Thinking about running offline season

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December 3rd, 2014, 7:45 am #1

Been messing with running N3 offline when the bug hits and have been known to attempt a whole season(see thread below) that may or may not get finished LOL.
Anyway, got some cars from the N3 section and a couple more i had stashed and wanted to know if anyone wanted their car to be represented.Right now i have cars for:AceNunyaWoodyWolfgangBuBBaLeeroy98ZiggyPokky
If you want your car in the series(or want it removed) drop me an email twmsackett at yahoo dot com
take care

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N3-Dodge for SSR/SMR

GPL--Nickname "Nigel" and trying to fit Slant Six into to Cooper.....
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