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Sinion Kabe
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Sinion Kabe
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August 1st, 2004, 12:41 am #1

Q. What is the history surrounding these forums?

A. When these forums were created by Sinion Kabe (30 Nov 2003) they were used as a HQ for an online gaming clan named 'Desert Rats'. Players of the 'Day of Defeat' community could visit the forums to apply for the clan, discuss tactics, post screenshots of good scores etc....
Several months had past before the Clan Leaders of the Desert Rats decided to call it a day and, therefore, the forums were closed and deleated.

Shortly before the board were removed from the internet, this topic was thought of. It seemed a shame to have deleated <dR> HQ, and so we decided to contact the owner of InvisionFree (Duffman) in order to restore the board. Proceeding the restoration of the board, all Desert Rats topics, posts and info was deleated and only general chat properties were left to stand.

Since then, the CC community has been growing and growing and we hope will continue to do so for a long time, yet.

Q. What is discussed or done at CC?

A. Everything and anything (as long as we all obide by the rules/guidelines.
We also offer a Cash System where fun activity can be found (like virtual cash bets can be placed)

Q. What are Moderators and what are their duties here at Charlie's Chill?

A. There are two types of 'moderator'.
  • Global Moderator
  • Moderator
A 'Global Moderator' is a member that has the ability to edit or deleat members topics/posts in any forum here. Their main duty is to insure that the contents of the board are within the rules/guidelines.

A 'Moderator' is a member that leads one particular forum and has the ability to move or pin/unpin topics/posts in their forum. They also have must insure that they post regulary in their forum and try their best to keep the topics rolling in.

For further infomation on other group descriptions, please see this topic.

Q. I would like to become a Staff Member here at CC. How can I apply for a position?

A. Please see this topic.

Q. What is the 'V.I.P' group?

A. Please see this topic.

Q. What is the 'Pests' group?

A. This topic which will explain all.

For infomation on other group descriptions, please see this topic.

Q. What are these dog images all about?

A. Please read this topic to find out about the Dog Ranking System.

Q. I have heared of account hacking going on at other InvisionFree forums. What is the best way to protect my account to ensure it is not hacked?

A. We urge all members to read this topic.

Q. What should I do if I feel that another member is harrassing or offending me?

A. PM either a Global Moderator or an Administrator and inform them of when the abuse took place and where. Gather as much reliable evidence as you can and the issue will be dealt with by staff.

Q. I have my own website/forums. Can I post a link to it on CC?

A. We do not have a section where you can advertise your website. However, you are welcome to advertise in your signature and profile.[/size]

Q. How is cash used?

A. This will explain all.

Q. I would like to become a CC affiliate. How can I achieve this?

A. Please see our Affiliate With CC topic for further infomation.

Q. What are the rules for CC?

A. Rules and their consequences in breaking them can be found here.

Q. I am having trouble logging into passworded forums. What is happening?

A. Please see this topic. If that is not the problem, then you must PM Sinion Kabe to get support.

Q. After I log in, every time I refresh the page I am automatically logged out. Why is this happening?

A. This topic may help. If it does not, please contact Sinion Kabe.

Q. I would like to help promote Charlie's Chill. How is the best way to do this?

A. According to our survey, most people find Charlie's Chill via signatures at other sites/boards. This topic supplies image codes that you can put in your signature at other places.

You can also apply to be an official CC Advertiser. Please contact Sinion Kabe for more details.

Q. I would like to request a name change? How can I go about doing this?

A. You can request for your name to be changed. For more infomation, please see this topic.

FAQ last updated on 17th August 2014

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