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The Tavern and Grill is always full of people. There's never a dull moment at the tavern, stop in for a quick drink.

A Toast

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29 Mar 2012, 17:26 #1

It wasn't often that Zack's group returned to the city anymore. But shortly after a recent operation they'd undertaken, word had begun to spread like wildfire: Insomnia. Was. Gone. Aura had cheered with glee, Glacier had looked smug, and Orion had nearly knocked Zack over by leaning into him. Whether the hulking Dorugamon understood what had happened or simply picked up on his companion's exuberance could only be guessed at.

It had been several months since Zack and Aura had been forced into the war, but now Insomnia was finished and her remaining assets had mostly gone dark. Though Zack remained personally wary, his partners were more optimistic, and Glacier and Aura both had insisted they out and celebrate.

A hot, delicious, and filling meal seemed a good way to start, and so they'd headed to the tavern. Hyperactive, Aura flew along on her own power, doing loops and rolls all around the rest of the group. "This is so awesome!" she said, as Zack pulled the door open and let the group file inside in front of him. "I'm gonna get a sundae for desert. With whipped cream and lots of hot fudge!"

"What, no plans for the main course?" Glacier, the Tailmon cruising on all fours, eyed the Tsukaimon coolly.

The restaurant was active but not terribly crowded, and Aura fluttered toward an open table. "Nah, even soup and grilled cheese are good if we're eating 'em over the frosty bitch's grave."

Glacier chuckled as she sprang effortlessly into a chair. "Fair enough," she grinned, showing her slender fangs. "I could go for a nice steak..."

"What, no fish?" teased Aura, landing in another chair.

Glacier made a rude gesture at that point. "Maybe I'll have some winged guinea pig instead," she said, ribbing Aura right back.

Zack plucked a menu from the table's rack and flipped through it. A burger was incredibly tempting and a solid standby, but it also brought up bad memories. There were an assortment of appetizers, including some tasty looking chipotle nachos.

"So, what do we get for Fangs?" Glacier eyed the Dorugamon, who was standing astride a chair along one edge of the table. A nearby Labramon looked rather displeased with the dragon's tail occasionally bumping into his chair, but was equally reluctant to say anything about it to a Digimon with a head nearly the size of his own whole body.

"He's not usually that picky," Zack noted, green eyes idly flicking up from his menu. "With an appetite like his I probably wouldn't be either. I suppose we could just get him whatever the special is."

He folded his arms, still looking down at the menu, but his eyes slid out of focus. His gaze seem to pass beyond the words printed there, beyond the table or even the ground below it. A great weight felt gone from his shoulders, yet there was something surreal about it. It was... hard to believe that all pressure could simply go away in an instant like that. I didn't get a chance to avenge One... Beelzebumon might still be out there, but it was Insomnia that set all of that in motion. That fact alone was bitter, but all that should matter to him in the end was that Insomnia was no more. It didn't seem likely to alleviate his Kyra problem, but a single tamer was much easier to deal with. When she's not using - so she says at least - my own former partner against me. He would talk it over with his partners later, but now that seemed to be a likely priority. Find Kyra, and ascertain the true nature of that Commandramon with her.

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The few days since their return from Primary Village with Goblimon's egg had been spent trying to decide what they were going to do now that the news of Insomnia's disappearance had reached them. Goblimon might be put off about not fighting in a war and according to Neko, it meant that Mina's destiny might have been changed.


"[color=9e88af]In da meantime, we should try to do somedin' productive wid our time.[/color]"

Hime was standing in the kitchen soaking her roots a pot full of cool water while she watched Mina make lunch. It was Neko's turn to hold the egg and she was doing so while sitting on the counter (which Mina had specifically asked her not to do).

