowl and the other on the spoon, she busied herself eating at the far end of the table. Already she seemed to be getting a bit more accustomed, learning how to use her other senses to chase the cereal nuggets around in the milk.

While Kyra's focus was elsewhere, Vanguard and Bishop slipped out of the room, leaving One to keep an eye on Kyra.

"We should get her to Grace," the Angewomon said nervously, looking across the room to the golden fox adjacent to her.

"Forget it," he said, scowling mildly. "You heard about Lexi's reaction when she found out Kyra was a dark tamer? She attacked an opponent who had no intention of fighting her and only wanted to find us. If we run across other tamers like that, or if Grace herself..." he paused. "She could easily turn Kyra over, or kill her."

Vanguard grimaced at the suggestion, even as every memory of the kind nurse she held rallied against the notion. The one who'd gingerly tended her wounds in the past, even after they had become Insomnia's servants. "She's already been treated by Grace after becoming a dark tamer."

Bishop snorted. "Just because Russian Roulette didn't kill you once..." He sighed. "We should contact Insomnia. She should be able to help Kyra, right?"

The Renamon's suggestion sent cold tendrils twisting through Vanguard's insides. "Bishop..." she said slowly "When I was looking for you, I ran across a Digimon who warned that Insomnia is just using any tamer she recruits... and will kill them when they're not useful anymore." She couldn't help the feeling that Insomnia would sooner cast Kyra aside than use her power to help.

"Well, we have to do something." Bishop snapped.

"What are you two going on about?" Kyra's voice from behind them startled both. Turning around, they saw the teenage girl behind them, a hand on One's shoulder for guidance. Out of habit, her eyes drifted toward the sources of the voices she heard.

Vanguard and Bishop exchanged a tense glance, realizing the conspiracy-like appearance of what they were up to. The question now was, how much had Kyra already overheard? Could they even apply reasonable norms to it, after all, whether it was true or an urban legend, the remaining senses had a way of seeming sharper when one was lost.

The softest of tense exhalations from Bishop. The scraping whispers from her clothes as Vanguard shifted uncomfortably. Something was up with those two, and a tiny, thrilled spark flashed in Kyra as she deduced it. Maybe things weren't so hopeless after all. But the minute pleasure was gone, the tamer frowning as she awaited an answer. "Well?"

Vanguard gulped. As much as she wanted Kyra to see the awful truth behind Insomnia, she herself wanted a little more confirmation to it beyond the words of one wise wanderer. Still... "We were wondering if it was safe to take you to Grace or not."

"Doubtful," said One, apparently content in his role of helping Kyra steer her way about her residence, for he remained at her side. "I was able injure Lexi and one of her partners during the scuffle. They'll probably be in the infirmary as well, and if they know Kyra's status, it would be an ideal place to ambush us."

"They went down easy last time," said Bishop, folding his arms and leaning back slightly against the wall. "But we wouldn't have cards this time," he added quietly.

"If it comes to a battle," One said, claws on his recently-reassembled assault rifle, yellow eyes locked on Bishop "You'll have to stick with her, give her the cards she tells you to and protect her from the enemy."

"What!?" Bishop exclaimed, standing upright as his arms fell to his side, glaring at the Commandraon. "Why me?"

"You have the dexterity to do it, and you're the weakest of us, so we lose the least firepower."

"Excuse me!?" said Bishop, snarling at the statement, flexing his clawed fingers and taking a step forward in challenge.

"You heard me," One said flatly "Although we can spar over it later if you insist." he finished bluntly.

Vanguard was about to step in, but at that moment, Kyra interrupted the heating argument instead. "Speaking of," she said, looking out of habit in the general direction of Bishop's voice. "Bishop, how about a spar in the basement?"

"Huh?" The Renamon said blankly. "Against you? But - "

"But you're a few words away from some broken bones if you think I'm just going to roll over and die, or be stuck with you guys taking care of me like an infant." Kyra said heatedly "No attacks, no claws, no weapons... or are you afraid I'll beat you?"

