MARINA vs MILENA - Middleweights - 21/07/2018 + Marina's Public Workout 01/07/2018

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The fight between Marina Notoli and Milena Conforti was scheduled for Saturday June 30th, but that day, rain forced the promoter to cancel the show and delay it to Saturday July 21st. The Article below features a public workout made by Marina Notoli the day after the cancellation of the bout, while if you scroll down the page you see the regular fight review



          On Saturday June the 30th the fighters were ready, the boxing patrons were ready but Mother Nature made the ultimate decision.  In the image above, you see what should have been a IGL Middleweight Championship in Pascara, Italy but a heavy rainstorm washed out that event.  Everyone was disappointed by the cancellation, but fighters and promoters for the International Glamboxing League are a determined crew.  They will just reschedule the attraction for July 21st hoping that the weather gods will smile on that occasion.
          Showing respect for her fans, Marina Notoli the present Italian champion agreed to perform in a public workout at the site where the fight was to be held.  So the following day, Sunday, July 1st a gathering of citizens and boxing fans showed up to enjoy a most entertaining boxing exhibition for free. The challenger Milena Comforti regretfully had other commitments that prohibited her remaining for the afternoon attraction.  She expressed her disappointment but strongly encouraged the boxing community to attend the rescheduled match up. 
          Sunday afternoon was clear and sunny as Ms. Notoli stepped into the ring before a small but enthusiastic audience.  Visitors to the Pescara Vintage Nights got to enjoy this added attraction to the community event.  Under the direction of her trainer Marina started with some light calisthenics to stretch and warm up for the drills to follow.  A spirited punching drill with her trainer escalated the excitement for the audience.  


         Graceful movement with rapid fire punches highlighted the pugilistic skills of this attractive glamour boxer from Udine.  The endurance and poise exhibited by the Italian champion was admirable.  This display by Marina drew applause from the ringsiders.  Many in attendance were probably already looking forward to the rescheduled championship showdown.  


         After more than an hour of exhausting exercise, the champ was toweled off by her trainer. 

         Before going to the dressing room to shower and change into her street clothes the amiable glamboxer stayed to meet  with the audience, sign autographs and pose with fans who wanted a picture with the champion.  


Marina exhibited the persona of a true champion who proudly represented her country.  Italian boxing fans were eagerly anticipating the rescheduled showdown on July 21st. between these two competitive boxers.  It was going to be hard waiting for the rematch that Mother Nature won on this occasion.    

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Hello Glamboxing fans, please note that the following review was written by Griffy who is on holiday at the moment
so my job is just to post the article but all the credits goes to him!


MARINA “La Picchiatrice Scalza” NOTOLI (Champion)
MILENA “Lady Rocky” CONFORTI (Challenger)


The time is now. The featured match for tonight’s event is about to go down. The Pescara boxing fans welcomed
the fighters for this title match with equal exuberance. They don’t seem to have an established favorite but anticipate
a classic boxer-puncher rumble between the present champion - Marina Notoli from Udine, the boxer facing the hefty
punching challenger - Milena Conforti, the slugger. Ms. Notoli is making the first defense of the championship which
she won in exciting fashion from Rosy D’Onofrio just three-months previously. She vowed to be a “fighting champion”
so this initial clash backs up that promise.
Since the fight takes place during a fair called “Pescara Vintage” featuring old style dresses, cars, music and dances,
the two fighters are wearing glamboxing skirts based on Italian boxing sponsors and colors used in the Seventies.
Marina and Milena are also using the historic “Vis” gloves, a well known boxing brand in Italy during the Eighties.
and now no more active.

After the traditional opening ceremonies which included the inspirational national anthem the referee brought
the combatants to center-ring where these two attractive glamboxers glared menacingly at her rival.
National pride is on the line for these two comely competitors. Their singular goal is victory.

The bell for round one was still resonating when the first punches streak outward toward their targeted enemy.
No feeling out was called for by either participant. The champion was the first to connect with a stinging left jab
to the nose of her fish market challenger. “Lady Rocky“ responded with a sweeping left hook that missed the cheek
of the retreating antagonist by a hair width. Circling one another each boxer fired off mixed flurries that were either
blocked or dodged. Lunging quickly forward with fists pumping, the challenger volleyed short-armed lefts and rights
at the well-tone torso of her prey. Although several of the bombardment made contact with the champ’s midriff,
she displayed no visual reaction and instinctively wrapped her attacker in a restrictive clinch.

