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Wow, I really would like to see the TV special about Kathy Sullivan, anyway Ramsey's article is full of interesting details.... so Thank You!

I didn't see her fighting, yet but I already love Ms. Kathy!


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Heather Revels of South Carolina recently lost an extremely close match with Mallory Price, relinquishing her IGL World Featherweight Championship in the process. Ms. Revels was uncharacteristically quiet in the lead up to the match – not taking interviews nor communicating with Ms. Price, who is a friend. Finally, a few days removed from the match, Heather has finally decided to speak about the match and her silence. We met Heather a local hotel in Malibu – she had elected to stay an extra week in California after the fight for a brief vacation. We found her relaxing in the warm sun on the beach looking absolutely stunning in her swimwear.

So, how are you feeling after the fight?
Heather: A lot of things, to be honest. Obviously I'm disappointed that I lost, but I'm also very proud of Mallory's performance in the ring. That girl bounced back from a nasty KO loss to Yumiko and really turned things around. She refined her fight game to near perfection... not quite perfect, as the scorecards proved. Our match could've gone either way and that's what's great about combat sports.

Why do you think Mallory won the fight?
Heather: She came in with a good game plan. Everyone knows I'm a boxer-puncher, so Mallory used those dancer feet of hers to nimbly work me from every angle. I ain't gonna say her punches hurt, but she was landing them clean, precise, and that racked her up points at a pace that, I'm not too proud to admit, I couldn't keep up with. I rocked her good several times and when the fight got close, I dominated, but it came down to trying to catch up with a much quicker fighter and that sapped me real quick.

Will you re-evaluate your training and boxing strategies moving past this loss?
Heather: Yeah, I definitely will... although the loss is only part of the reason.

For several weeks leading up to the fight, you were practically unreachable...
Heather: And that was by design.

Are you ready to talk about why?
Heather: Well... yeah, it's time. When I fought Yumiko earlier this year and won the World Title, something happened that has never happened to me before... I missed weight. I was over the Featherweight limit. I managed to make weight – after stripping naked I might add – and went on to clobber Yumiko and become World Featherweight Champion. Then, I went back to training and getting ready for my next fight. When President Denav's people told me that I'd be facing Mallory, I started my fight camp with my trainers... and that's when trouble started. When I weighed in at the start of camp, I was 131lbs. That's... 59 kilos. That's well into the Lightweight range. I had a month and a half to get back below 128lbs. So, we upped my cardio and conditioning and kept a strict eye on my weight. After three weeks... I was at 130lbs! I was really starting to stress out. We were two weeks out from the fight, and I still wasn't close to the right weight!

What did you do?
Heather: In the final stretch, I took some very very risky options. I cut my liquid intake to almost nothing. I worked out in a sauna suit and took a steam after every training session. The day before the weigh-in, I was at 128 pounds, still a half pound shy of the goal. The day I got on the scale, I had not eaten anything all day and just barely made weight at 127.4lbs.

That all sounds... very dangerous.
Heather: No kidding! And please, put this on the record, to any other glamboxer or boxer out there... don't do what I did! I went to ludicrous extremes to cut weight. There were days I was dizzy and nauseous and sick because of this... it sucked!

Did you seek medical advice or treatment?
Heather: About a week before the fight, I had a physical with my doctor. I wanted to make sure something wasn't up. All my labs and x-rays came back fine. My blood pressure and cholesterol were healthy. I flat out asked my doctor, "Then why the hell am I having so much trouble with my weight?" She simply replied, "You're turning 30." It's as simple as that. I'm getting older and my body is changing with my age.

What does this mean for you and glamboxing?
Heather: Well, fighters have retired at younger ages than I am...

You're announcing your retirement?
Heather: Hell no! Beautiful thing about glamboxing is that the prime of a fighter's life isn't judged by how old they are! I am going to keep putting on those boxing gloves and those panty hose until some gal knocks my dentures out with a right hook!

So what's the next step?
Heather: Next step is simple... I become the first glamboxer to win World Championships at two different weight classes. I have decided to move up to the Lightweights!

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it's already a month, since Nadia against Gisella in which the result Nadia won and she is the new italian feather weight champion, but Gisella don't take it lightly, as she constantly post on her twitter

our reporter Ami Mizuno asked Livia Fabrizi regarding this situation, as Livia responded “Gisella, personally approach to Livia asking to promote the rematch, she wanted too, but need to wait,”

our reporter Orianna went to Italy and get a interview with Nadia,

“I'm okay with the rematch against Gisella:
  • Nadia

“in Twitter Gisella kept bashing you, is that true?” Orianna

“Yes, I'm new to featherweight, but I never encounter such unsportmanship, but sure I can take her rematch”