YOLANDE vs ENZA - Middleweights - 05/05/2018

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YOLANDE vs ENZA - Middleweights - 05/05/2018

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When International Glamboxing and  Elegance Promotions team up to present a boxing extravaganza they do it will class and style.  At this pre-fight weigh-in one of the major sponsors of the event, Versace Fashions add yet another dimension to the exciting sport of women's boxing with a display of their latest fashions for women.  Enza Marzilli and her opponent Yolande Leroux both dazzled the audience with dresses they selected from the Versace collection.  They both looked gorgeous.  Now they are wearing the boxing attire especially designed for tomorrow night's middleweight match-up.  After completing their official weigh-in as required for such events they will address the fans and media for a pre-fight interview to be moderated by the former glamboxer Livia Fabrizi the owner of "Elegance Promotions".

Take it away, Livia: 
 LIVIA FABRIZI:  Thank you.  Ladies and gentlemen I bid you wlecome to the official weigh-in for the International Glamboxing League middleweight 50/50 Real Women of Boxing Program.  The official weights for each of the female participants has been announced.  Enza "La Prof" Marzilli weighed 66.7 kg.      Yolande "Madame Boxeuse" Leroux weighed 66.5 kg.   Yolande lives in Montreal, Canada and is making her first appearance in Italy.  Ms. Leroux one of the senior participants in the IGL how are you feeling?

YOLANDE LEROUX:  I feel great.  It has been a fabulous experience for me to visit the remarkable City of Rome the capital of Italy.  I've found the Italian citizens so gracious and hospitable.  I'm very much impressed by the number of Italian ladies who have expressed an interest in my experience in glamour boxing.  It seems to have even more fans than my hometown of Montreal who are great supporters of the sport.  I hope they don't become hostile when I defeat the professor , Ms. Marzilli.  

LIVIA:  Enza what do you see as the outcome of this bout against your Canadian foe?

ENZA MARZILLI:  Obviously I need to take this mistaken damsel to school and teach her the reality of challenging a former Italian and European champion.  As a visitor to our country I will do it in the nicest way possible.  I hold no ill-will against yollande but she can't go on accepting this fallacy as truth.  This time I won't be accused of picking on someone much younger than myself.  

LIVIA :  Versace has designed some new boxing attire for the fight tomorrow.  I see you are modeling those new togs right now.  Does that mean you like them?

YOLANDE:   I sure do.  It isn't just these boxing costumes that they provided.  They also let us pick out and wear one of their beautiful dresses.  I modeled one one that I wore for the promotional poster and it was super.  This company has suitable dress styles for every size and taste.  It isn't easy to women to find clothing like that in today's market.

ENZA: I'll second that opinion.  I think the fans who come to the fight tomorrow night are going to be most pleased with the ring outfits they have made for each of us.  They get to see nifty fashion plus what I predict will be a fabulous boxing match.  I'm looking forward to facing off against Yolande.

LIVIA:  What do you think of my idea for the event title, 50/50 The Real Women of Boxing?

ENZA:  It is a terrific idea.  For too long the emphasis in women's sports as been focused on youthfulness.  Obviously women of all ages can participate in the IGL but I think tomorrow night the boxing audience will realize that 50-years of age doesn't mean you should sit home knitting or making treats for your grandchildren.  We are boxers who have prepared for our sport  with the same determination as a young 20-year old.  I think the maturity that comes with age is an advantage in the boxing ring.  We do it for empowerment and overall better health through the fitness required of boxers.  I'm doing stuff in my life that I never imagined I could do even in my 30's and 40's.  It is invigorating to just partake in the boxing training like running, rope jumping and sparring against another woman.  

YOLANDE: I have a bakery business in Montreal.  It wasn't until my niece introduced me to boxing that I ever realized just how much of life I was missing.  I feel fully alive, more adapt at running my business, staying attractive for my husband, meeting wonderful new friends like yourself.  Because of the IGL I've gotten the opportunity to travel abroad.  Something I've always dreamed about doing.  It is fun to compete in the IGL.  We aren't professional boxers, but we work hard to hone our boxing skills and provide a wholesome image of boxing.  It isn't the brutal sport that one might imagine.  It is a skill set that keeps you fit and vital.  

LIVIA:  It has been my pleasure to promote the sport of women's glamour boxing to a broad audience of spectators.  Getting to know and work with the two of you has been an awesome experience and I'm as excited about tomorrow night's fight as I used to be when I participated in the sport.  Good luck to each of you.  I'll be at ringside to enjoy the match and give my personal observations about what is happening in the ring.

ENZA:  Thank you for your hard work and interest Livia.  Good luck tomorrow night Yolande.  It should be a great boxing match.  

YOLANDE:  I'm sure it will be a most exciting rumble Enza. Thank you Livia for providing me this opportunity.  You have been a tremendous promoter so I hope to appear again in one of your presentations.   

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