The IC member news update (Friday 11/07/2014)

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The IC member news update (Friday 11/07/2014)

-Yoo Jae Suk and friends appear on this week's Happy Together Season 3.

This week's episode saw the appearance of the 7th KBS Comedian Team, the group of comedians picked during the 1991 KBS University Gag Contest, one of whom was Yoo Jae Suk.

The guests were Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong, Kim Soo Yong and Choi Seung Kyung. Choi Seung Kyung also happened to be Jae Suk's partner in the Gag Contest.

Anyway here are a few bits and pieces from the episode

-Yoo Jae Suk had intended to leave the entertainment industry because of his stage fright issue.

This is a somewhat well known story, especially with his famous "stuttering on live TV" video

Another famous video is his catastrophic performance of "Step by Step" seen in an old IC video here

During Happy Together, Park Soo Hong talked about how Jae Suk was actually teaching them how to dance to the song as he was a good dancer but he started making mistakes the moment he stepped on stage.

There is a bit more detail in the Soompi article below ... ge-fright/

-Yoo Jae Suk looked like an early 1930's Japanese informant according to Kim Soo Yong. Kim Soo Yong was asked about what everyone's first impressions were like and he described Yoo Jae Suk as looking a bit "Shifty/devious," how he looked like a "Japanese informant" and his face was just asking to be punched.

Yoo Jae Suk then told him "If we actually started fighting, I would probably win anyway." ... 1123704635

-Yoo Jae Suk's partner, Choi Seung Kyung talked about how all the seniors loved him a lot more than Jae Suk during their early days.

Yoo Jae Suk talked about how he was good friends with Choi Seung Kyung since University but started to head in different directions once they entered the entertainment industry, in part because Choi Seung Kyung was loved by his seniors.

As for the reason why, it was because Choi Seung Kyung was a large sized bloke and some of the most senior comedians at that time were of similar stature, so they immediately took a liking to him. ... 1104205855

- But there was also another reason why Jae Suk wasn't very liked by his seniors and it's all because he had a hand in his pocket and a finger in his ear.

Lets refer to the IC video again, when Jae Suk was coming down to collect his "participation award," he walked down to the stage with one hand in his pocket and one finger poking into his ear, a very arrogant looking pose. Jae Suk explains that he was young and he very disappointed because he believed they would get a better award, so he acted as such to show his disappointment.

However the worst was yet to come. After the contest, all of the rookies were called to the waiting rooms, where one of the seniors demanded to know who the ear scratching meh was. Yoo Jae Suk was then severally scolded for his actions ... 1135205200

-Now moving on to other news

-Hyung Don and Daejoony has released the teaser for their new song "Park You," part of their new album to be launched in August

Defconn also posted the following message on Twitter
"The costume concept we have prepared for Hyung Don and Daejoon's first official outing is an Italian business-look inspired by Italian fashion. We have spared no expenses and have taken the Autumn trends into consideration as well. I hope you love it a lot."

The song will be released first on July 14th with the rest of the album following in August

-Thanks to, who have revealed/retweeted that the IC team has gone to Thailand for an unspecified recording. Absolutely no extra info at this time because it's not even mentioned on the Korean news sites yet ... 96/photo/1

-Did you know that Daum now has a service that lists the BGM (Background Music) used on variety shows?
Here is the Infinity Challenge specific page

-Minor note. If you want to see a spoiler preview of this week's KSF special, MBC ran a brief new preview after the end of "Radio Star." I have included a little teaser image from that preview.
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