"[color=ff8fcb]Like what, Neko-san? Shopping?[/color]"

"[color=9e88af]Do you got da money to go to da mall every day, Hime? I didn' dink so. If ya wanna go shoppin', ya gotta get money.[/color]"

"[color=6ca36c]I'll keep my job at the tavern and grill. A tavern is always a good place to gather information. If Insomnia really is gone, we'll hear it there.[/color]"

"[color=ff8fcb]Can I babysit for money?[/color]"

"[color=9e88af]I don' see why not. Since I'm Head Waitress wid Hana, I can't take off work a lot.[/color]"

Mina nodded in agreement while she stirred the rice. "[color=6ca36c]We can rotate egg-sitting duty. On our days off, we can take over and Hime can go back to work. We'll just have to explain to the Boss that someone has to be here with the baby.[/color]"

They were all okay with that idea.


She hadn't had a customer all day, so when the human boy and his group walked in, Mina was more than happy to serve him. It was Neko's turn with the egg since it was her day off and Hime was in the back helping the Chef get orders out. In her rather uncomfortable outfit, the only human waitress approached the group with a cheerful smile on her face. Her mask had been so much better at this than she was; if only Hime could be her mask now...

"[color=6ca36c]Welcome to Nanimon's Tavern and Grill. I'm Mina and I'll be your waitress this...[/color]"

A purple Patamon. Her D-ban announced it as a Tsukaimon. There was something familiar about his dark blonde hair, his Tsukaimon partner... He was cute, that was for certain, but he was tall and older. That seemed like an important note. She mulled over it for a bit and couldn't come to any conclusion.

"[color=6ca36c]...this afternoon,[/color]" she picked up where she'd trailed off. Her smile remained intact, though her brown eyes showed that she was in deep concentration. "[color=6ca36c]What can I get you to drink?[/color]"

He was familiar! Where had she seen him before? It didn't make any sense. Mina didn't actually recall meeting him before, yet she knew that his appearance and the fact that he had a Tsukaimon for a partner was important. Why was it so important?

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There was something surreal about that shadow finally being gone. And surely if the world would permit such a titan of darkness to fall, then they could figure out a way to deal with Kyra.

There was a mild expression of surprise on Zack's face as he looked to the approaching speaker and saw a teenage girl in a rather conspicuous pink outfit marching toward them. He'd been in and out of the tavern a number of times, but he'd never seen a human working there before. He gave her a silent nod of friendly greeting.

Aura quickly turned a giggle into a friendly smile for their waitress. She's pretty cute! I wonder if she has a boyfriend. "Nice to meet you, Mina," she said, giving the tamer a warm smile. Not that Aura needed an excuse to be nice to a new face, but it never hurt to be kind to the people bringing your food.

"I'll have unsweetened tea with lemon," said Glacier, light glistening off her undulating tail as the holy ring drifted in and out of a shaft of light. Her blue eyes caught on Mina, noting that something seemed to be distracting the girl.

"Fits you," Aura said lightly, before turning and addressing Mina. "Sweet tea for me, please."

That left Zack, who had started perusing the menu in greater detail. The tavern certainly carried a little bit of everything, and that never hurt. He looked up at Mina and leaned back in his chair. "Mountain dew, if you have it. And for Orion here..." Zack's gaze slid to the side where the Dorugamon still stood, his wings drawn close. "Water, I guess."

Realizing that Mina might find it rather odd that Orion, a clearly evolved Digimmon not ordering for himself might seem a little strange, Aura spoke up again. "Orion's sort of a feral Digimon someone trained to be Zackie's bodyguard, so he doesn't really talk. Don't worry, he's very well-behaved." She blushed a little, realizing that on principle some places might not like a 'wild' Digimon on the premises.

Provided no one tries to get too close, Zack thought, his lips quirking ever so slightly in a small, wry smile.

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The tamer took out her notepad and pen, jotting down the drink orders with a smile. Her mind was pried from the subject of the boy's familiarity even when her ears picked up the nickname Zackie. It struck a chord deep in her subconscious, but Mina didn't notice it right away: she was too busy listening to Aura's explanation of Orion. Her brown eyes briefly glanced at the Digimon before she smiled back at Aura.

