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1st March 2014

I'm probably going to forget about this journal after a few notes, as usual - but whatever. It just, like, needs to be written down.

Today is the 4th year when the Day of Remembrance of The Accursed Soldiers is in the calendar. No, wait - they're called the Soldiers Unbroken now. They got quite radical when fighting the Reds even after the 1945, I remember. But I, like, still can't see how it could justify NKVD torturing and killing them. Us? Ugh.
There were the ceremonies, demonstrations, a march, even a jogging event - pity that most if not all of them ended up turned into a political stuff. Seriously, stop treating me like an electorate, you crazy politicians, I'm still gonna vote for Donald Duck next time, totally! (1)

'Cause of the occasion, Villa the Fair House Foundation was giving tours over the recently re-discovered NKVD torture chambers on ¦wierszcza Street 2, in Warsaw. Good that it was crowdy and noisy this day, 'cause being there again... I mean, memory is important, they said - but, like, personally I would rather forget. Yet it would be, like, unfair to the others who were there with me.

Still, it pales in [crossed-out]compr[/crossed-out] comparison with the other thing that happened this day: RUSSIA IS GOING TO WAR WITH UKRAINE. Like, no s*it. War in Europe. War in Europe, like, again. (2) And you know what, diary? The West doesn't remember the War. I've gotta help Ukraine, there's like, no way for me to leave her - I'm not gonna be like those treacherous beasts I got for the allies last time, no duh. And she's kinda a nation of the First Rzeczpospolita, and the Commonwealth should, like, help each other in the times of need, right? Even if it works only one way. (3)
Only I can see it as clear as crystal now - I'm gonna help Ukraine, 'cause it can't be any other way, but Russia is, like, a nuclear power - so most of my allies are gonna turn their backs on us, 'cause they won't want to fight a fight that's totally damned from the beginning. And they won't even imagine that they're, like, next in line. I don't wanna put Hungary into that, but I have a feeling that it's kinda unavoidable.

And I got, like, a message with condolences from Vanya - he might have as well sent it to a wrong person, 'cause it was in Russian, but I feel it was no mistake - either the sorrow's gonna come on Ukraine or me. Like in that old joke where Brezhniev got, like, confused by the time zones and send his condolences before the attempt on assassination of the Pope even happened. (4)

I'm scared, no duh. Everyone would be, right? It is going to be bad. But there's, like, nothing I can do about it now, besides trying to make my allies stay the allies in co-operation to protect Ukraine, besides gathering stuff for a war, and besides getting scolded by my PM for getting all fight-eager... (5) Seriously, me fight-eager, of all people? Where that guy has a brain...?

(1) - many Polish citizens purposefully give an invalid vote on elections; one of the popular ways to do it, is drawing an additional window for an imaginary character or a historical one, and then voting for her/him; I think that Feliks would prefer imaginary, because he is bound to remember the faults of the historical ones; also "Donald Duck" is a joke referring to the names of two of most known political leaders: Donald Tusk and J.Kaczyñski, whose last name could be literally translated as "Duck-ski."
(2) - there are, of course, the Balkan-related wars, but trust Feliks to forget about them; it's like an another world to him - so he's referring to WW2, the last serious Europe-concerning war he remembers.
(3) - Feliks simplifies and portrays himself as a hero here; the ground on which he does that is that the ties between Ruthenia (old Ukraine) and Crown (old Poland) were close enough for most Hetalians interested in that particular period of land and history, to portray those two as once-married couple, though a couple joined by an arranged marriage; so it is personal for Feliks.
(4) - that situation and interpretation actually happened to someone recently - getting a mysterious imprecise condolences in Russian in a time nearing a present political situation could be unnerving indeed Oo; as to why "Vanya" - well, "Vanya" sounds less scary than "Ivan" and definitely less scary than "Russia," so Feliks is doing that instinctively for a calming psychological effect on himself.
(5) - it weren't those exact words: Polish PM Tusk described the Polish public as idealistic over the whole thing (which means: ready to jump in without thinking about the consequences); not without merit.
names translated:
The Accursed Soldiers - ¯o³nierze Wyklêci (thank you Sve & Israel-player for helping me with that one!) - NSZ, the people who kept fighting after the WW2 officially ended, some of them had no choice because of the Soviet death sentence on their heads; this traditional nickname is referring to bad publicity they got from the Soviets.
the Soldier Unbroken - ¯o³nierze Niez³omni, a modern alternative name.
Villa the Fair House Foundation - Fundacja "Willa Jasny Dom"
Brezhniev - the Polish transcription is "Bre¿niew"
I hope you like it.

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(The text written on a lose page, a reverse page of some document, actually. The paper is creased. There is some messy handwriting - hence changed letters - with some of it more craved in than written - I marked that in bold letters. There are some tear-spots on the paper, too.)

5th March 2014

My boss locked me in a room. Can you fwcKING ima[/b]gine?! ME|!! KURWA! How did he DARE?|!
he took my phone, there's no -XXX- computer in here, and that PIEXXXXXXY KRETYN ordered me to WAIT HERE until I calm down, off all things!|| Amd those STUPID new hairpins can't even do the job!!| They FVCKING BREAKE in the keyholes!!!!!!