Oh, Kyra... Vanguard thought, feeling her eyes start to tingle. Why couldn't she take it easy for a few days, or override Bishop and One to seek medical attention? What did she have to prove?


Refuse cleared from one of the chambers, Vanguard watching for the safety of both, the match between Kyra and Bishop began. The dank chamber, made of lopsided bricks, was one of several occupying the very dungeon that had been the first part of the mansion Kyra and Bishop came to know.

To the angel observing, it seemed as though Kyra might also be taking out some of her frustration out on this match.

It wasn't pretty at first. It was one thing for Kyra to hear Bishop coming, but it was far more difficult to ascertain the nature of his attack. High or low? Kick or punch? But even as her skin and muscles ached in numerous places, bruises no doubt in her future, she didn't surrender, for she was improving.

Bishop meanwhile had sustained relatively few blows, beyond a few moments he suspected Kyra had in fact allowed him to land a blow if only so she would know where to hit back. On one level he felt sick with himself for hurting her in the process of the match, but on another he was pleased so much more by the fact she continued seemingly undaunted.

But it was time to end the game, and as he circled around Kyra, the girl's hands raised cautiously in a defensive stance before her, he saw his chance. He jumped at her back, wrapping one arm around her chest just below the ribcage to try and pin her arms to her side, the other arm going around her neck.

Surprise fluttered from Kyra's lips, but just as Bishop chided "Gotcha!", Kyra executed a surprise move by throwing herself backwards. Slammed into the wall, winded, Bishop let go before finding Kyra's forearm pressed against his throat after she'd quickly spun around.

"Okay, Princess, you win," he said sheepishly. He'd underestimated her, believing the girl too fatigued and worn to continue to fight. If anything, after the initial shock, Kyra almost seemed more determined to show life just as she had Bishop, the final blow hadn't been dealt yet.

Exhaling, Kyra stepped back away from Bishop, hands on her knees as she doubled over in exhaustion. The Renamon was similarly worn, but a bit better at hiding it as he vanished upstairs, leaving Vanguard with the tamer.

Her hand on the wall, one of Vanguard's gloved palms on her shoulder, Kyra made her way upstairs without incident. As they headed up to the second floor where her room was, Vanguard spoke up again. "Are you sure you don't want to see Grace?"

"I do," Kyra said as they passed carefully through the doorway. "But One's right, we'd have to be careful. Plus, can she even help me?" she finished heavily, knowing neither had the answer.

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"Well, well," Bishop said, greeting Kyra and Vanguard as the duo returned from the beach.

"Do I even want to know?" Vanguard asked, standing in the foyer, bearing the form of her adult form, Stingmon. Her crimson compound eyes gazed down upon the abnormally small, golden-furred form of Bishop. As Pokomon, he strongly resembled a squirrel, a small, slender quadruped with notable eyes and bushy tail.

"He lost," grunted a voice to the side, One, in his child form of Commandramon striding out of a side room. "And so did a few of the decrepit pieces of furniture stored in the basement." the cyborg explained grimly.

Vanguard's giggle was greeted by a soft snarl from Bishop. Kyra stepped around from behind the Stingmon's back, try as she might unable to shrug the insectoid warrior's clawed hand from her back.

"Meh, well," Bishop said, anatomically unable to blush. "I did fight Kyra earlier, remember that." He crawled up the leg of a table, waiting until Kyra and Vanguard passed by before leaping off and latching onto Kyra. One followed, and the four passed from the carpet of the foyer, into a hallway that gave way to the tile of the kitchen.

"Since I'm sure the plans have been simmering in your head all along," Kyra said, the blinded girl helped into the seat at the head of the kitchen table. "One, what have you got for the plan of getting to the clinic?"

There was a flash of light, Vanguard dropping onto the table just in front of Kyra as Dokunemon, while Bishop scrambled off his perch and joined her. One seated himself at the side of the table, slinging his rifle over his back.

"Apart from it being a bad idea?" the cyborg asked, raising an eyebrow. "I'm guessing spirit evolving doesn't help?"