The referee did his duty separating the grappling fighters to resume the battle. Both “La Picchiatrice Scalza” and
“Lady Rocky” carried out their prefight strategy: Marina sought to establish control of the tempo and distance for
the exchanges using her whip-like left jabs. Milena bore forward aggressively intent on getting up close and personal
within the private space of the champ. Neither glamboxer was able to establish her dominance throughout the
90-second session. Resting in their respective corner, they looked sweaty but unmarked as they listened attentively
to their trainers.

Round two got off to a quick and eventful start. “Lady Rocky” dashed from her corner on the attack. As she fired off
a wild right cross she ran straight into a stiff left jab that landed high on her forehead. Although it did not appear
that powerful she was spun off-balance and toppled awkwardly down on her hands and knees. The referee rightly
declared it a knockdown and started the count after directing Marina to a neutral corner. Red faced with embarrassment
the challenger arose quickly protesting what she felt was an injustice. But the decision was made.
After an eight-count the scrap was renewed. Over-eager to punish her foe, Milena made some ill-advised
offensive attempts which allowed her opponent to score effective counters.

So the round went, from bad to worse for the frustrated fish merchant.
Scoring a decisive two-point advantage on the scorecards was certainly most satisfying for the reigning champion.

After the minute break, the bell signaled the continuation of this crowd-pleasing melee. Once again, Ms. Notoli
used her effective jabs and graceful mobility to establish the pace of action and range of exchanges.
Ms. Conforti was forced into the role of a pursuer peppered with repeated quick jabs and assorted competition.
Her face was ablaze from the leather massage and her personal frustration with this game of cat & mouse
that clearly favored the champ.

During the break between rounds three and four, the corner team of Milena appeared to be actively attempting
to calm and rejuvenate their anxious charge. Conversely, the opposition team desired the continuation of the status quo.
Marina was fighting her plan with commendable success. Starting round four, both women boxers got right back into
their confrontation with testing jabs. “Lady Rocky” introduced an unsuspectedly effective left jab to her offense.
It appeared to surprise the champion who started to miss with her own leads. There was more movement now by
the Udine maiden as she tried to evade the incoming sticks from the challenger. No serious danger was experienced
by either battler during the round, but the shift of momentum positively favored the challenger. Working off her jabs,
Milena closed the distance between she and her enemy. Now she could employ her hooks and uppercuts to score
to both the body and face of her adversary.

It was a decisive scoring session for Milena, but she needed more of the same if she was to claim the decision.
That second round knockdown grew in importance as the fighters prepared for the final three-round of this match.

Round five started with a cautious attack by the champion who was trying to use her jab and regain control of the battle.
Her leads though connecting did not appear to have the sting displayed earlier in the fight. Soon “Lady Rocky” was
simply walking through these pesky strikes to score with hurtful power shots to the stomach and obliques of Marina.
The connection rate between the fighters was probably close but the more powerful strikes from Milena swung
the round in her favor I felt.

Although my opinion counts for nothing, at the end of this round Marina was still 1 point ahead in my scorecard (48-47)
but the judges would pick the scoring winner. At the bell both ladies looked determined as they were welcomed into
their respective corner for the minute rest.

Entering the sixth stanza neither fighter could be overly confident of their lead in this next to last period.
Marina initiated the opening flurry with fast jabs and heavy crossing shots aimed at the head of her rival.
“Lady Rocky” seemed willing to absorb two shots from the champ in order to connect with one harder bomb
to the enemies belly.

Although that strategy could have lost her the session, its effectiveness was obvious near round's end when
she bludgeoned the trapped titlist in a neutral corner with a six-punch assault that doubled her prey over
from the painful punishment. "La Picchiatrice Scalza" looked exhausted as she trudged back to her corner stool
for the last break of the fight. Her corner crew worked feverishly to invigorate the boxer from Udine for the final
round of this match. Both women knew that winning this last stanza was critical to insure a victory, in fact when
the bell rang the begin of round 7 my personal scorecard was showing a even bout (57-57).

After the traditional glove tap to begin the seventh both lady warriors went toe-to-toe in a desperate punch-out
at close range. Neither beauty held back in this shootout. After missing with a vicious right cross, the challenger
left herself exposed to a cat-quick combination from the champion; a left jab to the nose followed by a right cross
on the temple. That unblocked double whammy left the fish monger out of position while retreating in an attempt
to regain her balance. So the tide of this final session was positively established in the champion's favor. Milena
charged forward eagerly seeking to engage her rival in a toe-to-toe slug fest. That was definitely not acceptable
for the titlist from Udine. While ducking and dodging the hefty artillery of her attacker, “La Picchiatrice Scalza”
repeated pumped that scoring left jab into the exposed face of her antagonist.

