Noh Hong Chul's Recent Lecture on Doing What You Love

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-Noh Hong Chul recently appeared to have given a public lecture. An article was posted recapping his presentation. Here are some quotes from that article

He showed up to the presentation in suspenders and a stereotypical traditional American Indian hair piece. As for the reason why.

"I was about to head out from home when 2NE1 member CL called me. She told me that there is a YG Family Concert being held today and asked me to drop by. I have to dress up for the party so I had to quickly change clothes. Will this alright?"

In regards to his nicknames like "Fraudster" and "Dol+I (Crazy Kid)"

"More than often, other celebrities get hurt when such words get associated with their names. That's expected when your job is being a celebrity. There are times when articles come out and make it seem like it's all true when it's not. There are also times when I get criticized by other people despite my best intentions. However, on the contrary, I like that. Even if people have a bad impression of me eventually our sincerity is bound to win them over. Of course it will take some time. When other people finally understand my true feelings, that sensation is unbelievable thrilling."

As for why he keeps calling himself the "lucky guy."

"I personally believe that I'm a lucky guy. Even if something bad happens to me, i think to myself "Something absolutely amazing things must be coming up for it to be this bad" In reality when something lucky does happen, people think "Oh my, I got frauded by Noh Hong Chul." That in itself is thrilling and fun. After telling myself "I'm a lucky guy," it seems like everything I do turns out a lot better."

In regards to his youth days

"I was a kid that absolutely loved to play around. My mother would sign me up for various extra lessons and I would follow my friend to study rooms but I had a hard time sitting still for more than 40 mins. I think even then I already had a strong sense of "Pfft, I'm going to just do what I like doing."

In regards to his pre debut jobs like running a internet shopping mall, overseas tour groups, street stalls.

"Truth be told, I thought long and hard when I got a proposal to appear on TV. Back then I was running a tour group business. It was extremely successful. I was 26 years old back then, I was also thinking whether that was too late to be starting afresh in a new job. However after doing one or two TV gigs, I found it to be a lot of fun. At first I started off with the mindset "Yeah, lets just do this for a month." However a month flew by really quickly. Then I thought "Lets just keep doing this till I earn certain amount of money," "Lets just do this for a year." But now here I am still. The reason why I closed my business to do TV gigs is simple. TV work was really fun and I wanted to do it."

Noh Hong Chul used to end his radio program with the phrase "Everyone~ Do what you like doing! Bbyoung!" In regard to this.

"I was on the internet one day when my name suddenly popped up. I thought "What's this?" and clicked on it. Singer Yozoh had given a lecture and had talked about me. She said she was moved by what Noh Hong Chul said, "Do what you like doing." After hearing about that I realized once again that doing what you like doing is really important."

NHC also talked about how he went on culture programs to expand his knowledge and went on sitcoms to improve his memory skills, just because he wanted to do it.

"As everyone knows, I have a horrible illness in my anus. If I push myself a bit hard then it shows up again so I went to the hospital with the thought of getting rid of it completely. I went through several checks before the surgery but the doctor's expression was a bit weird. They then told me"I believe it's stage 2 cancer, lets move you to a bigger hospital." However, amazingly, I wasn't in the least bit sad. I instinctively went, while laughing, "Great! Good! I did everything I wanted to do! I have no regrets even if I die! The doctor was very surprised when they saw my reaction. To be honest, I too was really shocked. I didn't realize that I would harbor does sort of thoughts. After going through some thorough checks, what appeared to be cancer was, rather embarrassingly, a lump of cholesterol. haha, they say it formed because I eat too much meat and chocolate for my age. There is only one reason why I'm telling you this story. Everyone! Do what you want to do! Make sure you have absolutely no regrets!"

