Possessed Two Years

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Possessed Two Years

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I have been possessed by a demon for two years now after a psychic I knew did witchcraft on me. I was attacked relentlessly day and night by multiple demons who raped me, knocked me around, held me down, and entered my body by piercing my heart. They wrapped all around and inside of me squeezing me, burning me. They blocked all of my chakrahs so I no longer have an aura. I can no longer feel human emotions or love. I am being tormented. They put thoughts in my head constantly against the existence of God, Jesus, the Angels. It has gotten so bad I can no longer believe in anything no matter how much I try to fight I can't let God energy in anymore to push them out of me. I used to be able to do that through belief in God. It would give me momentary relief, but i can no longer do that. I used to be a strong believer in God with a beautiful kind heart. I had a sharp mind, common sense, college educated, owned my own biz, lots of friends. I can no longer work, have lost all friendships and am now considered to be mentally ill. A year ago when I was fighting the thoughts and could still believe in Jesus and Mary. Mary appeared to me and told me that I must believe in her son or I would go to hell. She told me this is what one prayer of faith will do and she hit my body what felt like pure love. She appeared to me and my mind is so bad I can't even believe in her anymore. I am living in constant torment. I've been through many exorcisms and even tried shamans and healers who said they could take this thing out of me. Nothing has worked. The only thing that ever did anything was praying to Jesus and Mary when I still could believe. I've been through exorcisms when I think an angel of pure love entered my body and I was shaking and vibrating because it was fighting with the demon. It shook me so hard once I came out of my own body. I've been through hell and I see no way out. Without faith, without my mind I can't get that love energy to come to me anymore at all. It is a nightmare. I ask for your prayers.

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Just a preliminary question: Where do you live? Don't need an exact town or street, just a rough area - like southern California or eastern Michigan.

I will say that I am curious about the syncretism going on in your post. You speak about Jesus and Mary while at the same time speaking of psychics, shamans, chakras, auras, channeling energies and so forth.

It seems you've created some kind of hybrid Eastern Hindu-Christianity. Just a little heads up... in Orthodox Christianity things like shamans, chakras, auras, and psychic stuff are considered... well... Satanic Arts. If your plan is to call upon Jesus for mercy and help, my suggestion is that you not engage in practices that go against the teaching of the Christian faith as those are means by which Demonic forces can oppress and afflict you.

I'm sure you'll hear other opinions from other perspectives eventually. Best of luck sorting out this matter. If you let us know where you are in the world, you might get some suggestions in regards to getting some help.

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Say this prayer 🙏 I palal YAHAWAH Bahasam YAHAWASHI to remove all demons , YAHAWAH Bahasam YAHAWASHI all the best barak/bless

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Meh. Santeria is a mixture of Catholicism with occultic practices of the people of Yoruba. It's a perfectly valid African based religion. It may not be your cup of tea, but syncretic religions abound from almost everywhere. It may interest you to know that early Christians were still burying their dead with coins over their eyes in Greece - to pay the ferryman.

All of that said, if you've tried various religious persons to help you with your issue to no avail, perhaps your issue is not necessarily one of possession, but something of a more spiritually mundane nature. It seems to me you are in pain and trying to find some answers...I think those may need to come from within.

Have you had a complete physical and pyschological examination to rule out more mundane things?
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