"No," Kyra said quietly, shaking her head as she leaned forward a bit on the table. She'd tried it riding the trailmon back to the graveyard. "Whether it's Witchmon or Lady Devimon." Her left hand habitually drifted to the knife holster at her waist. Just because she was starting to manage the frustration didn't mean it was gone altogether.

One nodded. "It might still come in handy. How many have seen your Witchmon form?"

Kyra frowned, rubbing her forehead in thought. "Not too many... and most of them aren't still alive."

"So we can use it as a disguise, huh?" said Bishop, catching on as he sauntered across the table, gnawing on some crackers.

"Mm," said One, nodding. "Still, four of us are going to be hard to miss. I'll go in stealth, scout the clinic, then keep an eye out while you two take her in for treatment."

Vanguard, meanwhile, slithered her way into Kyra's lap. Battle plans were clearly more One's purview than her own, and she couldn't help the feeling that all his plans would be totally unnecessary.

Despite the fact she'd never approved of the adornment, Kyra found her fingers rubbing against the pink ribbon tied between her first partner's feelers.

"Bishop," One continued, his hard yellow eyes tracking the Pokomon's wandering trek across the table, not unlike a stern teacher who knew full well his student's attention was elsewhere. "You'll have to take armor form. Shurimon's a better fit than Black Growmon."

"You seem to be putting an awful lot of emphasis on stealth," Kyra said, not heatedly, but curiously.

The Commandramon shrugged his armored shoulders. "If necessary, we can be ready to fight, but going in fully evolved would draw too much attention."

"Mmmm," Bishop drawled slowly, before yawning.

"Vanguard?" One asked, causing the Dokunemon to give a mild start.


"You have stealth capabilities as well, don't you?" His question surprised both Kyra and Bishop, while causing Vanguard to feel hot embarrassment and curl into a tight ball.

"I-I..." she stammered "Don't like doing that." There was a reason she'd chosen to forsake that power. Using it just didn't feel right, not for the purposes those around her were likely to pressure her toward.

"But you don't like Kyra's situation either, do you?" One countered. "And," he continued before she could answer "Using that ability now will help us keep Kyra safe, and carry out our best chance of helping her."

Vanguard reluctantly nodded. A split second later, colors rippled and shifted across her exoskeleton, until she was barely visible. Only a rippling outline in Kyra's lap could be seen.

Only Bishop's gasp made Kyra realize what had happened. "Fuzzball?" Kyra asked, again running a hand over what registered as utterly invisible to One and Bishop. "Why didn't you -"

"Not now Kyra, please," Vanguard murmured, colors rippling again as she shed her camouflage. "Your plan, One?"

"You'll stick close to Kyra, but stay invisible. Bishop will take her in for treatment, and both of you will oversee treatment while I stand guard outside. If I get trouble, I'll give you the signal."

"Signal?" Bishop asked blankly.

One merely responded by tapping his claws against his assault rifle, a sound Kyra quickly recognized. "As useful as using her spirit form to disguise is, we can't evolve without her d-ban present." He sighed. "She'll have to stay normal while we move."

"We'll have to figure out a way to disguise her while I'm carrying her then," Bishop said, glancing over at the tamer.

"You mean I will," Vanguard said, scuttling up onto the table, glaring at the diminutive mammal.

"Right," One interjected. "Time to get ready. Bishop, stuff your face so you can evolve. Vanguard, Kyra," he nodded to the two, rising to his feet. "Thirty minutes." he departed.

Kyra scooped Vanguard into one arm, tempting fate as she ran one hand along the wall, following her touch, her memory, and the occasional tidbit of advice from her partner on how to safely navigate the path ahead.


"Nice work getting upstairs, Kyra," Vanguard murmured, a faint smile on her lips, once again in the form of Angewomon. Each time she took this form it grew progressively easier, and she found herself enjoying it more and more.

"It won't be necessary anymore if this works," Kyra replied, picking at her clothing. A change to a new outfit had also been part of the plan, things that Kyra herself might not chose to wear but which Vanguard picked out for her.

