PAMELA vs MALLORY - Featherweights - 10/2/2018

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PAMELA vs MALLORY - Featherweights - 10/2/2018

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Pamela VS Mallory

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Ami Misuno and Alexa Weiss went to see their training, and observe their project.
They found  out, Mallory has a smaller training schedule, as Alexa interview her coach Taliah
Alexa: What’s up with Mallory training?
Taliah: well, Mallory also have a side project, which she requested not to compromise it,
Alexa: what project?
Taliyah: Magazine  modeling, in bodyG magazine, since she has one of the great bodies in IGL, also being a champion
Alexa: will this compromise her  match? Against Pamela Thomson?
Taliyah: I hope not.. I facilitate  her sparring, I saw she got bit sloppy.
In the other hand
Ami went to Pamela’s training, and interview her
Ami: How are you Pamela?
Pamela: I’m fine..
Ami: So you’re ready against Mallory
Pamela: yeah.. I saw much of her videos, matches, and learn her weakspots,

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Round 1

(Ding Ding)

Mallory and Pamela are on the middle, as Mallory jabs Pamela, as what her usual tactics, but Pamela quickly dive in, and fires a right hook onto Mallory's left cheek,

instantly rocked Mallory, as Pamela charges towards to Mallory, connecting it with 3 left and right jabs, Pamela kept the pressure as she charges fires left and right jab, now Mallory just evade the punch, but she got trap on the rope, Pamela charges towards Mallory, as she jabs and hook Mallory, but non connected, as Mallory quickly evade it, now Mallory is on the middle of the ring, Mallory trying to get the reach as she fires small left left jab, but Pamela dodge and dives in towards to Mallory, as fire a short left upper cut onto Mallory's right oblique, Mallory felt it, as Pamela continue the pressure, firing short jabs onto Mallory's left and right oblique, as Mallory drop her guard, Pamela fired a powerful right hook, rocked Mallory, as she almost got off balance and her left arm lean on the rope as the bell rang... DING DING DING

(Mallory's corner)

Taliyah: are you okay? Happen?

Mallory: I..... I... don't know..

Taliyah: change of plan now Mallory.

Round 2

Mallory and Pamela are on the middle of the ring, Mallory surprise Pamela, as she dive in and and fires a right uppercut onto Pamela's chin,

Mallory took control, as she now fires jabs on left and right, to Pamela's face, as Pamela is covering her face, trapped on the corner. Mallory took revenge as she rapidly pound Pamela's midsection, as Pamela clinch. The referee break them, Mallory and Pamela now in the middle, Pamela charges towards to Mallory, as she fires left jab, to Mallory, but Mallory ducked and counter it with another uppercut onto Pamela's chin, as Pamela got rock, as Mallory charges towards to Pamela, as she fires left and right jab, as Pamela have no answer on it, as trhe bell rang to end the round

(Mallory's corner)

Taliyah: good job, but keep up, and be careful

Round 3

both Mallory and Pamela rush onto the middle of the ring, Mallory fires four left jabs, but non connects, Pamela fires a left jab, as Mallory blocked, but it was a fake, as Pamela fires a low puppercut onto Mallory's midsection, as Mallory rocked,

Mallory: ohhhhhh”

Mallory quickly cover her midsection, as Pamela rush Mallory with series of left and right jab onto Mallory's chin, until Mallory got trap on the ropes

Mallory bearhug clinch Pamela, as the referee break them. As Mallory and Pamela are in the middle of the ring, Pamela again charges towards to Mallory, but Mallory anticipate it, as she fired a haymaker onto Pamela's left eye,

Pamela: ahhh

as Mallory continue the pressure, landing left's and right onto Pamela, as the bell rang.DING DNG DING

(Mallory's corner)

Taliyah: how are you?

Mallory: (remain silent)

Taliyah: just don't take hard hit okay.

Round 4

Pamela and Mallory are on the middle of the ring, Mallory kept her momentum as she jabs Pamela's targeting the left eye of Pamela, as Pamela covers her face, Mallory dives in and executed an uppercut onto Pamela's chin.

as Pamela backs onto the ropes, Mallory fires furies left uppercut onto Pamela's right oblique, as Pamela covers her left oblique, Mallory saw an openning as she launch a powerful right jab onto Pamela's nose, as Pamela tried to clinch Mallory, Mallory fired a right cross onto Pamela's left cheek, as Pamela spins towards the her right, as the bell rang.

