The IC member news update (Sunday 20/07/2014)

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The IC member news update (Sunday 20/07/2014)

-IC Driving Mentor, Kwon Bomi, posted a message about the IC KSF special.

"Finally Infinity Challenge has finished airing the last and final episode...
Korea Speed Festival Round 1...
The reason that they shed tears at the end....Even though they may be celebrities, they really participated in this as passionately as a normal racer would. Even when they were tired because of a lack of sleep after coming back from Brazil, even as they overcame panic attacks, the Infinity Challenge members never gave up and for that I'm thankful. Also as a mentor, I am truly very sorry about the fact they retired.

To the Seohan Motorsport mechanics that barely got any sleep as they maintained the cars, to the vice president who told me to cheer up, gave me vitamins and took care of me and to my seniors Jang Hyung Jin and Kim Jong Kyom, who supported me, I feel nothing but remorse. There is still the next round so I will cheer up! Thank you to everyone that supported me! Seohan Motorsports, Aja Aja Fighting!! ^^"" ... 998&type=1

-Ratings for 19/07/2014 6:30PM Saturday Time Slot

Infinity Challenge - 10.2% (+0.2%)
Star King - 7.1% (-1.4%)
Immortal Song 2 - 9.4% (+1.4%)

Source AGB Nielson Korea

Spreadsheet ... _web#gid=1

Some brief comments about the ratings. The KSF special technically takes the record for the lowest rating long term special (The Cheerleading episode is definitely the lowest but it only rated really low during its last arc in Brazil).

As a whole, ratings for Saturday just haven't seem to be rebounded since the highs seen before Korea's world cup exit. IC was the 2nd highest rating variety show for Saturday (1st was the morning talk show "Morning Plaza.")

It's sort of hard to explain what exactly happened. From a numerical standpoint, the ratings imply that almost 5% of the viewership has simply vanished during this time slot.

From a weekly perspective, the only variety shows that seem to break double digits are "Kim Byung Man's Law of the Jungle, Gag Concert, Happy Sunday (1N2D + Superman)" and Infinity Challenge.

The only positive is that IC still leads all the other variety shows in other metrics such as PEI, VOD downloads and search rankings. At the very least it shows that there is still a substantial audience for the show, except for some reason this audience is not being accurately reflected in the current rating system.

Just as a comparison, TNmS's rating system states that this week's IC episode rated at 11.2% with the biggest audience demographic being 40 year old women. This alone should at least point towards a trend of 20~30's males being underrepresented in the ratings, unless you really believe that 40's housewives are IC's biggest audience. ... 0100705281

(Just on a sem-related note, according to AGB Nielson, last week the rating for Sunday is Good (RM + Roommates) was 6.3%. On the same day, the RERUN of 1N2D was 7.1% and the rerun of Happy Together was 8.3%. RM alone was 9.9% during this week.)