"[color=6ca36c]It's not a problem, miss. I can relate to the silent types.[/color]" She gave the group a warm smile. "[color=6ca36c]I'll be back in a few minutes with your drinks. Please take your time in deciding on your orders.[/color]"

The girl returned to the back and used her own mental notes to fix their drinks rather than her notepad. She was getting better at memorizing drink orders, but she used the notepad mostly to keep her boss off her back. Some sort of accusation about her not "listening well to the customers" nonsense. Mina glanced at Hime who was busy running from one side of the kitchen to the other with the Chef barking orders at her.

Mina was almost finished filling the tall cups with drinks when a strand of hair fell in her face. She tucked the hair behind her ear, fingers gently caressing the sakura earring to make it swing sporadically. Kyra... As suddenly as a spark of lightning, the realization dawned on her: ZACK!!

"Last we saw him, he had a Tsukaimon partner. His hair is dark blond, he's taller and older than either Kyra or Mina."

That day in the graveyard Vanguard had revealed information on the boy Kyra had been after, the boy that was the reason for Kyra joining Insomnia: they were both after him. She gasped, finished up the drinks, and rushed back through the double doors in to the front lobby. Mina's aura was no longer polite and friendly, but fierce and passionate. The tamer didn't bother with manners before she set the tray of drinks down slightly hard on the table and leaned close into Zack's face with a serious expression on her plain face.

"[color=6ca36c]You're in danger, Zack.[/color]"

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It was a relief to Aura that Orion's presence wouldn't be an issue, but where that feeling was settling in the Tsukaimon, Glacier was more interested in the menu. They had all sorts of dishes, seafood, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, the list went on and on. Her clawed fingers clicked on the laminated surface as she flipped through the pages, but eventually she was drawn back to a previous page and a seafood feast platter. It had a little bit of everything, including a particular species she'd fantasized about getting revenge on after a nasty encounter during those dark months. "Yeah, I think I'll go with the seafood platter. What about you, Zack?"

"You'll probably pinch me for this, Aura," said Zack, chuckling ruefully. "But I could go for a burger. Maybe this spicy one here..." He tapped a finger on the menu.

"Ugh," Aura pinched her nose, looking exasperated and a little sad thanks to the memories it brought up. "I don't think I'll ever eat another one..."

"I can't really be picky," Zack shrugged. "My body's still growing so sometimes it's whatever isn't nailed down."

"As long as it isn't Numemon," said Glacier, her ear twitching as over the hubub she heard the door clatter open with extra force. Her head spun around and she stared, and eventually Zack followed her gaze.

Mina was returning, but the change in her demeanor was plain to see. What happened? he started to wonder, when the tray thudded to the table. The drinks clattered slightly and sloshed a little, and Mina leaned close unexpectedly.

"You're in danger, Zack."

Never having known any especially well, Zack imagined his mentality wasn't that far off from a soldier that had seen combat. After all, that was about the closest analogy for the situation he'd been living in since One's valiant final act. There was frantic combat, but there was also long down time, unwilling to surrender an edge, knowing that the next battle was coming... some time.

Immediately his pulse shot up, and his eyes and sense simultaneously swept his surroundings. Was he expecting to see a Phantomon sitting at a nearby table, pretending to enjoy coffee and a newspaper while staring fixedly at him, joined by a variety of other dark Digimon trying to blend in? There was no sign of any such thing, and after a moment his eyes snapped back to Mina. Well, yeah... Zack's brain supplied in silent answer to Mina's question, but he was slow in trying to articulate a response to such a vague yet seemingly keen statement.

"What do you mean by that, Mina?" Aura asked, knowing there was naturally some truth to the brunette's words, but not knowing why she could bring it up, or how she could even know of it. She was more intrigued and curious than alert as Zack was, or tensing up the way Glacier was.

That danger better not be you, missy, Glacier's claws extended a hair and her azure eyes narrowed. The Tailmon didn't know who this girl was, or how she seemed to know Zack.

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His body tensed up and his eyes wandered around the tavern for immediate danger. Her intention hadn't been to alarm him that harshly, but instead to warn him. The girl pulled out of his personal space and stood up straight, checking over her shoulder for her boss. Nanimon had not yet come out to start yelling at her, a minor victory in her book. In order to keep him from doing so about her work, Mina returned to her professional demeanor and started passing out the drinks.

