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Mina was about to answer when the door to the back burst open. Nanimon had a vein throbbing on his bald head from the news that Mina was talking to the tamer and his group. It was a critical moment for Mina: she had been trying to think of what she would do from this point onward, but his appearance interrupted her.

"Human! I thought I made it perfectly clear last time that you're supposed to be--[/color]"

"[color=6ca36c]I have a name, you know,[/color]" the tamer turned around to glare at her boss. "[color=6ca36c]It's Mina. I would appreciate it if you'd stop calling me human.[/color]"

Despite how furious she was on the inside, the tamer managed to keep a calm tone with the Nanimon. Her brown eyes betrayed her by revealing the rage that was being contained with a lot of effort. Hime, Hana the Renamon, and the Flamedramon Chef were all peeking out of the door to see what was going on. Nanimon's rage only grew.

"Get back to work or you're FIRED!!"

Many of the customers were watching to see what she would do. The tamer didn't move. She was thinking, calculating, trying to decide what to do. Between the three members of her team, they had made plenty of money. But this was a tavern. A tavern where lots of gossip came for tamers like herself to keep an ear out. This was a good source for information.

"[color=6ca36c]There are no other human customers. I can't work if I don't have a customer.[/color]"

"Then clean something!"

It made the teenager clench her teeth. Her Boss just had to make a scene in front of someone important. There was a smug look on his face; he knew he had her in a tough position. Keeping herself in check, Mina turned and bowed to Zack and his group.

"[color=6ca36c]My apologies.[/color]"

The teenager then turned and walked off into the back room. Still smirking and half-chuckling to himself, Nanimon followed her in to the back. Several minutes later, the customers in the lobby could hear him say something to her followed by the loud clashing of a pan. Nanimon was knocked backwards out of the double swinging doors hard enough that he rolled across the floor with a large serving tray stuck to his face. Mina stormed out after him removing her apron and tossing it down on him.

"[color=6ca36c]Racist pig,[/color]" was all she muttered before she fiercely approached Zack again. "[color=6ca36c]I'll try to keep an ear out for Kyra here in the city. What are you going to do?[/color]"

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Though initially worried about Mina, Aura's concerned expression had morphed to one of glee, and a laugh split the air as Nanimon landed on his backside. She sipped from her drink, and blew back down the straw so that the tea frothed and bubbled.

As Mina returned to the table, Aura greeted her with a broad grin. "I bet that felt good, didn't it, Mina?" She nibbled another chicken tender, and couldn't help another snicker at Nanimon's predicament.

Zack meanwhile was looking at Nanimon with an expression that suggested the virus Digimon had just evolved into a particularly slimy Numemon. Note to self: Never eating here again. Expecting a waitress to stay on task was one thing, but addressing her only by species, and delighting in demeaning her?

His eyes followed Mina back to the table, a slight, amused smile on his face. She certainly handled that, he thought, admiring her composure even when she was clearly pushed.

"Well," said Zack, deliberating the question. "Glace wants us to just bunker down and hope Kyra loses interest. We do have a place I'm - well - 99% sure we'd be safe from Kyra, but..." He gave a slight shake of his head. Simply hiding in a hole, however safe and comfortable castle base might be, just didn't feel right.

Glacier frowned as she continued to eat. She'd been largely silent, but that wasn't because she wasn't paying attention. Instead, she was pulling a Zack, thinking it over instead. Hiding out in the arctic would certainly give Kyra the slip, but it wouldn't solve the problem totally. "We'd be safe, but Kyra could always cause trouble to draw us out."

"Not to mention we'd been hoping to get started on dismantling what's left of Insomnia's operation," said Aura. "Her forces are starting to splinter, and some of her former subordinates are fighting over the pieces." She ate one of the last of her tenders, dipped in honey mustard sauce.

"If we run across Kyra, Zackie can send you a message through your d-ban. Maybe you'll have better luck talking her down." Despite the fact she wasn't sure she could believe, Aura wanted it to be true. She didn't want bloodshed, not if it could be avoided.

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The doors opened again and a Flamedramon smoking a cigarette escorted Mina's tertiary partner out. Hime bowed apologetically, handed over her apron, and joined her tamer's side. The adolescent blinked at her.

"[color=6ca36c]You didn't have to quit, Hime-chan.[/color]"

"[color=ff8fcb]I don't like having a job,[/color]" she whined. "[color=ff8fcb]It's too much work and it's just so haaarrrd.[/color]"

Things had certainly changed for Mina. She used to think that Hime's whining was annoying and unnecessary. This time, something was different; she wasn't whining just to whine. Hime was whining to cover up for the fact that she didn't want to be away from her tamer for too long. Mina gave her Digimon an affectionate smile and rested her hand on top of her partner's head. Hime smiled at the group and bowed respectfully.

