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Choronzon is not a band: it's a project, a current, a work of two mages, who did this work separated by an entire continental USA for almost 20 years. Who operated individually using the name of "that mighty devil" who rules the Abyss (but who has left that job to his "governor" Lexarp in 2005, when these two mages, having discovered one another's unusually-congruent and duplicatively-named noise-work and did the only thing to do in such a strange situation, especially given our shared knowledge of the namesake entity and tendency to go insane to keep ourselves from going truly crazy...we threw in together and joined forces. First sharing name, then collaborating. We just made a double-album last year: New World Chaos, over the summer, and when it was done - on the day, 30-31 August 05, there was a massive hurricane. Which is weird enough, but weirder when considering the first album by the western half of Choronzon way back in '89 was completed 45 minutes before the Loma Prieta earthquake in Northern California, a 7.1 that shook a bridge down and smashed a whole freeway...

Choronzon is said by traditional occultism to be dangerous.
You've been warned.

Choronzon is also - to the "heretic" type, perhaps your next best friend; if you dare reach out and Know him, or her, or it - as this force shall manifest for you as one most desired. And allow Choronzon to Know you. The old magickers say to tarry not with Choronzon, but considering they - meaning Crowley and his scribe - barged into Choronzon's aethyr and rudely demanded secret knowledge from him, it is no wonder he got miffed.

Me? I make love with it. I describe this plenty in my art and music. No more needs be said of it here except WOW. I never knew such a thing could really be; imagine shapeshifting and paroxysm for 30 to 45 minutes without even need of masturbation, vibrators or any of that. The Entity does it. As if it were right there with me.

Strange and wonderful things of all kinds have been happening to me since I gave myself to this "demon", or Xenodimensional, as is better said. A literally blessed life, beyond all reason or deservedness. I do not pretend to understand what has gone down here, only to marvel at it.

We - D.M. Thraam and P. Emerson Williams, invite you to look, listen, read, be baffled, vexed, bewildered, disturbed, and before you can do anything to stop it: thralled and pulled under...over...and out of this world into ours.

You won't be sorry.
Destroy the apocalypse paradigm or it will do this to you! All because one of the millions of gods decided he wanted to be THE only one anyone paid attention to. The Other Gods are NOT amused. They're coming back...hear that rumbling underground?