(Mallory's corner)

Taliyah: good job Mallory keep it up

Mallory: dont worry I got her

Round 5
Mallory and Pamela are on the middle of the ring, Mallory dives in and fires left and right cross, but Pamela counters it with a punch to Mallory's right oblique,

Mallory: aggghhh!

Pamela pounded Mallory's right oblique hard, as Mallory slight backs and cover her midsection, Pamela fires a powerful left jab onto Mallory's right eye,

as Pamela go all in, connected it with an uppercut onto Mallory's chin, as Mallory backs on the corner rope, Pamela fired heavy hard left and right onto Mallory's midsection, as Mallory lean clinch, as Pamela slight shove Mallory off, as Mallory bounces off the rope, as Pamela threw a left jab onto Mallory's right eye, as the bell rang, with Mallory, leaning on the rope, as she heard the bell rang she used her right arm and hold the rope, as Pamela raise her right hand and headed back to her corner, as Mallory slowly headed back to her corner

(Mallory's corner)

Taliyah: calm down Mallory,

Mallory: she caught me off guard.

Taliyah: just stick our game plan..

Mallory: I'm gonna rush her

Taliyah: no no

Round 6

Pamela and Mallory are on the middle, both showing their battle bruise, Pamela fires right jab, targeting Mallory's eye, but Mallory covers up, and gave her a surprise counter uppercut onto Pamela's chin, rock Pamela, as Mallory charges in as she throws jabs onto Pamela's chin

Pamela cover her face, but Mallory can spot the small openning, as Mallory continue to pummel Pamela, as Pamela clinch Mallory, as the referee break them, Mallory kept the pressure, targeting the eyes and nose, as Pamela was complete defenseless, again got trap on the turnbuckle, Mallory kept pounding Pamela, as the bell rang, Pamela's nose was bleeding,

(Mallory's corner)

Taliyah: what the hell Mallory,

Mallory: I told ya I have this..

Taliyah: that is so risky..

Round 7

Pamela and Mallory, as Pamela fires a slow and weak jab, as Mallory noticed Pamela is hurt, Mallory again dive in and throws a powerful uppercut onto Pamela's chin, as Pamela got rock, , the crowd can see Pamela's knee shivers as she back onto the ropes, as Mallory fires a right hook onto Pamela's chin,

then a rapid left straight towards to Pamela's nose, as Pamela dive for the clinch, Mallory fires a powerful uppercut sends Pamela back towards the rope, as Mallory continue to fie left and right hook, as Pamela quickly bearhug clinch Mallory, as the referee tried to break the hold
then Pamela released Mallory, but she remain on the rope, Mallory just back and jab Pamela, as Pamela tried to evade Mallory, as the bell rang


announcer: Winner of the match as the result by Unanimous decision.. “The Star” Mallory Price

as Mallory pose herself on the middle of the ring wearing the belt,


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(Wrestling analyst)

Alexa Weiss, Lissandra Iceborn and Liza Mozzon,

Alexa: hello and welcome everybody, to our post match analyst, with me Lissandra Iceborn and Lisa Mozzon, how did you find the match, is it great or what

Lissandra: for me not good, I do see Mallory's fight is sloppy, I say

Lisa: well if you heard for the last, she's not training often, before her match

Lissanda: a title match, what the hell, is she taking the title defense for granted, or what

Alexa: as you know, she is focusing on her magazine shoot soon,

Lissandra: is she underestimating Pamela,

Alexa: I dont think so

Lissandra: she almost loss that belt, I say, her fight style tonight is really sloppy

Lisa: I agree there, but her physique is great,

Alexa: how you guys handle if you have a title match and preparing for a shoot?

Lissandra: well title match first, sometimes I do deny the shoot, title match is far more greater

Lisa: I agree with Lissandra on this.

Alexa: so what happen to Pamela, she got the advantage some of the round

Lissandra: yes, she got advantage, she hit Mallory hard, but Mallory retaliated with powerful jabs which hurt Pamela more, on the last round, it's all Mallory, Pamela gave up there..

Lisa: key winning point on Pamela, knocking Mallory on round 5, she almost did it, Mallory is hurt there,

Lissandra: I agree

Alexa: who do you think Mallory will face next? Any suggestion?

Lissandra: I really want to see her against Price VS Kawakita 3, can Mallory defend it, thus proving her a improve champion, since in the past Yumiko won all 2 matches against Mallory.

Lisa: Katrin Wagner, she got 5 consecutive wins, and two title defend,

Alexa: that's the time we have thank you for watching

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