"[color=ff8fcb]Good afternoon. My name is Hime. It's very nice to meet you![/color]"

"[color=6ca36c]I'd offer to protect you, but you have more experience fighting her than I do. I wouldn't be of much use except to delay her. I have one request, however.[/color]" Her serious expression returned. "[color=6ca36c]Leave Beelzebumon to me. I understand that you have your reasons for going after him and they're more legitimate than my own. However, I have a way of dealing with him that I would like to try. If it doesn't work, you can settle your score with him as you see fit.[/color]"

Hime looked up at Mina curiously, but didn't say anything. She decided to go ahead and let her tamer talk. After all, Mina knew more about this conversation than she did and it was best for her to keep her mouth shut for the moment.

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"Hi~ Hime!" Aura said brightly, waving at the cute little Floramon. Hime was a nice name, and the Floramon seemed quite friendly, if perhaps a little young. Though the gesture was odd coming from a form that had more in common with a guinea pig than a humanoid, Aura returned the bow.

"Yo," came Glacier's less enthused greeting, still picking over the remains of her plate. An amusing thought crossed her mind, as to who would take care of them now with the waitress having quite in the midst of looking after a table.

Zack gave a nod of greeting to Hime, but then Mina resumed the conversation and so his green eyes moved back to her. He searched her expression, her eyes as she touched on her plan for Beelzebumon. Something tells me this plan of hers involves more guile than brute force, considering a multi-megaton nuclear detonation just slowed him down. Indirect seems more her style anyway. In truth, he hadn't been able to focus much on Beelzebumon. Kyra had been a more immediate issue, and Insomnia had been the one to target him in the first place. But if he ran into One's killer, he couldn't just let it go. He doubted Aura would, either.

"You can have your shot," he said slowly, still wondering just what her plan was, and if it had any chance. If apparent determination was what she needed, she might stand a pretty good chance. "We've got other priorities at the moment besides actively hunting him," said Zack, inclining his head slightly. "But if we run into him, or especially if he comes after us..." He let his words hang, his meaning plain enough.

Even Aura had to agree with Zack on that one, given the way Beelzebumon had turned their world upside down in one night of callous violence. "We wouldn't want you to have to fight Kyra anyway, if she's your friend." Her tone was gentle, and she was more sympathetic about that than Glacier's slight roll of the eyes. The unlikely friendship was still a friendship to Mina. Plus, there weren't many tamers that seemed able to fight on Kyra's level, her determination and her group's willingness to use 'dirty tricks' were a potent mix. "That's a very pretty earring, by the way," she added, noticing the way it bobbed with Mina's motions, occasionally catching the light.

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Zack's implied explanation was clear enough for her. She nodded as an agreement.

"[color=6ca36c]Fair enough,[/color]" she said before turning to Aura. "[color=6ca36c]I don't have a problem fighting a friend if my friend is doing something wrong. Making bad choices is one thing, but trying to kill another person is unforgivable. If there is a way to make her understand, I'll try to find it.[/color]"

The comment on her earring made the adolescent reach up and self-consciously touch it. Memories of Kyra, however brief, were attached to it. The most significant memory was her promise to Vanguard that Mina would do anything she could to help get Kyra away from Insomnia. It seemed that things had grown more complicated than that; she would have to save Kyra from herself.

"[color=6ca36c]Thank you. The other is with Kyra. I found the set in the park the day we met. It's a reminder of my promise to Vanguard...[/color]" Her voice trailed off sadly for a moment before she picked her head back up and focused on Zack. "[color=6ca36c]If there's anything you need, I'll be in Apartment Unit 4-B.[/color]"

"[color=ff8fcb]We have an egg to take care of. It's Neko's turn today.[/color]"

"[color=6ca36c]Neko is a Strabimon,[/color]" Mina explained. "[color=6ca36c]Hime here is my third partner and Neko is my second. My first partner is the egg.[/color]"

Now that he had been revived, it was easier for her to tell the story. "[color=6ca36c]Gobli digivolved into Asuramon to stay behind and fight Wisemon while we escaped. We made it out okay, but the castle collapsed and... Well, Gobli died. He sacrificed himself for this.[/color]" She held up the tag containing the Crest of Freedom. "[color=6ca36c]I understand your pain, Zack. I was put in the same position you are. Kyra believes only what her eyes showed her that day, but that doesn't make it the truth. I'll find a way to make her see reason, Zack. Your group has suffered much like my own and you shouldn't be targeted for it.[/color]"

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It was a bit of an awkward moment for Aura to hear what the earring meant to Mina, and Glacier smirked at the Tsukaimon's momentarily surprised expression. Well, if Kyra is her friend... and she doesn't want Kyra doing these bad things either. Aura nodded, satisfied that Mina wasn't the type to let her friends go astray, and steely enough to confront them if they did.