In regards to his early IC days

"I didn't have an agency because I didn't enter the industry through an official broadcaster talent test (Acting or Comedian), nor was I a trainee at an agency. I got a few love calls from agencies but I rejected them because I want to live as a simple free man. During that time, Shin Dong Yeop realized what I wanted and proposed to me to join his company. Back then the people in that company were Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Yong Man, Shin Dong Yeop, Noh Hong Chul and Lee Hyuk Jae. After I started working with the five of them, I was having so much fun that I didn't want to go home. After I got into an agency, the agency director would even go to the broadcasting studios and negotiate my appearance fees. I was thankful but on the contrary I asked the director "I'm on Infinity Challenge because it's really fun. In future, please don't ask about increasing my appearance fees." Of course, later on I asked for an increase myself (Laughs)."

As for the members.

"Haha is my best friend, Jun Ha is much kinder than you think. He is really charitable to others as well. However he does sometimes get sulky when he doesn't get back as much as he gave out. Park Myung Soo well....He is exactly like what you see on his TV character. 100% real. Still I like bizarre people. Sometimes I do wonder if he's actually human."

A story about Yoo Jae Suk.

"One day after recording, Yoo Jae Suk asked me to come home with him. Back then, Yoo Jae Suk was at the peak of his popularity thanks to X-Man. He sent away his own manager then personally drove my car while telling me to rest comfortably. Actually back then I would personally borrow clothes from stylist Jung Yoon Gi's agency. After recording, I would need to go and return my clothes. I would go up the path like Santa and his sack of presents. Jae Suk would then actually do that for me. Logically, that is a completely unimaginable situation. While his work is great as well, more than anything I really respect his personality. He is also the only person to who I expose my deepest inner feelings."

When asked about relationships

"Asking me about relationships is like telling a monk that you're here to confess your sins (Catholic). After university, I think I have been in 6~7 relationships. On TV, my character is one that aggressively pursues ladies but in truth I'm really weak with ladies. Even when I like someone, I can't easily scrounge up the confidence to tell them."

A story about his past girlfriend.

"I was looking around for a backpacking trip with my girlfriend when I accidentally went to China on a boat for peddlers. I want to a fake imitation market there and it was absolutely amazing experience. I thought to myself, I could buy stuff here then sell it in Korea for a decent profit. My girlfriend and I bought way more stuff than the customs limit and then arrived in Korea. However my girlfriend, who went through the gates ahead of me, got caught by customs and was caught in a difficult situation. I then instantly hid behind a pillar. That was the key reason as to why she broke up with me. I heard she is now married and even has a kid now."

True love for Hong Chul.

"I believe honesty is love. In times of crisis, I truthfully will show them everything about me. When you're in a relationship, you want to just show them your good side right? However I believe showing my absolute worst side is the correct thing to do. Dishonest love is something that is bound to break down in the end."

This thought also carries through to his TV work.

"As I started doing TV work, I eventually fell into some habits. In some situations I would disgrace myself, in other situations I would tease my counterparts, when I female guest come out I would aggressively pursue them. Each of these situations would build up one by one. I hated how I had fallen into these fixed patterns. That's why I talked about this to a guy that worked a lot more than I did. He then told me "For others, what I do could be a desperate dream for them. Don't say stuff like that in other places. You might cause needless misunderstandings. If you rest then you're going to lose your edge and then naturally fall behind. I listened to this carefully but I eventually I chose to work 2 days a week. I just did the bare minimum of programs and went on vacation. After doing that, my energy returned as much as I rested. Of course TV work became much more fun as well."

Noh Hong Chul also talked about how he's going on a trip to Las Vegas with Jung Jun Ha. The IC team had received their first proper vacation in 9 years.

He ended the lecture by saying

"I really look forward to tomorrow. If we just look at schedules, then I pretty much unemployed for a celebrity. However I'm extremely pleased with my decision. Everyone should also go out right now and do what you want so you don't have any regrets! Bbyoung!"

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Oooh thanks for translating. I have a huge crush on Hong Chul. Him hiding behind a pillar made me laugh lol.