A blue jean jacket over a green tank top, camouflage pants, socks, and gray sneakers. It was completed as Vanguard untied the ribbon from her hair, binding it instead around Kyra's right bicep, in doing so passing on the item's protective properties.

At least I know she didn't try and give me a skirt Kyra thought, she could tell the shape and texture, though lacked any knowledge to the color.

Even as Kyra stood upright, Vanguard still towered over her. "Ready?" the angel asked, leaning closer, but then suddenly stopping herself. She instead rested a gloved hand on Kyra's shoulder, ready to guide her.

Kyra swallowed, features setting into a determined mask. Even with the handicaps set upon her, she was still determined to be ready for whatever speedbumps sought to bar their path. "Let's go."

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It had once just been a still, oppressive, foggy silence. But standing in one of the upper rooms of her mansion, leaning on the railing of a balcony, Kyra found herself sensing so much more. The wind rasped over her ears, causing the trees dotting the area to audibly creak and sway. And the scents, a varied collage. So much it jumbled and tangled together, only a scant few of the many close to recognizable. She was no Bishop, the dark tamer knew that much.

Her hand brushed against her chest, feeling the optic nerve regenerator tucked in the pocket of her jacket. The device had yet to carry out its promised purpose, even though Kyra had no particular reason to not believe Grace.

But she wouldn't give up. She would find a way to persevere, even if the only benefit in the end was to have been one step ahead of the cruel chain of events called life.


"One?" came a soft voice, stirring the cyborg resting in the corner of the fire-light den.

"Yeah?" the Commandramon grunted, shifting in his seat to compensate for the fact that it had not been designed to accommodate a being with a large tail.

For all the grace and power she commanded, the female divine warrior striding into the room seemed quite hesitant and unsure of herself as she passed the threshold. She stood a short distance away, not seating in a chair as though she were intruding into One's personal dwelling and had to wait for an invite to sit.

"What-what did Lexi tell you..." but Vanguard broke off, her insides squirming terribly. How could something she knew she had to do feel so wrong?

"Enough," One grunted, his arms folding as his yellow eyes settled on Vanguard.

His stare certainly didn't ease her nerves, wings pulling tight against her body like a shielding cloak as they often did when she was upset. "You know what it means, don't you? The very tamer you died to protect is Kyra's target! She wants to kill him!" Vanguard made her impassioned pleas, hoping that someone would see things the way she did, an ally to save Kyra from Insomnia and her own darkness.

The cyborg was silent for a moment. "I made my choice." he said at last. "Whatever he may have been to me, I passed from that life. All actions have consequences. It's my own doing that brought Kyra and I together." But even though his words were dismissive, he knew what Vanguard said had brought him pause. He could say that now, not even remembering Zack's name, only having learned it 'again'. What would happen when the time came? Even he couldn't say for sure.

Even if he tried to think of it as another person and another life, he couldn't forget the facts he'd learned. If he acknowledged that duty as still valid to this One, it conflicted with his duty to Kyra... which was a problem.

Wrapped in thoughts, he didn't notice as Vanguard had finally seated herself, rather than on a chair, cross-legged on the floor, if nothing else, putting her just a bit below eye level between them. Her fingers interlaced nervously in her lap. While the Zack situation was a problem, it was merely a symptom of a larger one. It started and ended with Insomnia, the one who had ended Kyra's time as an ordinary tamer and sought to use the girl as a tool.

Kyra was lost more than ever, and Vanguard wasn't sure if she could trust either of her digital comrades to care for Kyra in the same way that she did. This wasn't how things were supposed to be, yet she feared what would happen if the partner she told in turn told Kyra.

For a horrible moment Vanguard imagined one of the obsidian gears Kyra so frequently summoned sailing forth, impeding itself in the back of her neck, and extending its vile tendrils into her core, the Angewomon becoming a puppet of destruction, pain, and death, a shadow of Kyra laughing maniacally as she pulled the strings.