Filled with frustration “Lady Rocky” paused motioning for her evasive foe to come forward and brawl.
So the 90-seconds of battle ended on a most successful note for the champion who bounded back to her corner
at the sound of the bell with her gloved fists pumping skyward in the display of victory and saluting the crowd.

Ms. Conforti walked doggedly over to the champions corner, shaking her head in unbelief. After all her planning
and hard work, the disappointment for the challenger was vividly displayed in her body language.
She was certain that the outcome of this match would not favor her.
While the glamboxers hugged one another before going to their corner to have a moment of rest and drink
some water, the crowd buzzed with anticipation of the forthcoming decision. It didn't take long for the announcer
to proclaim the unanimous result of this set to:

<<Ladies and Gentlemen the judges are all in agreement.
The winner by unanimous decision and still the IGL Italian Middleweight Champion:

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Griffy, who wrote this interview, is still on holiday so I'm posting it like the review above!


Before returning to their dressing rooms Marina Notoli and Milena Conforti stopped in a small open area made
of chairs to answer questions from the press and fans about the championship battle they had just concluded.
It was a personalized recall of the experience which we felt the glamboxing fans would enjoy.

<<Congratulation to you both for a most entertaining and hard fought boxing competition. We appreciate this opportunity
to get your immediate impressions of the match. Ms. Notoli, was the fight as hard as you anticipated?
Marina: Yes, Milena was a most competitive and competent challenger. There was no time in the match when I felt secure
about the outcome. When I was in the dressing room before the fight, I took a selfie and posted on my Instagram page
telling fans that I was ready to defend the title, but bringing home the belt was very hard

While she’s dressing for the fight, Marina takes a selfie for her Instagram page.

Here is Marina’s Instagram post.

<<Ms. Conforti what do you think determined the outcome and your loss of this challenge?>>
Milena: My mental preparation for this match was badly affected by the rescheduling of the bout because of the severe
rain storm on the original fight date. I just did not feel into this bout  with the same focus as I had on the previous date.

<<Marina, what did you do best in your outing tonight?>>
Marina: I established my jab right from the start of round one, just as we had planned to do. When you can capitalize with
leading punches that connect the tempo and control of the action is yours. I felt more confident as the fight progressed that
I had my rival doing exactly what I wanted her to do.

<<“Lady Rocky”, was there a point in this bout when you felt you were in the driver's seat?>>
Milena: In the fourth round I felt my leading jabs were swinging the tide of the battle in my favor after the poor start
and knockdown in round two. I didn't feel that the "so-called" knockdown was legitimate. I simply lost my footing
and slipped. I wasn't hit with any punch to cause that incident.

<<”Picchiatrice Scalza”, what did you think of that knockdown in the second round?>>
Marina: I hit her with a combination and she fell to the canvas. In my opinion it was a legitimate knockdown.
I wasn't expecting to get a knockout, but when you touch the canvas you have been knocked down so you usually
lose the round on the score cards of the judges. I don't think that one knockdown determined my final victory.
I fought and won more rounds than my opponent. The scoring was unanimous by all the judges.

<<Ms. Conforti, do you feel you deserve an immediate rematch, if so why?>>
Milena: No, I don't believe, it would be fair to other potential challengers for me to get an immediate rematch.
I had my shot, the judges said I lost - I can live with that. I'll go back into training and fight my way back into
contention for another championship challenge.

<<Marina, who would you like to fight next?
Marina:  As I said when I won this belt, I want to be a fighting champ. I feel that I can defeat any of the contenders
that are picked to challenge for my title. Bring them on!

Marina jokes and talkes with her trainer while he’s taping her hands.

<<Let's end this interview with a closing remark from both of you. Champ, you go first.>>
Marina: It sure sounds good to be called the Champ. I'm proud to represent my country as the Middleweight Champion
and I'm going to get right back in training working to make me even better in every future appearance.
I'm on a win-streak that I will work hard to sustain.

Milena: In every fight I learn something new to improve as a glamboxer. I'm more determined than ever to become
a champion. I thank the IGL officials and Marina for giving me this opportunity. I'm going to improve and achieve
my boxing dream to become a champion. “Lady Rocky” never quits.

<<Thank you both for giving this interview for your fans to enjoy. Good luck to you in the future.>>

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