"[color=6ca36c]My apologies, I didn't mean you were in danger right this minute.[/color]"

The unsweet tea with a lemon wedge was set properly before the Gatomon. Next, was the sweet tea for the Tsukaimon, the water for the silent bodyguard, and finally Zack's Mountain Dew. She took out her notepad and pen, then lowered her voice so that only the occupants of her table could hear her. Mina's eyes remained settled upon Zack.

"[color=6ca36c]Kyra means to kill you,[/color]" she whispered. "[color=6ca36c]I wanted warn you before you ran into her again.[/color]"

She glanced at the Gatomon, taking note of the claws. It would be a mistake for her to mention Kyra or Vanguard at this point and being friends with them in the middle of this feud might put her in harm's way. For now, it was best to remain the neutral party.

"[color=6ca36c]I can take your orders if you're ready,[/color]" she said in a normal volume to make sure the Boss knew she was doing her job.

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Zack held up a hand to caution Glacier, noticing that she appeared to be one errant twitch away from jumping Mina. He gestured for her to 'chill', but the Tailmon only shot him an 'I don't think so!' look. After a moment however she relaxed slightly, her claws receding slightly. The Tailmon's eyes remained fixed on Mina however, even as the girl started to explain herself.

Aura merely rolled her eyes at the Tailmon's simmering wariness, finding Mina not the least bit threatening. Even Kyra had a look about her, but Mina could hardly be trouble.

"I know," Zack replied, taking a breath and rolling his shoulders. He'd learned of Kyra's intentions from a bizarre circumstance, but that was clearly the truth of it judging from subsequent encounters with Kyra. "We don't plan on letting her succeed."

"Thank you," Aura said in a normal voice, looking up from her menu. To a passer-by it could have been thought to be part of normal server-patron interactions, but the look in her yellow eyes made it clear she appreciated the warning even if it was unnecessary. She "I'll have the chicken tenders and fries, please," she said. She dropped a straw into her tea, and took a nice sip of the cool, sweet drink.

"Seafood platter," said Glacier, her tail still twitching.

"Southwest burger," Zack said, tilting his head slightly as he looked at Mina. His tone was casual, but his eyes were curious, searching, wondering just what was going on here, and how Mina had stumbled into their little feud. Did Mina know Kyra, perhaps? He mentally snorted as a thought crossed his mind. Maybe she overheard Kyra bragging about it in here... "Medium well." Then he dropped his voice. "Warning is appreciated. Mind if I ask how you know about that?"

Aura glanced over at Orion before flipping through the menu again. "We'll go with a steak and mashed potatoes for Orion, done medium." The Tsukaimon wasn't entirely sure what Orion would make of something besides meat - a natural assumption for a large, predatory-looking Digimon's diet - but she was curious, and figured if his body could digest it, it would be good for him to eat a variety of foods.

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The Gatomon was signaled to which the feline did not respond well. Mina didn't judge her for it or think she wasn't well "tamed"; she was doing her job protecting her partner and Mina would expect nothing else. It came as a bit of a shock when she learned that he knew about Kyra's plans. Questions began popping into her mind, though the investigation was negated with the Tsukaimon's thank you. Her brown eyes shifted to the winged Digimon, then she nodded.

As they began ordering, she jotted everything down on her notepad. Chicken tenders & fries, seafood platter, southwest burger medium well, steak medium well with mashed potatoes for the big guy. The teenager finished writing down the orders before she responded to his question, keeping her gaze locked on her notepad.

"[color=6ca36c]A friend,[/color]" was her whispered answer.

With the orders taken, she put her front back on and took up the menus one at a time to clear them out of their way. Mina flashed a bright smile to them all and returned her voice to its normal volume again.

"[color=6ca36c]Your orders will be ready in about fifteen minutes! If you need anything, I'll be happy to assist you.[/color]"

She returned to the back and handed the ticket to Hime to put up for the Chef. During her time in the back, she kept an eye on her customers seeking an opportunity to get them a refill, a napkin, anything to get her more time with the tamer. Had Kyra found him again while she was away? Mina habitually toyed with her Crest under her shirt. Did Vanguard think that Mina had abandoned Kyra again? She had to make him understand... She had to find out how much he knew about Kyra's motives. Poor Vanguard.. She was probably worried sick that there was no way to make Kyra stop.

