[EVENT] Flaming Dames Vamp!

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[EVENT] Flaming Dames Vamp!

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Flaming Dames Vamp!
A Late-Night Horror Burlesque Review

Still true to their sensual, goofy, and fun-loving ways, The Flaming Dames take on the legions of the night with their new installment, Flaming Dames Vamp! Just in time for Halloween, the Dames bare a lot more than just their teeth to keep you spellbound and begging for more. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, the girls work side by side with the horrific, gross, and comic stylings of an unlikely (and undead) pair of MC’s as they sing, dance, (and most importantly) show you how sexy the burlesque strip-tease can be!

The girls will tantalize, tease, and quite possibly, taste their way into your helpless little hearts. They’ll intertwine the silly with the macabre; the wicked with the sexual; and give you a show that you’ll never forget! A perfect evening out if you’re search of something a little different, a little twisted, and a lot sexy.

Come and see the Dames in a host of new acts that will that show the skin in ways you’ve never dreamed of. Witness the power of our Master Vampire as he treats you to some of his vocal delights with the original “Bisexual Blues”; or kowtow to Miss Sheeza Brickhouse as she weaves her sexy web around you before you can blink an eye. Want in on the action? The Wheel of Misfortune may prove to be quite fortunate for you! Are you looking for a way to sexify your Halloween season?!? Come on out and spend an hour or so with these sexy Vamps. Don’t be scared! Be prepared! For some wicked, twisted, SEXY fun!

Flaming Dames Vamp performs Friday and Saturday nights at Midnight, October 14th through Saturday November 5th. All performances are at The National Pastime Theatre located at 4139 N. Broadway, in Chicago, just Northeast of Sheridan Redline stop, on Broadway north of Irving Park before Buena. For ticket information & reservations call 773.989.4515 or visit www.nmtchicago.org.

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