CLAIMS - Waivers + FA

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Waivers + FA Claims

1. Owners perform their own waiver claims and free agent claims.

2. Max number of claims per season = 20 (waivers + free agent claims)

3. Can only claim Drafted or Currently Signed(to nhl contract) players.
- claiming a player who is not eligible will result in that player being dropped from your team and you wasting 1 claim.(Commish)

4. Waiver Claims System
A. When will Waiver claims open? - about 1 Week BEFORE the start of the NHL/DOFHL regular season!

B. Priority based on? - Reverse of Final Standings of previous DOFHL regular season!

C. What happens when I claim a player? - When you claim a player , you will go to the end of the Priority List.

D. Players will remain on Waivers for exactly 2 days (48 hours).
D. Players who go to Waivers are:
- Dropped players
- Players added to pool by Fantrax
- Each season will begin with all players not on a Diehards team going through Waivers first

5. Free Agent Claim System
A. Free agents - those who pass through waivers and don't get claimed

B. Free Agents are available on a first come, first serve basis

6. Deadline for all claims - 3/3/2019

7. Off-season  - NO claims