UFA Draft

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June 2nd, 2014, 2:28 pm #1

UFA Draft - typically about 1 month Before the start of the NHL/DOFHL regular season

1. 2 Rounds:

-No time slots - 10 hours per pick

2. Order:
- For 2014 and on - Reverse order of final regular season standings for each round(not snake).

For 2013 - Random and snake)

3. Can only pick Drafted or Currently Signed players

4. Minor Eligibility of Picks - Determined based on their status on day draft begins!
((Will use Transactions on Player Pages on TSN.ca)

5.  You will be stuck with the existing contract of the players you pick. If you pick someone without a new contract, you can still decide to accept or reject his new contract(when they get one).

6. Forfeit - You can forfeit 1 or both of your picks. However, please do so before the draft starts.

7. No trading of UFA picks before/during UFA draft.
- Anyone you select in UFA draft cannot be traded for remainder of calendar year.

8. No Drops during UFA draft.