Kyra with Insomnia as her mistress was no different, except she didn't realize yet how much control she still had. And the consequences were already evident, Lexi hadn't attacked until Kyra let it slip she was working for Insomnia. While Vanguard would never forget that, it was evidence of the trouble surrounding Insomnia, on top of what the Oracle of Frost had told her.

"What do you think Bishop's stance is on all this?" Vanguard asked, breaking the silence and drawing both from their respective mental bubbles.

One gave a dry chuckle. "Probably already planning a day trip to an orphanage, hoping that killing things will help cheer Kyra up."

His words caused Vanguard to wince, even though she knew such had often been the case. The angel no longer feared Kyra's bloodlust would blossom as she once had, but that still didn't make it right. Her heart tugged at her, she wanted badly to make sure Kyra's morale stayed up in the face of adversity, but how would she react to her pastime when she couldn't see it anymore?

And it didn't help that it just felt wrong to Vanguard to feel that way. Why was it necessary to take every negative emotion out on someone else so aggressively?

"Don't worry, Vanguard," One said gruffly, standing. "It'll make sense in the end." No sooner than the words left his mouth, than a familiar sound echoed through the mansion. The clarion notes of Kyra's flute. Vanguard and Bishop were all too familiar with it, and even One had heard it more than once as Kyra practiced. After all, playing from heart and mind, it was something that didn't require much in the way of eyesight.


Bishop too had heard the music, and soon all three of Kyra's partners were with her once more. The nimble Renamon was perched on the back of a chair near the window, while One leaned against the wall near the door, his M-16 hanging loosely before him off the shoulder strap.

Kyra sat cross-legged on her bed, feet encased in the boots she'd worn previously, but her camouflage pants and green tank top still those of Vanguard's choosing. Her fingerless gloves were back in place. The sliver of hope was gone from her arm but not altogether, instead tied covertly around her neck, hidden by the collar of the tank top.

The cloak of shadows lay on the bed behind her, its silky darkness easily lost in the sheets by sight, yet to Kyra's fingertips the textures were worlds apart.

"So, we're heading out, huh?" said Bishop, his trademark smile on his face. Kyra wasn't the only one getting restless, and even his exercising in the basement and surrounding areas had done little to vent his energy.

"Yeah," Kyra said. Her hand brushed against her waist, and sharp eyes would see that her knife too was back in place. Though she hadn't said it, Kyra was rather irked Vanguard had left the implement behind on the trip to the clinic.

"Kyra?" Vanguard asked quietly. "Can't you just... stay and rest until your eyes get better?" Even though she had the feeling she was asking fire to not burn, she had to try.

"You already know the answer to that, fuzzball," Kyra said with a faint smirk. "We've got what, about eight hours until my next... treatment?" she paused, finding the word out of place. Doctors' offices weren't a place she spent a lot of time in her youth.

"Six," Vanguard corrected gently after taking Kyra's wrist as delicately as possible so as to read the clock display in the corner of the d-ban's screen.

One seemed to share the mind of Bishop and Kyra, in his typical state of stoic readiness. "Where we headed?"

"Won't know until we get there," Kyra said with a frosty smile, picking something else up off the sheets with one hand. It was a strip of purple fabric a few feet long and a few inches wide, donned deftly like a blindfold by her gloved hands. It covered her icy blue, though currently-disabled, sight organs, before it was tied in a knot at the back of her head and hidden under her hair. "Not like I'm using them anyways," she said, her tone equal parts dark and dry. "And I never could stand sunglasses."

Bishop chuckled, his grin widening. Of all her partners, he shared her digicidal tendencies the most. Whether it was a wild digimon or a so-called innocent, it had been too long since he'd gotten the chance to tear one apart.

"Shall we?" One said, voice expressionless but his safety clicked off by a casual motion of his thumb claw. Whether it was Lexi or her ilk, or anyone else, he would protect Kyra. With his focus on the hear and now, he was almost able to push Zack out of his mind. Almost.

Fishing the cloak up, the tamer draped it around her shoulders, fastening it in place. Then bracing her hands, Kyra pushed forward and vaulted off the bed onto her feet. Double-checking that her cards were in place, in her pocket, she was ready to go.

