The IC member news update (Friday 18/07/2014)

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The IC member news update (Friday 18/07/2014)

-Start off with news we missed yesterday. Park Myung Soo was seen in ancient clothing being punished at Times Square in Yeongdeongpo (Not the New York one, the Seoul one).

He was being punished, as part of Yoo Jae Suk's election promise, for his conduct during the KSF special (Sleeping on the job). This week's episode will involve the IC team gathering at the "Emergency Crisis Response Headquarters" to deal with all the negative comments Myung Soo received for his antics. ... 8160107220

-MBC Every1's Weekly Idol PD, Kim JIn, has posted a teaser image of Hyung Don and Daejoon's new program about producing a new idol unit group. Don't quite recognise the faces but I believe they are from BTOB and Got7. ... 2272308227

-Applications for Infinity Challenge's new special has now ended. This was something that happened before we started the news updates but it's probably a good time to explain it now.

The IC team are going to hold a special called the "HyungKwangPen (Florescent Pen) Camp special."

The name makes more sense once we expand it out. It is the "I'm your biggest fan Camp" special. The IC team were looking to gather a bunch of fans to go on a camp together. There was 10,346 applications submitted. This special is likely part of IC's 9th anniversary celebrations. ... 8090609006

-Noh Hong Chul has a brief cameo in the teaser for SISTAR's new song "Touch My Body." It's pretty much exactly as you expect. Hong Chul being Hong Chul

-Haha and Skull will be featuring in the jTBC variety show "Unusual Submit," which is a talk/debate show featuring a panel of 11 foreigners that live in Korea, where they spend each episode talking about a topic of some sort. ... 8175510473

-In news that will most likely surprise no one, Myung Soo has revealed that he's not very close to SNSD's Jessica.

As we mentioned 2 days ago, Myung Soo was in the MBC-C radio program <True nature of idols>.

During that appearance they talked about Myung Soo and Jessica's IC Duet Song "Naengmyun" with Myung Soo claiming that the song helped both of them.

When the MC's revealed that Jessica told them that "Myung Soo is like the crashing sea," Myung Soo replied back "Did Jessica really say that? I'm not close enough to her to have conversations like that."

As for why Jessica described Myung Soo as a crashing wave, it is because it may look scary from the outside but inside the waves, it is calm and filled with life."

Myung Soo then says "I think that means I'm a warm hearted person. Thanks Jessica, When should we do Naengmyeon 2? We should do Naengmyeon 2, especially since the weather is hot and all."

Myung Soo also revealed that "We rarely contacted each other after Naengmyeon. It's not like we are similar in age. There is a large age gap. Also it's not like I can be all shameless and call her out for a pint of beer or something." ... 8173108569