CLARENCE vs KESHIA - Middleweights - 09/06/2018

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Clarence Dumont is back! 18 months to the day between her last two fights was way too long a wait for me, to see a fighter whose collage of highlights is as exciting and dramatic as they come.

This redhead has been a darling of many crowds. Her fine skills and proactive fighting style is thrilling to watch, but it’s her incredible poise in the face of adversities which truly moved the spectators. She may not have been the outright better fighter in any of her bouts, but she has what it takes to win. So as the months go by I grew increasingly worried that this glamboxing star in her prime may decide to retire. Imagine the delight when I saw the June 10th fight announced, fittingly out of IGL’s own hiatus. After that intense, well-balanced fight at the beautiful Chateau de Caen, I stumbled upon an interview on her posted on the website of Phenix Fitness Feminin, her home boxing gym in Bordeaux. Here is the translation into English, one which I had to jump through hoops to obtain :D .

Hem, dear Ms. Dumont…

Let’s go back to Clarence, Charlie.

Oui, couldn’t agree more. How are you feeling my dear? You haven’t had a fight in a long time, the ladies were all amazed watching you fighting all the way till the end with Keshia, who is as ripped as they come!

Has it been a long time? I guess so. Doesn’t feel like it though. I’m feeling OK.


I’m lying, I’m feeling awful. Keshia CAN fight! You don’t want to get touched by her.

Trust me, I could tell when I gave you that massage yesterday.

How do you imagine I felt when you pressed on the sore spots? (grins)

It wasn‘t for nothing though. Talk me through the fight--I mean, again, for the record.

Well to be honest it would be worth extra pain just to fight at Chateau de Caen! It was still spring time in Caen, the air smelled of the wild blossoms, the sunshine was vigorous but kind, and the overgrowth at the bottom of the walls calmed me with their indifference, while flooding me with memories of the fight with Enza Marzilli 3 years ago.

One of the best!

No doubt, and she is the finest of them all. Keshia was every swing as worthy though. From beginning till the end I was forced to confront the dreadful feeling of her heavy fists flying a hair from my face.

But I set the tone right from the start. Thanks to the last year and half, I was totally at ease being around a dangerous (air quote) beast--I say that with nothing but adoration of course, she is a beast at fighting! But I think she knew right away that if she didn’t hurt me, I was going to make her pay for it every time.

But she got you rough in those middle rounds, didn’t she? It really looked to us that she laid some serious hurting on you.

Yes, it certainly looked that way, and had my posture not been as relaxed as it was, I might have been struggling to prop myself up from the canvas by the 4th round. It’s impossible to entirely avoid being hit in a boxing match, but against Keshia it’s almost like you have to somehow manage that, or risk getting destroyed. Every one of her punches is heavy enough to knock out a girl. I have no idea how she hasn’t won more fights, or even scored more KO’s.

So how were you coping with her?

I knew I was in great shape, and I knew she was high-octane, so I figured I could dance with her and make her defeat herself. She wanted to overwhelm me with her power, but she didn’t have an unlimited supply of it, and all I had to do was wait till she threw away her balance with a series of ineffectual combos and then pluck away.

With a steady diet of point deprivation she grew increasingly desperate, which led her down the sloppy path.  A few times she even completely screwed up basic footwork, and she looked confused by whatever bizarre “punches” she was throwing. I have to say, while the fight was physically grueling, moments like these were exceptionally “easy” for me to exploit. 

But again, make no mistake, she was one of the toughest competitors I ever faced, by the sheer threat of her knockout punch.

But you pulled through, and won a trophy to decorate our cabinet!

Yes, it was a little souvenir courtesy of the local promoters. It might have been the first time a glamboxing fight in Caen hadn’t crowned a champion, so I suppose the hosts couldn’t just dismiss everyone without something to remember the occasion by. I loved posing for pictures on the lawn though, bare feet on the earth reminded of my adventures.

We are very very proud. But let‘s not let go the mention of your adventures. You have alluded to your personal growth earlier, I wonder if this growth has anything to do with your adventures, and what adventures have you been?

Well… (pauses with cryptic smile) I pretty much spent the entire 2017 living in sub-Saharan Africa with my boyfriend! He’s a conservationist. We spent most of the time in Serengeti. I was out there with him in expeditions, filming sessions and caring for wounded animals in captivity. 

Wow! I’m speechless! Not that I’ve known this already (winking). Truly truly, it’s not every day for even the most adventurous people to spend such a lengthy time leading such an opposite and wondrous life! Tell us, albeit briefly, how this experience influenced you.

Harmony! It is the most profoundly liberating experience to live in harmony with nature. Every little act was directly compelled by the surroundings, and our actions impact our reality immediately. I learned to set up my own camping site, the timing and spacing to avoid interfering with animal migrations, while keeping ourselves safe. The modern Western life is an thoroughly artificial existence. People are thrusted into positions and responsibilities, most of them live entire lives without seeing the impact of their actions. Living in Serengeti was the exact opposite. Emotions and sensations which I only read or heard about were REAL for the first time. I learned veneration for nature, and a sobering understanding of we human beings’ relationship with it. I learned to talk less, observe more, and ultimately, relax! Calm down, feel the gentle yet robust rhythm in every breath. We were once creatures of nature, only in the most serene moments can we clearly hear the primal vitality in us, and harness it to live in harmony with our surroundings.

Amazing! Clarance, you are one of the most brilliant boxing girl this gym has ever seen! Whatever is next for you, I’m sure you will enjoy with ease!

Thank you! I really enjoyed this interview for sure!

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