"Kyra - " Vanguard began softly, but Kyra interrupted her.

"I know it won't be easy," Kyra said, taking a few booted steps toward the sound of the voice. "I remember all the bruises and derisive smirks I got when I started in karate. But I didn't let the bumps stop me, and I was eventually one of the best." Reaching out with deliberate caution, she slowly moved her hand through the air until it fell on Vanguard's waist.

Yet as she delivered the gentle touch, Kyra was reaching out just below the height of her head. For a brief moment she was far away in a happier place and time, with her mother and sister on two weeks of vacation. It was one of the rare times she felt like her mother had truly cared about her...

She shook it off after a moment, but not before Vanguard noticed the change in the girl's demeanor.

"Right, right," Bishop said a bit more loudly than was necessary. "Let's quit talking and get moving, nkay?" Maybe he disapproved of the mushy moment, or perhaps, though he would sooner kill the inquirer than admit it, he was jealous of the deeper bond between the original duo.

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The fog grew thicker, and the sun mysteriously faded. Instead the full moon gleamed in the night sky, the nocturne reigning over that section of the graveyard.

Dead and sickly trees were scattered to both sides of the path, with the occasional root protruding dangerously from the surface. Vanguard gritted her teeth as she again had to steer Kyra away from yet another gnarled obstacle. Soon enough they'd be home, she reminded herself. In the safe abode where Kyra was at least vaguely familiar enough by memory with the rooms to navigate without the angel acting like an overprotective mother.

"This place is a good home," Kyra murmured, still feeling Kyoko hanging off her hand. "No uninvited company. I haven't seen anyone else out here since I killed the former owner and took the place over." She was tensing again, friend or not even Vanguard wasn't this clingy, and it didn't agree with Kyra.

The fog made it nigh-impossible to see more than a few meters, but Vanguard took the right fork near a familiar dead, burnt tree, and knew they were only a short distance from the mansion know.

What she didn't know was that One was watching them. Company, eh? the cyborg thought to himself, using his active camouflage, even though it was hardly necessary. His artificial optics were less effected by the fog, but even the lone tombstone he stood by was barely visible from the path the three walked along. I wonder who that girl is... seems out of character for Kyra to bring company here. Maybe there's more to that other girl than meets the eye. He frowned, taking his M-16 in both hands.

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Kyoko had seemed to be the most relaxed on the voyage to the grave yard and now walked with Kyra in hand, tugging her out of obstacles way when necessary too. She kept her own mismatched eyes glued onto the the thick fog and her ears trained to listen for any sound that might have been muffled by the thick blanket of moisture the graveyard provided.

"Must be nice, Kyra-chan,"she said softly,"to live out here where no one can bother you. It would be nicer if there was a bit more sunlight though."

Since they'd entered the place, the little bunny couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched from the back of her mind. It could just be from all the dense cover that was starting to make her paranoid but at any rate, not being able to see far in front of her was not making her feel any calmer about the idea. Perhaps this is how Kyra felt in her current situation: annoyed and paranoid.

Then again, Kyra seemed paranoid before. She always carried around a pocket knife and seemed rather keen to gut anyone who came too close...

"Its not too much farther, is it, Vanguard-san?"she asked.

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"It's always night here," Kyra said, corners of her lips twitching into a slightly smirky smile. "It played hell with my equilibrium for awhile, I was used to sleeping in the city apartments for awhile."

The frequent swaying motion helped ease it, but Kyra's arm seemed to be getting sore. Or maybe it was just in her head, a head growing less content now that she had two people moving her around any obstacle, even though her balance was adapting. For a brief moment it was too much and she wanted to push both of them away, but that was interrupted.

"Yeah," Vanguard answered Kyoko. "We're here." Sure enough, the mist seemed to instinctively thin just a bit for dramatic effect. The path went from worn dirt and scattered stones to a full spread of stone, and the mansion loomed out of the darkness before them.

Several lights were on, while many other windows lay dim and gray in the darkness. The path led them straight toward the front door, but a sound behind them stopped Vanguard.

