Rich Mauch Annual Entry Draft

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October 24th, 2012, 10:20 pm #1

5 Round Entry Draft

A. 1st round picks - Can't trade

B. trading of picks during Entry Draft
- You will not be able to trade the pick that is on the clock

- After the Entry Draft, you will be allowed to trade draft picks for the next Entry Draft only (1 year ahead).

C. Who is Eligible:
- Only prospects eligible for that summer's NHL Entry Draft are eligible for our Entry Draft.

- All players you draft in Entry Draft can go to Fantrax Minors! If you want a pick to go to Active or Reserve include that when posting pick!

D. Order:
For 2013 Entry - Random and snake

For 2014 Entry and on:
Order Creation: ... ost8064781

E. When will Entry Draft take place?
- first 4 rounds will be before the NHL Entry Draft, 5th round will be after(always).