Could have been Worse

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James: *Walks out of the seventh bar they've visited in just as many days* I'm tellin' ya, somebody has ta know somethin.

Price: If they do, they sure as f*ck won't tell us. But we've been mak'n enough noise so far. Somethings gotta give.

Stanis: It just did. *Walks up to them * Hello boys ~

Price: [/Looks up] ...Dunno who you ya buddy, but somethin' tells me you know the guy we're look'n fer- right?

Stanis: I may know a thing or two. He would like to meet you so that this chitchat will die down.

Price: [/Looks at James] What do you think Jamesy? Ya wanna meet Ethan?

James: What do ya think? I'd like ta run tha bastard through.

Price: ....Subtle. [/Looks back at Stanis] That's a yes.

Stanis: Very well then, follow me ~ *Turns around *

Price: [/Eyes James, and starts to follow Stanis from a distance]

James: *Does the same * This is a trap, but I can't think of another way.

Price: I said it was a crappy plan.

James: Got a better idea? *Snaps *

Stanis: *Smiles to himself *

Price: That was my idea! *snaps back*

James: Okay, this ain't tha time ta squabble, Price. We got ta focus on this.

Price: [/Nods] [/He has his gun on him] [/But if he takes out Stanis now, they'll never get to Ethan] You f*cking owe me man. [/Looks at the larger man] Where is Ethan anyways?

Stanis: Close

James: Yeah, yeah. *Has his knives and a few diversionary explosives *

Stanis: Ah yes, here we are ~ *At an old warehouse *

Price: [/Frowns] ...James, I swear to god, one day I'm burning down every warehouse on this damned island. [/Runs his hand through his hair- game time] Alright lets do this.

James: Not if I beat ya to it.

Stanis: *Knocks on door* It's me.

Ethan: They've arrived? Do let them in ~

Stanis: *Opens the door, steps aside * After you

Price: James. [/Flat tone][/He knows they're not here to talk][/But they were on Ethans turf] Why don't you come out, Ethan- lovely day an't it?

Ethan: Too cold, it's warm in here. Please come inside.

Price: [/Grimaces] I insist, Ethan. Last time I walked in a warehouse- it didn' end well. [/Chuckles]

Ethan: Why are you worried? I'm the one you're looking for. Aren't I the one in danger?

Price: Yes, but you're expecting us aren't you?

Ethan: That's beside the point. Please, come in if you want to do this easily.

Price: [/Takes out the gun , stepping back and points it at Stanis] I said come out, Ethan.

Stanis: Now now, no need for this. *Throws a liquid into James' face * Drop the weapon if you want him to live.

Price: What was that- gas? [/Does lower the weapon] James?

James: *Covers his now burning eyes, yells out * AAÀAGGHH *Falls over and begins to convulse *

Price: JAMES! [/Drops the gun and goes to his side] F*CK! The hell did you do!? [/Takes out the flask, hoping to use it to wash out whatever he splashed on him]

Stanis: Good. *Tosses a vial to Price * Give this to him. In his mouth, idiot.

Price: [/Glares at him, takes the vial and gives it to James, pours it into his mouth]

James: *Calms, but falls unconscious*

Price: James!? [/Smacks him once over the face] ...god damn you.

Stanis: If you cooperate, you'll be spared.

Price: Yeah.... sure thing. [/Discreetly pickpockets James before setting him back on the ground] [/Stands back up]

Ethan: Now, come inside.

Price: ....[/Finally does so]

Price: Just to let you know- this an't personal, Ethan. [/Sighs]

Ethan: For you maybe, but not your friend. What do you want?

Price: Honestly? *Sighs* I don't think that matters at this point. [/Walks casually, putting a distance from himself and the brothers] I wanted to leave things be, and now I just want to walk away from this- but something tells me yer not gonna let us off that easy eh?

Ethan: No, you've driven me into a corner with your chatter, not to mention you turned me in and drove me out of my business. You may even call me...upset.

Price: [/Rolls his eyes] I'm sure yer more than that, Ethan.

Ethan: Oh quite. There are a lot of things I would lie to do to you.

