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The following report from the Montreal Sports Reporter was conducted over the telephone on the final day of training for their forthcoming fight on 21 October at the Palais Des Sports arena in Montreal.

KEISHA “KO’ OWENS - Mahoney Fitness Center:

Reporter: Hi, Keisha. Thank you for taking this time to let your fans know about your upcoming battle with Marina Notoli. How are you feeling?

Keisha: Hello Jacki. The training has gone very well. I’ve gotten great sparring, plenty of cardio, weight and endurance training so I feel ready to go. I’m excited.

Reporter: What do you know about your opponent Marina who resides in Italy?

Keisha: I’ve seen videos of several of her fights. She always comes in top physical condition. Although she has had fewer fights than me, she has fought against top contenders and always goes the distance. She is European trained, so her style will be different from my previous opponents. She should provide me with tough competition and unique ring experience.

Reporter: Do you expect this fight to go the full seven rounds?

Keisha: Yes I do. I don’t see her as a big knockout puncher. Her normal style is to outbox her opponent. Because of my greater ring experience I’m confident that I can outbox her and win by decision. If given the opening, I could knock her out, but I never go into a fight looking for a knockout. I’m taller than Ms. Notoli with a longer reach which is a significant physical advantage in any outing.

Reporter: You loss you last fight at this same venue in Montreal against Yolande LeRoux does that cause you any concern?

Keisha: No it doesn’t matter to me. This is against a different rival. Yolande was a home town fighter who is vastly popular and well known. She had that fan support advantage but Marina is not from Canada while I am. The fans have seen me fight. They know that I come to present Canada with the victory. That should make me the fan favorite in this matchup.

Reporter: Have you ever met Marina?

Keisha: No I will meet her for the first time at the weigh in the day before the fight. I look forward to meeting her. Although I will be looking to beat her Saturday night, there is nothing personal about my purpose. I’m there to win and entertain the fans.

Reporter; Thank you for this interview. Good luck at the fight.

Keisha: It is my pleasure. I hope the arena will be packed giving all my fans the chance to see me score the victory.


Reporter: Hello Marina, thank you for agreeing to this interview. How come you are in New York City instead of Montreal?

Marina: Hello Jacki. I’m happy to speak to you about this forthcoming match against Keisha Owens. My manager/trainer made arrangements to train at the world famous Gleason gym. It is a unique opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’ve met some top women boxers not just from New York but from around the world. It was ideal for fine-tuning my preparations for the fight while exposing me to some great boxing talent. I’m fit and ready.

Reporter: When will you travel to Montreal?

Marina: We’ll be going there tomorrow. That will give me a couple days to reacclimatize and do the publicity/weigh in scheduled by the promoters. That is always exciting. I’ll get to visit another country, Canada where I understand many people speak French. It isn’t the French I’m familiar with from the continent. I hold will hold one or possibly two workouts in Montreal that will be open to the public. It will keep me fight ready also.

Reporter: What do you know about “KO” Owens your opponent?

Marina: I’ve watched a video of her fight against the American Middleweight Champion Clarissa Jackson. It was a very exciting fight. Ms. Owens fought gallantly, but the champion was just too much for her on that night. Keisha has a style different from the boxers in Europe, but I have learned much about the “American Style” that should give me an edge over her. She will be a tough competitor I am certain, but I’m confident that I can defeat her.

Reporter: You won your last match against Lenora Stafford out in California. How did that fight prepare you for Saturday’s matchup?

Marina: As I mentioned fighting the “American Style” exposed me to the techniques I am likely to face with Keisha. I’m a stylist in the ring. When I face off with any opponent, I quickly evaluate their skills and devise a countering offensive that will allow me to defeat them. Lenora showcased my adaptability in the ring. “KO” will find me hard to hit while I expose her deficiencies to achieve the victory.

Reporter: Keisha has displayed knockout power with one victory by knockout. In your shorter career you have never recorded a knockout. Does that concern you?

Marina: For any foe to knock me out, they must land with sufficient power to render me unconscious. No fighter has managed to do that. I don’t believe Keisha will accomplish that either. I’d like her to come out swinging hard to knock me out. That would leave her more vulnerable to my counter punches. I might just turn the tables and knock her out instead.
Reporter: Thank you very much for these candid remarks. I look forward to the coming fray. It should be most entertaining. Good luck to you.

Marina: Thank you. I believe the Canadian fans will enjoy our fight. I’m looking forward to showing them my boxing skills.

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