Back to basics

Got a recipe for a delishious dish of fish? Tell us all here!

Back to basics

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Back to basics.

Every where I go to eat fish other than the British staple of fish n chips, there seems to be a million different flavours going on with the dish. That all seem to be hiding the best bit... What happened to good old fashioned basics

A good sized boneless fillet (any kind you like)
Big squeeze of lemon juice
Lump of butter
Splash of milk
Pinch of salt
And a couple of fennel seeds if you really can't help getting exotic

Put all this in a doubled up piece of tin foil and fold up like a Cornish pasty. Pop in an oven proof dish

30 mins in a hot oven

Bingo... So basic... Yet perfect...
And if that's not enough then throw on some new spuds with garden mint and fresh peas with a cheeky pint to finish

Basic... British... Finest....

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