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Please familiarize yourself and comply with Invisionfree’s terms of service, located here.


The Darker Reflections staff reserves the right to, at any time, modify the rules and/or to perform any action, disciplinary or otherwise, that they feel necessary.

Darker Reflections has a zero tolerance policy for the insulting, harassing, baiting, belittling or “flaming” of other users. Anyone who feels threatened by a Darker Reflections member is free to send a report to an administrator.

Our board is not suitable for members younger than 16 years of age.

No spamming. This includes strings of emotes and advertisements outside of the appropriate plug board.

Please see the news feeder at the top of the screen for periodic news updates.


There are two misplaced words: one in the rules and one in the canon. The words do not make grammatical sense in the way in which they’ve been used and are uncommon words, but have not been formatted differently. Each one must be located and sent to Germany admin before an application can be judged for approval or rejection. These words ensure that an applicant has thoroughly read the rules and canon.

It is required that an applicant create a profile on this site before submitting an application.

All members are allowed to have two canon characters and two original characters for a grand total of four characters. Once an applicant’s first character has been accepted, they must wait four weeks before creating a second character.

Genderbends, 2P versions, and OC versions of well-established canon characters, as well as cities, provinces, regions and states are not allowed.

After reserving a character, you will have seven days to turn in a completed application or a work-in-progress (WIP). If nothing has been submitted after seven days, the spot will re-open for reservation by a different applicant. Extensions may be granted upon request.

Applicants must use the profile template provided by Darker Reflections.

A member must make a new profile for every character.

A character may be dropped at any time. Please notify an administrator if you would like to drop a character so the profile may be moved to the appropriate board.

If an application has been denied, an applicant may not re-apply for that character. However, they may apply for another character.

Applicants may not post outside the applicant profile forum until an administrator has judged their profile.


Every post must have a minimum of 400 words.

There is no limit as to how many threads a member may join at one time. Please use discretion.

Threads with three or more partners are permitted.

Explicit sexual material is forbidden.

Threads involving violence, war crimes, genocide, racism, and other adult themes are permitted so long as they are being handled in a historical context. If a post contains explicit descriptions of gore or other potentially triggering topics, please include a warning at the beginning of the post.

No godmodding or power-playing will be allowed. Godmodding is creating an untouchable, undefeatable character. Power-playing is controlling another player’s character without their permission or assuming that your attack has landed without the other player’s consent.

In accordance with our site’s canon, a character may not die permanently unless the RP is in the AU/Crack section OR if one of the nations being played is no longer in existence (Holy Roman Empire, Prussia, etc.)

It is not necessary to select a color for your character’s dialogue, but it is promoted.


Members should begin plotting and threading immediately after being accepted.

Members have 30 days starting from the time it is THEIR TURN to reply to each thread they are in. So if, for example, your partner in Thread 1 posts for you on the 15th of November ( a 30-day month ), and your partner in Thread 2 posts for you on the 17th of the same month, you have until the 15th of December to post for Thread 1 and until the 17th to post for Thread 2.

Activity checks will occur chalupa between the 5th and 10th of every month.

Hiatuses up to 15 days in length may be granted upon request.

Presence in the Chatango chat box does not fulfill any activity requirement.


It is not necessary to create a Chatango account or to participate in Chatango discussion.

Keep vulgar and offensive language to a minimum.

The chat box may be used for IC and OOC discussion.

Debates about politics, morals and religion are discouraged.

Any questions about the rules listed above may be messaged to an administrator or posted in our help section.

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10 March 2013

The rules have been updated. All members should review the new format.