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Hello and welcome to DeltaSimRacing!

Delta was started in late 2001 by a couple of guys (Leeroy98 and Delta_Woody) that wanted to run online in a "no pressure" atmosphere.  They wanted to be able to go out there and have a good time racing without worrying about somebody jumping all over them if they made a mistake. They wanted a place to race where having fun was the theme and being the first to cross the line at the end was an extra bonus added to the fun you had getting there.
Delta provides a friendly environment to share your thoughts, ideas, track time and knowledge with others.  Drivers of all skill levels are welcome to run in all fun runs, but drivers also need to be aware that when it comes to the long races with yellows on, riding around under yellow all night because somebody is having a hard time controlling their car is not going to be fun for others.  So be considerate and if you aren't ready to run in a long race, wait until you are ready before running in one. And then, remember that there are other people in those little computer generated cars. Starting at the back and riding around, cautiously, until you get up to speed is always a good idea.
Just about all of use spent a lot of time working on getting a handle on the car before we could actually start "racing".  And then it took even longer to get to the point where we could race hard.  And even longer to get to where we could race hard for a good finish.  Just about everyone starts out with DNFs and then works their way up to finishes.  After finishing some races, the good finishes follow.  And after some good finishes, the podiums will start to come.  It's all about being patient.  Learning when and how to get passed is just as important than learning how to pass.  You will be passed before you are passing so it's important to learn.  You have to finish before you can finish well and that means you have to be running on the last lap so please make sure to be extra cautious early in the race.  Be patient, get seat time and the good finishes will come.
Fun Runs are open to all drivers in good standing.  Making mistakes is all part of learning and we all do it. Remember that there is another person in that other car and remember that everyone is here to have a good time.
Have fun, enjoy your stay!
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