Insomnia was gone, so Kyra was on her own again. '[color=6ca36c]That could be worse,[/color]' the tamer reminded herself. '[color=6ca36c]If Kyra is let loose, she could be bigger threat because she's out of control. A chaotic tamer with a taste for revenge...[/color]'

Hime, from her position, watched her tamer stand there for ten minutes. She grew worried about her tamer, but was too busy to ask. The order was finally ready and it was Hime's duty to inform the waitress.

"[color=ff8fcb]Mina-chan, it's ready.[/color]"

This pulled the tamer from her thoughts. Without a second glance at her tertiary partner, the girl set all of the plates and side bowls on the large tray and took them out to the table. As she was taking her time placing the plates on the table, she lowered her voice again.

"[color=6ca36c]When was the last time you saw Kyra?[/color]"

She set the plate with his burger down in front of him and lifted her gaze so that her eyes met his.

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"You know," said Zack, once Mina was out of earshot. "She wasn't going to attack me." He looked at Glacier, who had settled down somewhat only once Mina had departed.

"Of course not," Glacier said flippantly. "I would've mauled her if she tried."

"Well, it is nice to know someone's on our side," said Aura, sipping again from her drink. "Though I am curious what friend told her..."

"Dunno," said Zack, holding up his drink. The lurid green liquid had the look of something radioactive, but the taste was good and it helped sharpen his mind when he was feeling tired. "So Insomnia's really gone," he said softly. "Though our problems aren't over."

"We should do a toast," said Aura, taking hold of her glass in both her forepaws. "To One. Our friend," she held up her glass.

"And to whoever did the world a favor," Glacier raised her tea.

Three glasses clanked together, and Zack, Glacier, and Aura each took a slug. Though Orion didn't grasp what was happening, his orange eyes seemed less wild than usual, as though he sensed the group's tranquility.

Before Zack's thoughts could drift again, Mina returned with the group's meals. The smell of fresh, hot, and tasty food was thick on the air, making their mouths water. Aura rubbed her forepaws together, grinning in anticipation. She took a first bite of her chicken tenders, and her face melted, they were so hot and crispy and yummy. "Mmmmm, thank you, Mina!"

Glacier speared a bit of lobster from her platter with one of her claws. She transferred it to her mouth and chewed, enjoying the flavor as the meat rolled back and forth over her tongue. Her ears twitched, listening closely as Mina again whispered to Zack.

Zack nodded in acknowledgment as Mina delivered his burger, and he listened carefully as she took the opportunity to continue their clandestine conversation. "Twice in about the last two weeks," he replied, holding her gaze, and there was a little bit of tension in his voice that reflected the fact that both encounters had resulted in battle.

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His reply caused her to half-drop Orion's bowl of mashed potatoes onto the table in a startled reaction. She almost knocked over Zack's drink in the process, though her eyes never left his. Mina's heart began pounding from excitement.


Some customers walked in and passed by the group which forced Mina to act more like a waitress and mind her duties. Her body grew tense and rigid which was its normal state of comfort. She finally delivered Orion's steak to him and tried to think of a reason, any reason not to leave them to their meals. The Boss wouldn't be happy with her standing around talking to the customers.

It took the tamer a few seconds to realize that she honestly didn't care what her Boss was happy with. He could go kiss an angry Dark Tyranomon for all she would bother to concern herself with. She had to find out where Kyra was, to see her again. But first, it was crucial for her to continue this conversation with Zack.

"[color=6ca36c]I need to know.. Would you mind explaining to me what happened between you and Kyra? Why she's hunting you, I mean.[/color]"

This was the best way for her to figure out what he knew. If he really didn't know why she was attacking him, as Vanguard had pointed out, he might not stand a chance. Mina had been so sure that this was all just a big mistake, a misunderstanding that could be resolved. That was her train of thought that day in the Graveyard. She only hoped that she was right and not being as dense and naive as Gobli accused her of back then.