Aura smiled at the implied invitation. "We have an apartment in complex A, the third floor, but we don't frequent it that much. Staying in the city didn't seem like a good idea with so many people after Zackie, so we found a hidden place elsewhere."

Zack appreciated the fact that Mina had attempted to warn him without any thought of reward, but he still wasn't sure about trusting her with the location of their refuge. "Still, shoot me a message if you need us. Maybe we can return the favor some day." He swirled a fry through the ketchup, and popped it in his mouth.

Swallowing it however got a little difficult when Mina spoke of her first partner's return as an egg, after sacrificing himself for his friends. She'd gained a crest that day it seemed, an achievement like that was no easy feat. A chance to try again with One's digitama was something Zack and Aura had never gotten. His data hadn't even reached Primary Village in recognizable format, lending credence to the idea that the Commandramon with Kyra could really be Zack's former partner. I just... can't believe he'd turn like that. What I can believe is that Kyra would find any ol' Commandramon and set him up to psyche me out.

"We're sorry for your loss," Aura said gently. "And I'm glad that Gobli's able to come back to you." She warmly smiled at Mina. "Thank you for the warning, and good luck."

Zack nodded his agreement, though wearily so. He thought of that other Kyra, what she had become after killing 'him', and of Claire, claiming to be from the future and a second generation tamer. He had never wanted this feud with Kyra, and he wished it could just go away. It had caused so much pain and strife, and benefited no one. "Never wanted all this trouble," he said.

"Trouble follows you like a Grizzimon does a picnic basket," Glacier said with a playful smirk. "I hope Goblimon comes back good and strong," she said, earning a double-take from Aura. The Tailmon ignored her however, for she knew what it was like to lose someone dear, and what it was like to find them again.

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"[color=6ca36c]Thank you, Aura,[/color]" the adolescent nodded to her condolences and gratitude. "[color=6ca36c]We'll be keeping an eye out for Kyra here in the city, like I said.[/color]"

The Floramon waited patiently. When Mina bowed deeply to the others, she also bowed. It was a custom in Japan for one to bow. Both of them stood up right again and gave Zack and his group a comforting smile.

"[color=6ca36c]I have to go now, though. We have to do some job searching. Good luck, Zack.[/color]"

Hime lead the way out of the tavern with Mina behind her casually stepping over the unconscious Nanimon as she went. Now Mina knew what she had to do and that gave her a lot more purpose than just waiting around for an egg to hatch.

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"Goodbye!" Aura's tone was quite chipper, and she waved her farewell after bowing in turn. After all, that only seemed polite. "Take care!" She was very happy to have met Mina and Hime, enough so that even Mina's curious choice of friends could be overlooked.

"Bye," said Zack, giving them a respectful nod. Some of the underlying tension had faded, and he rolled his shoulders, finding they felt a little lighter than before.

Orion watched the female duo depart, his plates licked clean by this point. He made a low-to-high grunt in his throat, his orange eyes softer than normal.

"Though that does leave us in an interesting position," Glacier said at last, causing Aura and Zack to look at her in mild confusion. "Our waitress upped and quit midway through our meal."

"You can hardly blame her," Aura shook her head. "Nanimon was being horrible to her, and I doubt it was the first time, either."

"We could just leave without paying," Glacier noted, her whiskers quivering with amusement. "Our waitress is gone, the boss is unconscious..."

"Mina would've gotten a great tip, but no tip is worth having to work for that jerk."

"Nah." Zack shook his head. "I'm sure most of the employees here are good, besides, it would count as stealing." Despite the hard times his group had been in, they'd never been that desperate. He was quite fine with keeping it that way. "However tempting it might be given Nanimon..."

"You gonna finish that?" Glacier, her own plate empty, was eying Zack's largely untouched burger and pile of fries. He'd been too busy talking to Mina to eat much of it, but now that she drew his attention to it he returned to his meal.

"Help yourselves to the fries, there's plenty," he said around a mouthful of burger.

"Don't mind if I do." Reaching across the table, Glacier snagged a few. "Mmm, nice and salty."

"A little too salty if you ask me," said Aura, chewing on one herself.

"I didn't." Glacier grinned at Aura, who stuck her tongue out at the Tailmon.

The four finished eating, and Zack left the money on the table. Well, that was interesting. Wonder if we'll run into her again at another place in town. Either way, his thoughts shifted to ones more serious. One problem down, one to go. I hope Mina finds Kyra before Kyra finds us.

"We didn't get dessert," said Aura with a huff. "C'mon, let's go for ice cream!"

"Sounds good! Race you!" Glacier sprinted out the door, Aura hot on her heels.

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(First off I would just like to say this was really cool to read. Made me wonder what some of the threads with these characters were like. Now Second, the grading.

Mina gets .15 DEP to use as she pleases.

Zack as well gets .15 DEP to use as he pleases.

Thank you for the interesting thread. And I hope this was a good grading in your guys' opinion.)