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This was requested a week or two ago, not much substance to it but it's short so why not~

There is a bunch of intro text before each interview that I'm going to just cut out completely since it's just fluff text.

Anyway here is the actual interview text from Parts 1 ~ 3

Park Myung Soo Interview
Original source : Reporter Park Joon Hyung ... 0003338134 ... 0003338135 ... 0003338136

You've now been involved in the Ultra Music Festival for four years now, this must feel very special for you.

Going out on stage to perform, even if it's not a music performance, is nerve wracking. At the very least, this event is a bit easier on me since it's an annual thing. Every summer I would prepare for this sort of performance and look forward to it. I would practice constantly in order to be able to stand up on this sort of large stage. There is a pub in Hongdae that my brother-in-law runs, I would go there once or twice a week to perform.

How did you end up being a DJ?

It was my dream to work with music since my middle school years. In 1993, even after becoming a comedian, I would do DJ work at night clubs. Of course at the time, the house DJ would help out with the music and I would just be talking. A DJ needs to know how to perform, speak and compose music. That's why I continue to write my own songs.

It sounds like you are taking this very seriously

I'm not messing around (laugh) Of course I have to approach music in a serious manner. I have written around 10 EDM songs but it's not at a point, quality-wise, where I can release it. I'm constantly experimenting and learning new skills. You know the moment in EDM where it goes "woo woo woo" (LB - That sounds weird but I'm not a EDM fan). You need to create that climax moment and then have a slow musical buildup before that point but doing that in a nice way is quite hard. Since I'm Korean, it's quite hard to produce something that has the feel of the US or European DJ culture.

What do you find difficult about it?

EDM is essentially music that is made on a computer. Anything made with virtual instruments can be considered EDM. This sort of music is not native music, it's music from overseas. Artists from Korea, including me, can somewhat emulate and make something that sounds similar should I describe it...should I describe it as the character of it? It's not easy to produce the sort of character you would find from its native sources. It's like how if a foreigner was to play Korean folk songs, it doesn't seen quite right. EDM is the same thing. That's why I can't release an album until I can improve the quality of it to a certain amount. Of course, thanks to my programs, I was able to collaborate with other artists but it's not necessarily a good thing to just release whatever I have. I want to produce music that stands shoulder to shoulder with my foreign artist counterparts. If I can get the chance, I would like to collaborate with a foreign artist next year and I am making preparations to do so. I'm going to collaborate with a famous artist. To improve the quality of my music, one of the guys that I'm working with is currently studying in the U.S. Once he returns, I plan to make some music with them.

Park Myung Soo, are you currently paying for all their studying fees?

Not all of it but the vast majority of it. They are such a musically talented guy so I wanted to help them out with their studying fees in order for them to improve further. They were the one that arranged "Myung Soo's Ddeokbooki." He is Kim Joo Hyung, he is part of our crew.

I heard you will be performing overseas as well

Thankfully I have received a lot of invites. However I haven't been able to attend a lot of them because of the programs that I am on. A lot of Koreans come to see my performance. Frankly, I think they are there to see the comedian Park Myung Soo rather than the DJ Park Myung Soo. I still don't have my own style of EDM. If you're a DJ then you need to have some songs you have made yourself. I can go up on stage and perform but it is important to perform songs that you have produced yourself. The DJs with a lot of their own self produced songs are the ones that become world renowned artists. I still haven't reached a point where I can produce a song that pleases me. I'm still experimenting and one day I want to release a song that captures the natural character of EDM. Even the song that is playing right now has over 30 different instruments, as an expert you have to make sure it all balances out but it's not easy.

If you're performing overseas, then isn't the crowd coming to see the DJ Park Myung Soo?

The reason that there is a lot of people at my performances is because of my popularity as a comedian. Even when I am performing overseas, there would be a lot of Koreans or foreigners that have a close interest in Korea. I think most people are coming to see the Comedian Park Myung Soo rather than the DJ. I haven't officially charted any EDM songs yet. Once I have my own songs then I believe people will start coming to see the DJ Park Myung Soo.

EDM doesn't yet seem like a genre with a lot of public familiarity.

Even the pop songs that we are more familiar with have a lot of EDM influence. In recent years, a lot of songs are produced on Computer. Then afterwards, real instrumentation is mixed in. There is a lot of EDM in pop songs. The difference is that pop music places a lot of focus on melody while EDM focuses on the beat. I see pop and EDM walking down the same sort of path.

You mentioned on radio that you didn't want to be called the father of EDM and yet you have played a big part in increasing awareness of EDM among the public

If that is how you see it then I am very thankful. Still I don't think I'm the father (laughs). Maybe not a father, but how about if I'm a brother?

Has your life changed in anyway through DJ?