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"Once out to sea, and again in the jungle," said Zack, glancing briefly down at his meal. Everything looked to be in order, and he reached over to grab ketchup for his fries. He was trying, as Mina was, to make their interaction look as casual as possible. "As for why," he went on, squirting ketchup onto an empty corner of his plate. He took a deep breath, and scattered images of the last few months played in his mind's eye.

"Aura and I first met Kyra in the training fields. Aura fought Kyra's only partner at the time, and we managed to beat her. Helped along by an S-level card I had access to. Kyra didn't take losing under those circumstances very well." He remembered her reckless knife charge, stopped by One's intervention. It wasn't the last time he took action to save my bacon...

"We met her again a little after that along the coast. She wanted a rematch, this time outside the arena. We fought. A servant of Insomnia's appeared on the battlefield. Beelzebumon. He was -"

"-A monster." Aura's tone was bitter. She would never forget that feeling of helplessness against a hopelessly superior adversary, or what the price of their lives had been that day.

"Insomnia sent him to take me out," Zack went on, taking a quick sip of his drink. The talking was starting to dry his throat a little, he wasn't used to it. "Everything we tried against Beelzebumon - didn't work. He was just too strong." He took a breath, trying to steady himself. He didn't feel the pain day to day much anymore, but it was hard to relive the loss of his friend - and in a sense, his innocence. "There was another tamer and her partner caught in the middle, Tsuki and Luna. I had another partner then, named One. One volunteered to stay behind and buy us the time to escape. He insisted it was the only way, and told us he had a weapon that might be strong enough, but that it was too dangerous to deploy with any friendlies in the area."

"We escaped while One held off Beelzebumon. Tankdramon's most powerful attack is a nuclear-tipped warhead, and that's what he used. We managed to get Tsuki and Luna out in time, but One obviously..." He shook his head.

"Kyra thinks I abandoned One deliberately just to save myself, a disposable shield. Her group managed to survive that somehow, and Insomnia recruited her after that to hunt me down."

Glacier's tail continued its uneasy twitching as the Tailmon dug into her meal. It sometimes amazed her how much trouble Zack had managed to get into and out of during their separation. Other times, it appalled her. If we just knew where Kyra lived, we could take her out, once and for all. If only one of them makes it out alive, I've got no trouble picking who.

Aura gave a little sniffle at Zack's story, for it brought up equally painful memories in her as well. Orion had not been with them at that point, but even he seemed to sense the sadness that had taken hold in his companions. His tail curled around, gently stroking Aura's back with the soft white fur of its tip. Indeed, it was some of the only soft fur on his body, the rest possessing a bristly quality closer to steel wool or quills.

Out of whimsy, Aura dipped one of her tenders first in ranch, and then in honey mustard. Her expression wrinkled slightly however as the tender slipped into her mouth, and she wondered if she might be better off just eating them with one sauce at a time. She also kept an eye out for any of the other staff members noticing Mina standing around, and briefly pondered a good cover or distraction.

Orion gave Mina an appreciative look as she set the slab of meat before him, and he leaned in close. Nostrils puffed as he savored the succulent smell of cooked meat, and though he briefly nosed toward the potatoes, he seemed more interested in the steak. Skewering it with the ruby claws of one hand, he held it to the plate as he took a large bite.

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The story was one she could relate to all too well. Goblimon had also stayed behind to fight Wisemon and sacrificed himself to save Mina and Neko. It was ironic how she and Gobli had met Kyra and got involved with that situation when, later on, Gobli had done the same thing that Zack's Digimon had done. If Kyra had been witness, would she also be after Mina? It was funny how things turned out sometimes..

His mention of Beelzebumon, however, triggered the memory of that awful Digimon killing an innocent Sagittarimon. Her fight with other tamers against him had also been almost meaningless. If Valkyriemon hadn't shown up, most of them would have ended up with injuries far worse than Garrett's sprained ankle. But then a new memory flooded her mind: a battered and bruised Impmon with quite an attitude. He had been hurt by that awful Insomnia and Mina felt sorry for him. Not so much pity as it was general sympathy. What kind of situation did he have to be in for someone as powerful as him to take that kind of abuse from a normal human tamer? That day at her apartments, an idea flitted across her mind about how she could help Beelzebumon, but she never got a chance to try...

