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((Eight cards' worth of energy drain is probably about as much as a low-DEP Digimon like BG can take.))

Sunburst cried out in pain, her armor buckling from the searing energy bolts fired by Black War Growmon. She struggled to remain aloft, but a golden light shone from her. "You're not getting me! Cannon Beemon!" Her form expanded, her cannon growing longer and missile pods joining the thrusters on her back.

"Sky Rocket!" The panels over several of her missile launchers popped open, and with flashes of smoke and fire, Sunburst bombarded the ground below with missiles.

"Duck!" Kyoko yelled, darting behind a tree for cover. A missile slammed into the ground nearby, blasting dirt and smoke toward her, but otherwise causing little harm beyond ringing ears. She was still panting however from the blinding pain the previous attack had caused. She knew it hurt, but she had never known what it was really like until that moment.

Bolter felt the power from Black War Greymon surge into him, a morsel of the kind of power he'd never known. He raced forward with surprising agility, managing to avoid the worst of a nearby missile explosion. Though he still felt the concussion, the fortifying effects of Dusk's card helped him push through.

"Blazing Ice!" Bolter aimed high, hoping to score a hit on one of the Cannon Beemon's missile pods. If he could set one off, that would be the end of her.

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Alright BlackWarGrowlmon, let's keep this up partner!!" Dusk said. He still was angered by the enemy having to have hurt his friend. "Twin Slicer!!" BlackWarGrowlmon shouted as he used the blades on both of his arms to slice at the foe. "Graaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!" BlackWarGrowlmon yelled in anger. But something was off. From the over-use of cards, and from all the energy being used-up from anger, both Dusk and his partner were tiring-out from over-expense of energy. "*Pant...pant...pant...*" Dusk breathed out in loss of energy. "I...can't let you win for what you have done......" Dusk said, his voice sounding like he was near his limit. He then dropped on all fours, his energy lost so much, he barely had enough energy to stand. "BlackWarGrowlmon...... Haruko..... Bolter. It's all you three now..... Don't worry about me..... make that fiend pay......" Dusk then fainted, and accidentally threw his Summon Dice at Sunburst right before he fell to the ground.

Summon Dice: This small cube is marked with colors rather than numbers, with two facings each of blue, red, and purple. A moderator will determine which effect is yielded when the die is rolled. It may be rolled twice per battle, but not until its previous effect has expired.

Purple brings a meteor shower, causing eight rocks to fall from space on the opposing party. They cause 20 points of damage per hit, and at least two hits are guaranteed.

Blue brings a bizarrely selective blizzard to the battlefield, limiting the enemy's visibility to half its normal value, slowing their movement speed by 25%, and causing them five points of damage per turn. This effect lasts four turns.

Red summons a Pandamon to bestow a temporary blessing. Pandamon's blessing will restore 30% of the allied party's health, remove any poison or damage over time effects, and allows the player to select one card currently in effect to negate

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