A poor girl entering in big stage of female boxing


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Nilesh was in dilema.

He had two fighters,one upcoming youngster Shruti,who was looking ominous in her fights,winning convincingly all of them,but she was still at her young age.

The other one Anushka,experienced but young,winning her previous couple of fights but not convincingly,and was at one time the best boxer in the gym.

Now the question was who will get a chance vs Priya Agarwal, who is nick named as 'The Canon'.

Nilesh thought and thought but he could not decide.If Anushka had to be given a chance then Shruti will be felt hard done.And if he gives chance to Shruti it will be injustice to Anushka.

At last he thought for a plan.Why not fix a match of 6 rounds, a small match between them and pick the best fighter of the gym and send her to fight vs Priya.It would be good and no one can complain about this.

As he thought he quickly summoned both the girls to his office.

He said :- You know, We are arranging a fight vs Zonal Champion Priya Agarwal in one and half months time.

Anushka ,Shruti :- Yes we know.

Nilesh :- But we are yet to decide whom to send for the fight.

Both of them looked at each other.

Nilesh :- It has to be one of you that will challenge the champion .

Both of them were quiet.

Nilesh :- I have thought of one thing.I will arrange a match between you tomorrow.The winner will go through and challenge Priya.Do you agree?

Anushka :- Well sir,I think Shruti is the right person.You can give her the chance.

Shruti :- Well I agree.I do not want to take favour from anyone.I want to go there and win of my own.

Nilesh :- Look Anushka, I have to send my best resource.And I do not want anyone compromising.I want both of you to compete each other with full potential and I will send the best from here.

Anushka :- Ok as You wish. I will compete.

Shruti :- I will also fight to my best and I think I will go through.

Anushka :- Shruti,confidence is good but overconfidence is not.

Shruti :- Anushka,you will see.I want to beat you and take the revenge of my first day at this gym.

Nilesh :- well enough.Meet you tomorrow.

The next day was a special day.In the middle ring in the gym,a fight was arranged to find the best in the gym who will go and fight for zonal championship.Shruti,unlike her first day was confident ,chaffing whereas Anushka was calm and quiet concentrating hard.

Nilesh was the referee.

He told not to break rules of boxing and send the boxers in respective corners.

The fight started.

From Round 1 onwards,people were watching a different Shruti,brisk,agile,powerful.She was continuously hitting Anushka with her powerful shots.Anushka was totally outboxed and she seldom landed few shots to Shruti.Shruti was landing more and fruitful punches.Round 2 saw Anushka gathered some momentum and landed a few though in this round also she was hit by some hard shots.At the end though she replied back and it was a draw for that round.

Round 3 and 4 saw Shruti gaining the upper hand.In Round 3 Shruti blasted few uppercuts on Anushka's nose and few strong jabs under the eyes.The eyes began to swell profusely.Anushka was definitely in trouble as she occasionally tried to clinch Shruti but Shruti had no intension to hug her and hit few body shots.At the end of Round 3 Anushka's eyes were swelled as she went to the corner.

Nilesh was looking a bit concerend.He asked her :- Do you want to continue?

Anushka :- breathing heavily answered :- Yes I will.

Nilesh :- Ok.

Round 4 started but there was no change of fate for Anushka.She was hit with more hard blows.At the middle of the round one strong jab hit her nose and it started bleeding.Anushka tried to cover up but one blow staright to her liver followed by a couple to her solar plexus crippled her and she fell on the canvas gasping for air.Nilesh counted:-

1....2...3....4.....5.....6......7....She came up on her feet at 8 but was looking wobbly.Nilesh asked :- This is your last chance.Do you want to continue?

Anushka :- Yes I will.

The fight continued but Shruti did not have enough time to end it in that round.Nilesh saw Anushka was tired and beaten and HURT.Shruti meanwhile though was unmarked but breathing heavily at her corner.

Round 5 started with Shruti again started to land a few punches. Suddenly Anushka shown that she had other ideas.She somehow gathered a lot of energy and hit Shruti with two or three combinations.Shruti was not at all expecting this as she tried to cover up.Anushka saw the opening she was waiting for through 4 rounds!!! She pumelled Shruti with blows after blows and Shruti did not pose adequate defense.Her cheeks started to become red.Suddenly Anushka hit Shruti with a haymaker right on the point of her chin.Shruti stumbled like she was fired and it was followed by a jaw crushing hook and Shruti crushed on the canvas.

Nilesh again started to count but he knew Shruti will never get up.


Shruti though put all her strength could not get up.Nilesh helped her reach the corner where she was taken care.Anushka quietly left the ring,bloodied,swelled but won the match.

She went to Nilesh :- Though I won, I think I am not the right person.

Nilesh :- Why?

Anushka :- I have lots of flaws.I may not win that day.I think Shruti should go.She fought pretty well.Some modifications in her technique and she will come out better.I will help her maybe.

Nilesh :- Yes Shruti fought well.But I think you should get a chance ,she is novice.

Anushka :- She can be trained to be experienced.There is still one month with us.She will win.

Nilesh :- Well,Then Shruti will go.

Meanwhile SHruti came there.

Shruti :- Anushka ,I am sorry,I can never beat you.You are a better fighter.

Anushka :- Not at all.You can surely beat me.Concentrate more.You will win.

Shruti :- Yes.

Anushka :- You have to win zonal championship for us.

It was a great environment.The Friends from competitors has again turned friends.

Nilesh looked pleased.

What will happen in the zonal championship match.Will Shruti prevail?

Next issue coming soon.