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Hi everyone,

I've written a book having a hard time getting it published will not self publish.. anyway was wondering if I post some sample chapters and discussion of my book in here if you all would be very kind and give me feedback.. I am trying to stay away from the "it didn't happen" argument because in the 90s i had a formal exorcism so yes it did they don't give them to just anyone. 
I am more interested in hearing if people can follow what I write the form of writing if it stinks or is pretty good (Be nice) LOL.... Grammar is being taken care of slowly but surely. 
Hey thanks so much, if you are interested please post here. I am on my 9th publishing company...I guess the understanding is because I am a new author and kind of old with no real fame etc... as if all the other reasons were not enough ;) 
Looking for feedback from regular people. 

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