And I need to get the hold of the German NOW! Is he scared NOW, along with the rest of westrn Europe, or was that just a stupid politician talking there?! 'Cause if we're talking in WW2 terms, that IDIOTIC tactic puts him in a position of Poland. And I don wanna be a Baltic there, OH GOD! 'Cause me and Ukraine aren't going down so easily 'cause we have bloody PRIDE, and it means BLOOD!! Even if the blood was figurative,... we gonna get... oh, Holy Mother SAVE --M-E-- US!

They are backing off. They realised that their bloody business is going to slightly suffer, and they're backing off. Like it wasn't OBVIOUS right from the begimning that Russia's gonna strike right back, once we ravage an economical war. Like it didn't matter that's the only type of war we could win without human losses. Like the lives didm't matter as long as they are lives of, well, the Slavs. Where do they have hearts? Do they have them at ell? Thnat we beliue in matters largev than life totalliy doesn't mean that they have ANY right to make us make humen sacrifices!

And America is gonna play Britain. He isn't that cynical, oh no. But he is naive enough to not question his boss. When the boss orders him to "encourage them to resist" and "take care of material/financial assistance," he's gonna leave us to fight kill and die, and gonna steal what's left of our economies without even asking any questions. That is, if he isn't ordered to back off 'cause it'll hurt his petro-market and precious dollar. Which is LIKELY. That would mean waiting with those things until the attack on... France? No, Germany. Oh, irony, HE is gonna get help, even if post factum.
But Putin knows his chess and now we need to act outside the rules, if we wanna win - WHY can't western Europe SEE it?!

Wait, them backing off once it got clear that repercussions are going outside of Ukraine and Poland, and our neighbours.._ those BITCHES! Oh God, I should've known we're alone in this, again. I shouldn't have hoped, because they NEVER CARE. Why was I stupid enough to believe even for a moment that this time would be different?!

I need to get out. Not only I can't even call Ukraine or Turkey in here, nevermind the German, I can't talk to Scotland, too. And since Scotland is here for a football match, I could talk him into talking Kirkland's ears off.

OK, I AM going out right now.

Author's notes:
Oh irony, Feliks' predictions sending him to a worse mood just the day the author's mood went up ;P .
Besides, "football" = soccer, 'cause it's Europe. Also, "matters larger than life" is a translation for a phrase used in Poland; it adorably shows a cultural difference of the mindsets when compared to saying "people larger than life."
Anyway, Feliks needs to go through a short nervous breakdown before he can disregard fear, as it's how I think that this type of personality works. Between the government doing their best to calm the public and the public on their toes but going about their lives as usual - it isn't the first "danger-from-Russia" situation - I imagine it could look like that.

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12th March 2014 - letter written in Polish transliterated to Russian Cyrillic alphabet, returned due to inability to find the addressed person.

Dear Vanya,

You are taking part in a Crimean vote in a few days. I know your vote already, 'cause I've seen the information you'll be acting on. It's weird how you still depend on "Pravda"(1). You should visit Crimea for a bit longer, stay there for a time. Make sure that everything goes right. Make friends there, for God's sake, and don't let them get killed.

Your nexy-of-kin,

(1) Pravda - (a word-play here) literally "The Truth," a name of the newspaper sold in Russia since the Soviet times, in Poland a symbol of Soviet propaganda.


18th March 2014 SMS-SPAM by Feliks

to: England
- Shld I declare indepencence of London? F.
- I wasnt being serious!!! F.
- But Russia is. U R feeding Hitler. F.
- (evening) Happy St Patriks day BTW. And stop feedin Hitler. F.

to: France
- (morning) Wont die 4Kiev, ll U? Feliks

to: Germany
- (morning) We need _lack_ of plan. urgently. F.
- (afternoon) Dont U dare go gas-ribbentrop on me. Just in case. F.
- or is she* joking? not funny. F.
- if no gas - I'll make U learn winter survival with me :(! F.
- (evening) U know he** lies, r8? F.
(*Feliks is referring here to Madame Merkel's words on how some German investors' decision to sell their share of gas-selling-to-Poland to Russia isn't a government's decision.)
(**he = Mr Putin)

to: Belarus
- (in Russian) Should I send you cookies? Tell me what kind. Feliks

to: Ukraine
- (morning, in broken Ukrainian) Do you want to be our Crown* after the all-win?
- (mostly in broken Ukrainian) West is slow snails. What _things_ do You need? I take [Ukr-Cyrillic Polish]refugees[/Ukr-Cyrillic Polish].
(*Korona, literally "Crown" was a name for Poland in the Commonwealth of Two Nations, as Poland was were the monarchs lived.)

to: America
- (afternoon -> night) Can U ask Ur boss 4 less talk more action? Feliks

to: Romania
- U know what. Feliks

to: China
- Mr Wang,I trust you see there is no place for you in Putins bilatral world.F.Lukasiewicz

to: Lithuania
- Yes, U told me so. Can we co-work now? F.

to: Ireland
- HappyStPatricksDay.Hope not Ur last,cause if war wont be stopped now,Ull have St Putins day in a few yrs.F.

to: Spain
- I know fire is dangerous but Russia is even more. F.

to: all Central & Western Europe
- (evening) Czecho-Slovakia was just annexed. Congrats. F.