The unmistakable clicking sound of a large gun being primed. Spinning, surprised, Vanguard saw the stocky cybernetic saurian form of Commandramon appearing behind them on the path. There was no cover in sight, but that didn't matter to one with abilities like his.

"Kyra?" he asked simply, yellow eyes on the tamer, assault rifle pointed to the side but in a ready position.

Kyra spun toward the sound of his voice, though her other hand didn't break from Kyoko. "It's okay, One," she said quickly, holding out her free hand toward him, even though her facing was a bit off.

Another click as the safety of the firearm went back on, but the Commandramon didn't speak and still watched the bunny-hatted brunette rather skeptically.

"Kyoko, this is One, newest of my three partners." Kyra explained, gloved hand falling to her side. "One, this is Kyoko. She's another of Insomnia's tamers, she's here as an assistant."

Vanguard's curtain of blond hair shifted as she looked around. I wonder where Bishop is. Despite his recent improvements, she was still concerned for him. He'd been through a lot lately, and the angel wouldn't have been surprised if he was beating himself up over being the only partner unable to reach Perfect. Assuming of course One was still able. He'd done it with Zack, but had yet to transform past Sealsdramon since being reborn. It was just like the Renamon to be silly that way...

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"I've heard of One-san,"Kyoko said with a smile, glancing to Kyra,"It was a bit of a must. You know that, Kyra-chan." She left it at that, knowing digimon memory after death was a little shakey. It was dangerous to mention his previous life.

Should the need arise, I'll have to get rid of One. He could become... dangerous... For now he'll be closely monitored.

She swayed before looking back over her shoulder at the large mansion. Her train of thought seemed to be following along the same one as Vanguard's. Where was the second partner of Kyra Evans? Her heterochromatic eyes twitched over the rather large mansion, searching for the speck of gold that would be the renamon.

Her search would be in vain and instead she turned her attention to getting inside. She glanced at her D-ban's time, having long already stowed the headphones away and turned off the music. While it stayed night at the graveyard, it was growing close to matching the time of day for everywhere else too.

"Ne, time to go in and find some food,"she said softly,"I haven't had lunch and its already three in the afternoon." Her smile broadened wider, eying One's gun. "Is there any other weaponry I should know about, One-san?"she asked,"It would be difficult to explain to Onee-sama why I looked like cheese."

She couldn't help a giggle at the idea of that.

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Kyra shrugged. Yes, in afterthought, it did make sense for Kyoko to know One. "Still, introductions. He doesn't know you."

The silence and stillness of the mansion was a relief compared to the din of the city. As background noise it was easy enough to tune out, but it was on the verge of causing a pounding headache when sound had been most of what she had to focus on.

On the plus side, eating lunch would probably finally detach the leech from Kyra's hand. Of course, if she'd managed to operate the headphones and then later store them with both hands largely occupied, Kyra wouldn't put it past Kyoko to want to eat while holding her hand to. Were that the case, however, that would be the end of that, and the sixteen year-old would have to put her foot down.

One gave a grunt-like noise, slinging his assault rifle back over his shoulder and joining the group heading up toward the mansion. His yellow eyes fixed on Vanguard, recalling their conversation from earlier about the Dark Lady. He knew she couldn't be happy with one of Insomnia's tamers lurking about. Probably suspecting her of being a spy or assassin, he thought with a smirk.

"Oh, no," he said in one of his mischievous moments. "Beyond the pop-up gun turrets I built here and there while you three were off tromping around, nothing to worry about." His tone left it quite ambiguous whether he was joking or not. Just another example of his direct and pragmatistic personality getting twisted by a sense of humor.

As they ascended the steps at the front of the place, Vanguard stepped ahead of the group and pushed one of the rich, wood-paneled entrance doors open.

Kyra took a deep breath as they passed the threshold. It smelled like... home. Not any place she'd known, but just a place she was familiar, comfortable with. Even in her condition, she was safe here. More or less.