Stanis: *Walks up behind Price * Me as well. *Attempts to sick him with a needle*

Price: [/Expecting something like that] [/Slips the knife out his sleeve, courtesy of James, slashes at the hand holding the needle, backing up] Sorry, don't like shots. [/Sneers] [/Reaches into his pocket]

Stanis: *Drops the needle and cries out* You little shit. *Tackles Price*

Ethan: My, you're a feisty one ~

Price: [/Tackled down] F*CK- [/Tighter grip on the knife] [/Brings it down on Stanis, aiming for the ribs]

Stanis: *Cries out again, rolling off of Price* Shit! *Pulls the knife out and puts a hand to his ribs*

Ethan: *Holding a gun now, shoots near Price's head* Stop!

Price: [/Scrambles back up to his feet] The F*CK did you think was gonna happen, b*tch!? [Slams his foot down on Stanis, flinching at the shot] [/Glares at Ethan] Stop? Sorry, should'a let him drug me. [/Throws the thing he was holding in his other hand- a small bomb at Ethan]

Stanis: *Out *

Ethan: *Fires again before the bomb explodes * Ahhh! *The explosion burns his face* You came prepared ~

Price: [/Keeps moving, but the bullet whizzes past his head, clipping his ear] SH*T MOTHER OF F*CKING F*CK SH*T- [/Cries out obscenities, clasping his ear, of which is ringing loudly] [Quickly moves despite this, moving behind a weight bearing beam] [/Gritting his teeth] [/Okay if he wants to live, he needs to be smart] I swear to f*ck, why did he have to f*ck YOU of ALL PEOPLE?!

Ethan: *Smiles* You kiss your mother with that mouth? And he came to me because he needed my services. Blame him for your trouble since he couldn't keep his mouth shut. *One eye has been partially blinded, fires at the beam*

Price: [/Winces] [/If he stays, he dies] [/He remembers his gun, from the outside- he has only one last explosive, only being able to take what could fit in his hand] An' now he's rott'n where he belongs! [/Blood drips onto his shoulder] [/F*ck] [/He takes in a deep breath, and gets out from behind the beam, hurling the bomb at Ethan, making a mad dash for the door]

Ethan: *He steps away from the beam and in front of the bomb...bad idea* GAH *This one gets him right in the face, shrapnel cutting deep into his face* You will pay for this...both of you! *Empties the clip of his gun towards Price*

Price: [/The bullets are whizzing past him and all he could think was how much he was going to kick Jame’s a** for all this bullsh*t] [/He manages to get out the door to the outside, feeling a sharp pain in his shoulder- familiar. He knows what getting shot feels like and that was f*cking it] [/He snatches his gun up, kicking up a cloud of dirt in the process and points it at the entrance with his good arm]

Ethan: *Can hardly see anything through the blood and the dirt clouding his eyes, is running towards Price* You are dead Lamont Price...dead! *Inserts another clip into the pistol* It may not be today, but you are a dead man walking from now on. *Fires more stray bullets*

Price: [/Wordlessly he fires his own round at Ethan] [He empties the entire barrel, just for the drug dealer] [/The bullets kept missing him- not surprisingly] [/His face seemed f*cked up now because of him] [/The last two bullet grazed his arm and side]

Ethan: *He gets hit in the arms and legs, falling over, bleeding out on the ground* ...Dead. *Slips into unconsciousness*

Price: ...A**. [/Drops the empty gun and goes to James] [/Still out] Oi... [/Shakes him a bit] Wake up f*cker. [/Scowls] ...Yer gonna make me carry yer pansy a** back, an’t ya? [/He seems to be breathing] [Good] [/Pulls him up into a sitting position] C’mon you idiot... [/Smacks his face as a last ditch effort to wake him up] [/Starting to seem concerned again]

James: ….*Stirs a bit when he’s smacked* Errrmmm....*Opens an eye* Pricey? *Blinks a few times, trying to get his eyes to focus*

Price: [/Oh thank god] Good, I can kill you myself now. [/Seems p*ssed again, smelling of smoke and bleeding still from his ear]

James: *A small smile spreads over his lips* Went well, eh? *Laughs weakly*

Price: Just peachy a**hole. [/Snaps] They’re both dead now, no thanks to you- can you get up? [/Looks back] ...Ya got another bomb on ya?

James: No, jus’ tha two. *Tries to stand, but his legs are still too weak* Why, not so sure if they’re dead yet?

Price: I said I wanted to burn down the warehouse, didn’ I? [/Smirks] Another time then. [/Helps James up, holding up most of his weight] C’mon. Lets head back.

James: *Leans against Price* Yes, I feel like I could use a rest.
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