When Zack finished, Mina remained caught up in her thoughts. Her eyes lingered on Orion's steak for no reason at all; the brown eyes were unfocused and distant. She was remembering everything Vanguard had told her that day in the Graveyard. "...Insomnia wants Kyra to kill an old rival she had. Apparently he has the power to sense those ruled by darkness, and Insomnia wants him dead. And after Kyra saw one of Zack's partners stay behind to stop the last assassin Insomnia sent and die in the process, she thought someone that would throw away his partner to die wasn't fit to live."

"[color=6ca36c]So it was a misunderstanding after all,[/color]" she voiced aloud, namely to herself. Mina finally came out of her reverie and lifted her gaze to the tamer again. "[color=6ca36c]I'm assuming you've tried to explain the situation to Kyra, haven't you?[/color]"

Vanguard had called him resourceful and he was still alive with plenty of scars to show of his battle credentials. He couldn't be stupid. A smart person, as she expected him to be, would have at least tried to explain the situation to his enemy especially if it was all just some big mistake. The more likely scenario now was that Kyra wouldn't listen to Zack. Her mind was awaiting his answer before it resettled into its thinking process.

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Aura and Zack noticed that Mina was silent a long while, during which Zack finally decided to start on his meal. The burger was juicy and smokey without being too spicy, and the fries were crisp and salty. He set the burger aside and took a drink as Mina finally seemed to snap back to reality.

He took a sip of mountain dew, enjoying the sharp, invigorating flavor of the citrus. "Tried in our last battle." He slowly shook his head. By Kyra's own future admittance it probably wouldn't have worked, but he had to try. "It's my word against what she felt she saw," he said, his voice slightly resigned. "And she's determined like that." His tone was neutral though, for he had a certain grudging respect for Kyra and what she was capable of.

"She seems just... angry at the world," Aura said, her voice almost sad. Kyra seemed to form grudges so easily, and exact on them so harshly.

"Feh," grumbled Glacier, still sampling here and there from her seafood sampler. She didn't see Kyra as much beyond a crazed bull, looking to smash whatever got in her way.

"Do you know Kyra from somewhere, Mina?" Aura asked, looking at the brunette, a curious eyebrow raised.

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His answer launched her into another concentrated state. This time, her eyes gazed out a window though her mind was so fixated on her thoughts that she didn't see the bustling of the city outside. Of course he had tried to explain it and, as she predicted, Kyra wouldn't listen. It was just as she had feared: Kyra was a bigger threat without Insomnia than she was when she had been under the Dark Mistress's control. What Vanguard had given up by now? Surely an angel wouldn't do that.

Aura's question brought the waitress back to the conversation at hand. Her eyes roamed over each of her customers, lingering a bit longer upon Orion and Glacier. She reached up to play with the Sakura earring dangling from her ear, not out of habit, but as a sort of apology towards herself and Kyra. This could put her in danger.

"[color=6ca36c]She's a friend of mine.[/color]" Before they could really get up to do any damage, she held up her hands as a signal to wait. "[color=6ca36c]However, I do not agree with Kyra nor do I mean any harm to you.[/color]"

By you, she meant Zack and looked him straight in the eye. She had a feeling that any moment, her Boss was going to pop out and start berating her about her job. Since she was on a time limit not only from him but also from the unsettled party, Mina decided it was best to get this over with quickly.

"[color=6ca36c]Kyra was the first person I met here in the Digital World. She was blind, she was furious, but most importantly she couldn't see how fake I was. We started the friendship off with a lie: I told her my name was Sakura, namely because my partner didn't trust her or Vanguard. I felt so horrible for lying to her and getting lost on our way to lunch that I went searching for her. We found Vanguard and I explained myself to her. That was when Vanguard told me about Kyra's alliance with Insomnia.[/color]"

Mina glanced over her shoulder. She could hear Nanimon's voice in the background. The pressure was building; she had to hurry. The tamer looked back at the group.