It's fun. It's not easy to enjoy working in your profession. There are people that enjoy what they do but there is also of people that work just to meet ends meet. I believe it is important to find something you enjoy doing and not just a job. I like comedy but having been in that profession for a long time, I sometimes fall into set patterns. Music has become escape method. Nowadays, you can produce music with just a computer. We've gone from an era of just listening to music to one where we can all create something. The process of listening to and making music is fun. Of course, being a DJ is now a profession as well but I'm just happy to be able to have a job that I enjoy doing.

In a previous interview, you said your dream was to become a world renowned DJ

I still have that dream. I'm hoping in 2 years time I will become a DJ that is somewhat known in Asia. It's not easy to become a world renowned DJ. I need to produce my own songs, I need to experiment and I need to keep releasing songs. Still, someday won't the name DJ Park Myung Soo have some sort of renown?

Has the "comedian" Park Myung Soo changed after becoming a DJ?

Being a DJ is similar to my work as an entertainer since it is all about providing entertainment to the public. I'm making people happy through DJing. I consider both Comedy and DJ to be related in terms of both being an art. As an entertainer, I have not changed since becoming a DJ. It's a completely different matter. Celebrities don't have a lot of opportunity to blow off their work stresses. However I am able to relieve stress and get a sense of fulfillment by performing on stage and producing music. When the public listens to my music and has fun, then that is when I'm also having fun.

I saw an interview before where you said you were learning English in order to be able to work in wide variety of areas as a DJ

I am studying English. However it is hard to remember everything, maybe it is because I'm old (laughs). It's not easy. I'm going to keep studying English. I want to talk with DJs from other countries, get close with them and collaborate with them. Foreign artists place a bigger emphasis on their individual relationships rather than money when deciding on collaborations. In that case, I need to be able to talk with them so that is why I decided to study English. If my skills as a DJ improve, they will then start to acknowledge me as a DJ and then when I build a friendship with them, then I believe I would get a chance to work with them.

When are you releasing your new album?

I'm going to be releasing a pop song with an EDM feel in the summer. I will also be arranging that song differently so I can perform it on a DJ stage. There is a lot of good concerts in the Autumn. I want to have fun on stage.

Does your family also like EDM?

My daughter doesn't know what EDM is yet (laughs) She doesn't really know anything but she said she didn't want to be a DJ (laughs). Still she might start to like it if I keep making her listen to music? When I was young, my household wasn't well off and so I wasn't able to get any musical tuition. I want to at least have my child listen to a lot of music. In the future, if given the chance, I want to teach her how to be a DJ. Wouldn't it be cool if we were to perform together as a DJ? My wife is good at judging my work. She would tell me if it was boring today or if it was great. My wife is full of passion so she is a good listener.

What has changed now since you first started being a DJ

A world renowned DJ had performed on the same stage as me today. It's nerve wracking to stand on such a big stage. It's not easy. It's all about listening to the music together through a microphone, it's not an easy job. Also compared to an instrument, machines don't always listen to what people tell it to do. Sometimes there is malfunctions. What I've learned over the years is how to resolve things after these malfunctions. My skills as a DJ have improved over the last 4 years but I have also built up experience to overcome issues.

It seems like you enjoy the tension of being up on stage

I get nervous even when I'm the MC for wedding. However I always make a mistake whenever I keep thinking to myself that I have to do a great job. So I just enjoy it. Even if I make a mistake, I just naturally play with it. I always get it wrong if I'm just thinking about doing a perfect job. Then that becomes a long term trauma. I just go along with it naturally.

When was the moment that you thought that your DJ work was worthwhile

There was a time where I was really happy. A netizen contacted me through SNS and told me they were a DJ. They were about to get married but it appears that their parent-in-laws were worried because they weren't sure what kind of job a DJ was. But then they told them that I was a DJ and that apparently relieved them. That netizen had contacted me to thank me for making the DJ world more well known. I was really happy. Thanks to me, DJing was becoming at least a bit more commonly known and it's great if that translates to more people wanting to be a DJ. In the past, people would think a DJ is just the person that would play the music in a night club. However that has changed a lot lately. I hope a lot of DJs will perform on stage and we see an increase in DJs that can represent Korea on stage. Frankly, a lot of times foreign artists will fill the line up on the main stages. It would be great if a time comes where we can fill the main stage lineup with Korean flags.

How do you want the public to remember Park Myung Soo

I want to provide enjoyment to everyone, whether it be through comedy or music. I hope people don't think too seriously about the fact that I'm working with music. As long as you are happy seeing Park Myung Soo then I'm glad. I want to provide enjoyment to everyone through music and comedy. I'm going to keep studying English, produce my own brand of EDM and get acknowledged. Even if I don't become a world renowned DJ, I hope a lot of people will find enjoyment listening to my music.

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