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1. Your players will have the same Cap hit and Length of contract as they do in the real NHL.

2. In off-season if a player gets a new contract in the NHL, you will have the right to accept it or drop that player from your team for free(must decide by start of season). Same goes for in-season extensions(decide in off-season).

3. If a player received a contract in-season (after the contract deadline), you will have 1 week to decide on whether to accept/reject that contract. See "Minor Eligibility" thread for more info!
Email commish with contracts you want to accept or decline.

4. If you do not accept or decline a new contract by start of season's contract deadline, that player will be dropped from your team.

5. When your player's contract ends you still own his rights!

6. League Minimum (Cap hit) - Fantrax wont allow any player to have a cap hit below $500,000. That means that newly drafted players for example will have a cap hit of $500,000. Note that players on your team who have had an NHL contract will retain their previous cap hit until you accept a new contract. Only exception is found under "Minor Eligibility" rules , part 2, A2.

7. Retained Salary - The new CBA allows for teams to retain part of the cap hit of a player they move in a trade. An example is Jussi Jokinen or Kris Versteeg. In such cases, that player"s cap hit will change to his new cap hit(minus retained cap) after the trade.