"[color=6ca36c]I am a neutral party in this war, namely because I know very little. What I do know is that Kyra hates you for what happened with One. Vanguard even believes that it was a miscommunication. I promised Vanguard that I would find you and try to warn you about Kyra's intent to kill you. I was too late for that, it seems, and I apologize. My partners had other priorities for me to see to.[/color]"

This time out of habit, she reached up and clenched the Crest that was hiding underneath her shirt. Her gaze locked on Zack's in a serious and determined manner.

"[color=6ca36c]I've heard that Insomnia is gone, but I won't give up on Kyra. I will find a way to explain your situation to her so that she'll stop coming after you. I don't side with Kyra, but I am her friend. Please understand that it doesn't mean I think of you as my enemy. I meant what I said, Zack: I won't put you in danger or let her hurt you.[/color]"

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Despite Mina's swift assurances she meant no harm, Glacier was looking at her through narrowed eyes. Her tail was twitching again, and she was thinking about poking Mina next instead of her seafood with those claws. After a moment though she relaxed, thinking to herself. She might be Kyra's friend, but she's not acting like an enemy toward us. Though, she thought with a smirk. I might want to meet that partner of hers, that one's instincts were pretty sharp.

Though initially startled, Aura took Mina's explanation in stride, and felt a certain sympathy for someone trying to keep a belligerent friend under control. She certainly didn't envy Mina in that situation, and she gave her head a slow, sad shake. A tender was dipped into the ranch sauce, and eaten whole. "Vanguard always did seem the most reasonable of the bunch..."

Orion took a break from gnawing on his steak to flick his tongue toward the mashed potatoes. As his sinuous tongue touched the fluffy starch, he paused, tilting his head slightly. He played his tongue back and forth over the odd texture, before scooping some up and eating it.

His gaze shifted to Mina, his vocabulary too limited to get the gist of her message, but her emotional state was easier for him to clue in on. She was agitated, as if afraid, but she did not shrink from whatever it was that bothered her.

"I see..." said Zack, his meal momentarily forgotten. His left hand flexed, wanting to fiddle with his amulet - by all appearances mimicking Mina - but he spread his fingers and ignored the urge. So she's Kyra's friend. That seems a hard one to believe. Not that I think she's lying, just the idea of Kyra making friends. But... she mentioned Kyra being blind when she first met her. Kyra is over that now, but then her behavior had likewise been odd toward me too. He snorted mentally. Maybe they went clothes-shopping together, he thought, eying Mina's lacy, ruffly pink uniform.

"It's alright that you weren't able to find us sooner," Aura said reassuringly. Zack seemed to have mildly spaced out in the wake of Mina's revelations, but Aura knew that his mind was very much on the matter at hand. It was just a case of him thinking so much he would say very little. "We appreciate you trying." She smiled. "And really, we've been trying to keep a low profile, so finding us was probably... difficult. " She rubbed her side nervously. "It hasn't just been Kyra that's after us. Fortunately, with Insomnia gone, I don't think there's anyone to pay the bounty on Zackie's head anymore. That just leaves Kyra..."

"At least until some other dark overlord tries to take over and decides I'm a threat," Zack said, an amused spring overlaid on his voice, but there was a certain cynical tone underneath it. Despite speaking it as a joke, he was concerned that exactly that would happen. And she mentioned knowing about my darksense anyway, so there's no harm in mentioning that. "I don't want this fight, none of us do," Zack said. "It's all spiraled out of control, and it seems like it's getting worse." He thought of the valiant rebels out to sea, fighting for their survival, and of friends endangered, while others were turned against each other. "Though you're in a pretty tough spot yourself..."

Aura took a sip of her drink before speaking. "We appreciate what you're doing, Mina. Now that you've warned us, what will do from here?" There was a warmth in her eyes, and a greater one in her core. It was always good to know that allies could be found day to day in unexpected places, instead of just enemies. It was heartening, especially after the dark days of the lone duo, fighting for survival against every threat, knowing that death could be just around the corner.