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Rules on  Trading:
1.  Owners propose their own trades on Fantrax. No voting on Fantrax!

2. Maximum Trades per Team(per season) - 7 (5 until end of 15-16 season, 6 until end of 17-18)
- Each season will go from end of one NHL regular season to end of next NHL regular season

3. Trading Open:
A. Off-season:
- 2 month trading period from 5/1 to 7/1
- maximum of 3 trades can be used during this period
- These trades will count against your total of 7 trades for the season.
For example: If you make 2 trades in 2017 off-season, you will have 7 trades left until the end of the 2017-2018 season.

B. In-season:
- Trading will typically open around 8/1
- Trade deadline is in part 5 below

4. Limits on trading
A. No trading of 1st Round Entry Draft picks!(Commish+Committee)

B. In each trade a GM can at most trade 4 players (Commish+Committee)

C. Only 2-team trades (no 3-way, 4-way, etc)(Commish+Committee)

D. Off-season 2 month trade window - make sure GM is not over 3 trade max for this period!

5. Trade Deadline - 2/3/2019
- All trades MUST be accepted by both gms by that deadline.

6. Trade Voting System - Trade Committee
See link: ... 967/1/#new

7. Contracts as they relate to Trades:
A. If you trade for a Free Agent without a new contract or with a new contract that has not yet been accepted by the current GM:
You will get the chance to accept the new contract or not.

B. If you trade for a Free Agent whose new contract has already been accepted by the current GM:
You will be stuck with that new contract!

C. Therefore, it is crucial to know the contract situation of each player Before you trade for them!