"Lunch?" Vanguard said, looking to Kyoko. "Kitchen's this way," she pointed across the foyer and down a hallway. One had disappeared again in some form or another, but the three arrived in the kitchen soon enough.

Contrary to her earlier calmness, Kyra felt a sudden throb in her abdomen. It felt strange to have company after all this time, rather unexpected too. Oh well, not like she was the type to race around neurotically cleaning every inch of the place when she was expecting company.

Vanguard looked around the average-sized kitchen, a bit small compared to the rest of the place. But the walls were lined with cabinets, and a rather sizable refrigerator dominated the far wall, opposite a table. There'd be a variety of food to satisfy any appetite.

Her unseen gaze fell back upon the meeting of Kyra and Kyoko's hands. While it was still not mutual, it irked her that the Japanese tamer would just show up and make herself comfortable like this.

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08 Dec 2008, 16:26 #14

Kyoko's hand finally released Kyra's, probably to both of the other female's relief. She placed her bag down against on of the counters, keeping it pushed out of Kyra's way, before starting to ferret about the fridge. Noticeably, she'd taken her shoes off before walking about the kitchen, having had the briefest of pauses at the door to slip the flip flops of. Her bare feet wiggled on the cool tile and she felt a small bit of contentment at having them free. The shoes weren't her good sandals and had started to rub a blister between her big toe and her second toe.

Settling on a sandwhich for lunch she glanced back at the other girl, thoughtful for a second. "Kyra-chan, do you want me to make you a sandwhich too?"she asked, picking up the package of sliced turkey breast and putting it on the counter. Mayo, mustard and ketchup soon joined it along with a loaf of white bread.

Plucking two slices from the loaf she began to pile on the meat and condiments, topping it off with the last slice. She took a healthy bite out of the sandwhich, taking care not to send the toppings everywhere.

It felt good to finally eat something, even if it wasn't necessarily her favorite meal. Food was food; no sense in pickiness. She nudged the fridge door closed with the back of her heel gently, listening to the clink of various glass jars and the the click of the door locking closed once more.

While she ate, she looked the small cooking area over and decided, quite quickly, it worked for someone who generally didn't have visiters. Hopefully it wouldn't get too crowded in here now that the little bunny was there. Kyoko preferred to eat as often as possible.

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The flop of Kyoko's steps was gone, but Kyra could still hear her routing about the kitchen. They'd probably need to make a food run before too much longer. It was one of the downsides of living in the middle of nowhere. If you needed to buy it, you had to travel.

Kyra was glad to have her hand back, to say the least. What was with this girl? She didn't seem that young, the constant contact had given Kyra a rough feeling for Kyoko's size. No mere kid should have been that tall, yet she was incredibly touchy-feely like one. Unless... Kyra grimaced at the thought.

"Feeling better?" Vanguard asked. When Kyra made a general noise of affirmative, Vanguard guided her toward the table. "Want something to eat?"

Kyra found the chair with a slow swing of her arm, then braced her other hand against the table edge and carefully lowered herself into it. It wouldn't do to half-miss it and wind up the floor.

But she settled into the chair, prying off her blue jean jacket and draping it over the chair behind her. "Sure," Kyra said to Kyoko, then hesitating. It hadn't been her way, and hadn't really been possible to be like this for awhile. If Kyra wanted a sandwich, she made one herself. But that wasn't really an option right now. "Ham, cheese, mayo... please." Not a word one often needed when they did things for themselves.

Out of pure boredom, Kyra drew her flute from her pocket. Just having learned to play it in the first place, she had to re-learn in face of her injury. Her fingers settling on the keys, she put it to her lips and blew softly, drawing out slow, single, and somewhat clumsy notes in a melody.

Vanguard bit her lip, before pulling a banana out of the fruit bowl on the counter. Normally it might be time to devolve and relax, but that was debatable at best in Kyra's condition, out of the question with a strange tamer now in their midst.

She peeled and began eating the fruit, leaning on the counter and facing the foggy night beyond the window over the sink. In reality, however, her gaze kept flickering between Kyra and Kyoko.